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Essay On The Person You Like Most | Essay On The Person I Like Most

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The person I like most essay 300 words
The person I like most essay 300 words


Homes Are The Cells That Constitute The Body Of Human Civilization. Families Constitute The Nucleus Of Such Cells. Everybody In The Family Is Important, But The One Who Has Influenced Me A Lot Is My Granny. The Home Is Blessed Which Has A Grandmother To Radiate It With Her Untiring Care And Inexhaustible Concern. Person


My Grandmother’s Name Is Sobi Rout. She Is 68. Age Has Little Effect On Her. Despite Her Old Age, She Enjoys A Sound Mind And A Sound Body. She Is A Tall And Slim Woman With A Round Face. Her Ever-smiling Face Adds A Special Charm To Her Beauty.

Activeness And Religious Bent Of Mind

She Is A Pious Lady Who Devotes Most Of Her Time To Worshipping Gods And Goddesses. She Offers Her Devotional Prayer In God’s Room. She Goes Through The Holy Scriptures Like The Ramayan And The Mahabharat Every Morning And Evening Which Provides Her Peace Of Mind.

She Helps My Mother With Cooking. She Teaches The Women Of Our Neighbor To Knit Different Woolen Garments.

Her Daily Routine In The Morning

My Grandmother Is An Early Riser. She Leaves Bed Much Before Others. She Sweeps Her Room, The Courtyard, And God’s Room. She Takes Her Bath And Starts Her Routine Work.

Her Relationship With Other Members

A Grandmother Is A Dedicated Soul. She Takes Care Of All. Even She Looks Upon My Parents As Little Children. She Looks After Their Health, Happiness, And Food. She Loves All Equally And Impartially. Everyone Loves And Respects Her For Her Virtuous Qualities.

Her Influence On Me

Seen Her Telling A Lie In Any Adverse Situation. Every Night Before Going To Bed, What Endeared Me To Her Is Her Honesty And Truthfulness. I Have Never Enter Been Trained By Amusing Stories From The Ramayan And The Mahabharat. She Encourages Me To Give Top Priority To Duty And Be Honest, Brave, And Courageous


My Grandmother Is The Epitome Of Love, And Affection And An Endless Source Of Joy For Me And Our Family. She Contributes Every Moment Of Her Life To The Happiness And Welfare Of Our Family. May God Hear Will With Disease-friendlies Ends

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