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Dowry System Essay In English | Essay On Dowry System

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Dowry System Essay In English

Our Hindu Society Blindly Follows Several Bad Customs And Evil Practices. One Such Evil Practice Is The Dowry System. It Has Become A Great Social Problem For All Of Us. Every Day We Know From The Newspapers That Some Women Suffer From No Dowry Or Insufficient Dowry.

Essay On The Dowry System
Essay On The Dowry System

Bride Burning Has Become Quite Common. Women Are Burnt Alive Or Murdered. There Is Also News Of Suicide By Innocent Women. They Are Physically And Mentally Tortured For No Fault Of Theirs. In The Background Of Such Torture, There Lie The Hands Of Their In-laws.

We Wonder How A Woman In The Role Of The Mother-in-law Or The Sister-in-law Tortures Another Woman Who Comes To Their House Anew For A Paltry Reason Of Not Bringing A Dowry. They Must Remember They Are All Equal In The Eyes Of Law And They Have No Right To Torture Her.

Rich People Indeed Have Black Money. They Make A Rich Show Of Their Wealth In Marriages. They Set A Trend For Others. Middle-class And Poor People Have To Follow In Their Footsteps. A Middle-class Person Can Hardly Afford To Give A Dowry To His Daughter. So His Daughter Fails To Get Comfort And Happiness In Her In-law’s House.

A Girl May Be Educated; She May Be A Service Holder, But Her Parents Have To Give A Good Dowry, Otherwise, She Will Suffer In Her In-laws’ House. The Parents Who Fail To Satisfy The Greedy Desires Of The Dowry-seekers Have To Undergo The Suffering Of Seeing Their Daughters In Trouble.

The Dowry System Is Baneful To Society. It Causes A Lot Of Trouble To The Parents And To The Brides As Well. The Government Has Taken Certain Steps In This Respect. It Has Made An Anti dowry Act. Persons Demanding Dowry Are Punished By The Law Courts.

The Police Have Been Empowered To Probe The Cases Of Murder Or Death Occurring On Account Of Dowry. They Have Been Given The Power To Arrest The Accused And Send Them To Jail.

But The Evils Of Dowry Cannot Be Ended Only By Law. It Is Because Cases Of Serious Dowry Crime Fail In The Law Courts For Want Of Proper Evidence. Social Efforts Are Necessary For Ending This Evil Custom.

Social Organizations Like Arya Samaja And Mahila Samitis Should Come Forward To Put An End To This Bad Custom. Young Men Should Rise Up And Make A Pledge That They Would Not Accept Dowry. Anyone Demanding Dowry Should Be Socially Boycotted.

Youths In Our Country Have Always Played A Frontal Role In All Social Revolutions. They Should Take Up This Challenge Of The Dowry System Too. Dowry-seekers Should Be Put To Public Shame. They Must Be Given Exemplary Punishment.

Parents May Give Gifts To Their Daughters. But In No Case, They Should Be Forced To Give Dowry Beyond Their Capacity.

Essay On Dowry System For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


In A Patriarchal Society Like Ours, Women Are Treated As Subordinates To Men. In Such A Society, The Position Of A Girl Child Is Vulnerable. If There Is Any Financial Difficulty In The Family, It Is First The Girl Child Whose Education Is Stopped In Order To Help In The Household.

So A Girl Child Remains Ever Neglected In The Family. Even When The Girl Gets Married, The Groom’s Parents Show No Mercy On Her And Demand Money And Goods From The Parents Of The Bride. This Evil Custom Is Known As The Dowry System.

Dowry System In Ancient Times

The Dowry System Is Nothing New Rather It Is Prevalent In The Hindu Community For Years. Slowly It Has Spread To Other Communities Also. In Ancient Times, The Parents Of The Bride Gifted Her Presents, And Ornaments At Their Will On Her Marriage.

Essay On Dowry
Essay On The Dowry System

This Worked As A Protection For The Bride In Case Her In-laws Ill-treated Her. With The Passage Of Time, The Purpose Was Changed To Meet The Expenses Of Marriage. However, In Recent Times, It Has Turned Out To Be A Demand Of The Groom’s Parents.

The City Of Bombay Offered To Charles Ii By The Portugal King For Her Daughter’s Marriage Is An Example Of A Sophisticated Dowry System.

Dowry System In Recent Time

The Dowry System Has Been Now Mixed With The Blood Of Our Society. One Can Find The News Of The Burning Of A Newlywed Bride Every Day In The Newspaper. When The Parents Of The Bride Failed To Meet The Demands Of The Groom’s Parents, The Bride Suffers Tyranny.

The Chief Cause Of The Prevalence Of The Dowry System Even After 70 Years Of Being Mostly Restricted To The Four Walls Of The House And Unaware Of The Outside World. Independence Is The Illiteracy Of Women. In Our Conservative Society, Women Are Hence They Bear All The Oppression Upon Them.

Steps To Prevent Dowry System

To Prevent The Dowry System, The Chief Measure Is Public Awareness And Woman’s Empowerment. If Women Become Self-sufficient, They Won’t Be Exploited Anymore By Society. The Law Against The Dowry System Was Approved In 1961. However, Its Enactment Was Slow Then.

The Enforcement Of The Law Is Necessary To Prevent The Dowry System. There Needs To Be A Cultural Reform On The Status Of The Woman. So In Addition To Laws By The Government Some Social Laws Are Also Required To Break- Down Dowry Harassment.

Many Ngos, National Human Rights Commission, And Women’s Organizations Are Also Working On This Issue. Girls Like Nisha Sharma, Farzana, And Vidya Bala subramanium Have Abandoned Their Marriages At The Last Moment Due To Dowry Demands. They Should Be Ideal For The Indian Women’s Community.


Although Efforts Have Been Put Into The Issue, A Lot Needs To Be Done. The Role Of Parents In Educating Their Daughters, In Spending At Least As Much Money On Their Daughters For Their Overall Development Can Go A Long Way In Eradicating The Evil Of Dowry.

In The Final Analysis, More Stringent Laws, More Awareness, More Education For The Girls, More Self-dependence Of The Girls, And A Social Awakening Can Only Curb The Increasing Evil Of Dowry.

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