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Essay On Radio In English For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Essay On Radio In English For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Radio Is A Medium Of Communication. It Is A Wireless Set. Radio Can Transmit Messages All Around The World In A Split Second And The Message Can Be Received In Any Part Of The World. It Is A Poor Man’s Television As He Is In A Position To Have It.

In 1885 An Italian Scientist Marconi Invented Electromagnetic Waves Which Could Travel Long Distances Carrying Messages. These Electromagnetic Waves Don’t Require Any Wires As A Medium For Transmission. So It Is Called Wireless. Electro-magnetic Waves With

The Frequency Range Of 110 Kilo Hertz 108 Kilo Hertz Is Called Radio Waves. Marconi Got The Nobel Prize For Physics In 1909 For The Said Invention.

Radio Is No Longer A Luxury. It Has Become A Necessity. Even In Remote Villages, We Find Radios. The Radio Is Indispensable In Flying Airplanes And Sailing Ships. It Is Very Necessary In Modern Ways For The Police To Maintain Law And Order And For The Spreading Of Culture. It Is An Ending Source Of Knowledge And Various Services Offers

Nowadays Radio Is Facing A Big Challenge From Television. Yet People Of All Age Groups Find It Simply Handy So Far As Getting Information In Different Fields Is Concerned.

The Future Of Radio Doesn’t Look Bleak At All, Though Its Popularity Has Diminished In These Days Of Social Media, Twitter, And Print Media. Yet It Has Its Charm And Utility.

Radio Essay In English 500 Words

The Radio Is A Piece Of Equipment That Receives Wireless Signals, Which We Can Use To Listen To Programs Broadcast Songs From A Distance. When An Artiste Sings A Song Before A Microphone At The Radio Station, The Voice Of The Singer And The Accompanying Music Are All Recorded.

Radio Essay In English
Radio Essay In English

Later When This Record Is Played, The Program Is Broadcast Using A Transmitter In The Form Of Radio Waves. These Waves Are Received By The Radio Set And We Listen To The Program.

At Times Direct Transmission Of Programs Is Needed In The Case Of Important Happenings Such As Cricket, Hockey, Or Football Matches, Speeches Of Important Personalities, Etc.

It Is Indeed, A Marvel Of Science And Technology. Sitting Comfortably At Home We Can Listen To The Speech Of The President Of The U.s.a. Broadcast From Washington Or To The Cricket Commentaries Transmitted From The City Of London Or To The Entertainment Programs Broadcast From Moscow.

This Shows That Radio Has Shortened Time And Space. The Human World Is Considered A Global Village. Using This Wonderful Gift Of Science, We Are Brought Closer To Each Other And Our Cultures Are Blended With Those Of Other Countries. We Get To Know The Trade And War Techniques Of Other Countries Of The World.

The Radio Plays An Important Role In Educating People. It Gives Us Information About World Events. We Get The Latest News Of Our Country And Abroad On It. Lessons In Different School Subjects Presented By Learned Teachers Are Broadcast For The Benefit Of The Students.

There Are Special Programs For Women, Children, And Farmers. Farmers Benefit Amply From The Discussions Made On The Cultivation Of Different Crops And Weather Forecasts.

Common People Get To Know The Policies Of The Government. They Also Know About The Plans And Schemes Made By The Government For Their Good.

The Radio Is A Powerful Means Of Propaganda. It Speaks With Million Voices. It Can Reach Every Home In No Time.

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