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Essay On My Favorite Game | My Favourite Game Essay

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My Favourite Game Essay For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

I Am A Good Player. Hence I Take Part In All The Outdoor Games. Each Boy Or Girl Has His Or Her Choice. Some Like Hockey, Others Like Football, While Others Consider Cricket To Be Their Favorite Game. But The Game I Like Most At Present Is Volleyball.

my favourite game volleyball essay
my favourite game volleyball essay

I Like Volleyball. There Are Many Reasons For My Choice. First, It Is Very Cheap. We Can Go On Playing Volleyball For A Long Time Without Getting Tired. It Can Be Played By A Man Of Ordinary Health.

Other Western Games Require The Exact Number Of Players. But We Can Enjoy This Game Even If We Are Four Players- Two On Each Side. Above All, There Is No Risk Of Injury To The Body. Last Year In The Inter-school Games, Our School Became Champion Under My Captainship In Volleyball.

This Game Has Been In My Life And Breath. It Is Possible That Other Players May Not Agree With Me. Hence The Choice Is A Personal Matter. It Requires No Explanation. The Choice Of Volleyball Depends On My Taste.

I Think Volleyball Is Distinctly Ahead Of Other Games. While Other Games Are Involved With Lots Of Money On Infrastructure And Players, Volleyball Does Not Need Much Expenditure. It Is Only The Demonstration Of Skill That Matters A Lot.

My Future Career Depends On My Present Performance In Volleyball. Regular Participation In The Game And A Spirit Of Dedication Have Ensured Me A Great Future In The Years To Come. With God’s Blessings Over Me, I Will Certainly Make A Mark In It.

Essay On My Favorite Game Football

Most Children Find Pleasure In Playing Games. Games Are Of Two Kinds-indoor Games And Outdoor Games. Some Like To Play Indoor Games Like Chess, And Cards. Ludo Etc. Others Prefer To Play Outdoor Games Like Football, Hockey, Cricket, Etc.

Of All The Outdoor Games I Prefer Football. It Is Not So Expensive And Does Not Take As Long A Time As Cricket. The Thrill That One Feels During An Hour’s Duration Of The Game Is Indescribable. It Is A Game For Millions Of Common People.

Essay on my favourite game football
Essay on my favourite game football

The Spectators Need No Exercise Of Intellect To Understand And Enjoy This Game. It Is Our National Game Which Both Educated And Uneducated People Play As Well As Enjoy.

The Game Is Played Between Two Teams, Each Team Having Eleven Players On Their Side. The Football Ground Has Two Goalposts At The End Of Each Side. The Players Take Their Positions On The Field Just Before The Play Begins. The Man At The Goalpost Is Called The Goalkeeper.

In Front Of Him Are Two Fullbacks Who Are Also In Charge Of Defending The Goal. The Three Half-backs Have To Do The Job Of Both Defending The Goal And Supplying The Forwards With The Ball. The Forward Line Has Five Players In Charge Of The Attack, The Center Being Occupied By The Center-forward, Two Outs, And Two Ins.

The Rival Team Takes Their Positions Facing The Other Team. The Game Starts With The Blow Of The Whistle Of The Referee. There Are Two Linesmen To Help Him Conduct The Game.

The Football Season Begins In June And Lasts Till November. It Is Generally Played In The Afternoon. I Started Playing This Game In My Childhood.

I Have Been Good At This Game At School. My Physical Education Teacher Teaches Me The Techniques Of This Game. He Is, In Fact, My Coach And Guide.

We Played Many Friendly Matches With The Teams Of Other Schools In Puri. I Always Play As A Center Forward And In Most Matches, I Score The Winning Goals. I Have Developed A Liking For This Game.

I May Go Without Food But Cannot Go Without It. It Provides Me With Ample Thrill And Amusement. It Helps Me To Keep Fit. It Makes Me Punctual And Disciplined. It Develops In Me A Spirit Of Fellow Feeling And Brotherhood.

It Enables Me To Work With A Team Spirit And Accept Victory And Defeat With Good Grace. Because Of All These Reasons I Like This Game The Most And Want To Enjoy Playing This Game Till I Am Physically Fit For It.

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