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Essay On Ideal Teacher | Essay On Ideal Teacher 500 Words

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Essay On Ideal Teacher In 500 Words

People Take To Different Professions In With Their Qualifications And Tastes. I Think Teaching Is The Noblest Of These Professions. All Teachers Are Not Ideal. A Great Majority Of Them Are Money-minded. But There Are Some Teachers Whose Presence Is Always Felt By His Pupils. They Are Not Only Learned But Also Persons Of Good Character. Such Teachers Are Ideal.Essay On ideal teacher

An Ideal Teacher Takes Teaching As A Mission Of His Life. He Does Not Regard His Job As A Business. He Does Not Barter His Integrity For Money. To Him, Work Is Worship. He Serves His Country Best By Making His Pupils Into Good Citizens.

His Classes Hum With Life. At The End Of The Lesson When He Leaves His Class, He Sees The Smiling Faces Of His Pupils. This Shows Their Satisfaction. He Has A Feeling Of Satisfaction That He Has Taught The Children Well.

He Always Discourages Cramming. He Wants His All Students To Learn With Understanding. He Does Not Depend Only On Book- Knowledge. While Explaining He Gives Examples From Real Life Situations To Make His Lessons Lively And Interesting.

He Knows That His Young Children Are The Future Citizens Of The Country. So He Guides Them On Right Lines To Make Them Useful And Sensible Citizens. He Creates In Them A True Love For Knowledge. Everyone Loves And Respects Him For His Knowledge.

An Ideal Teacher Is A Model Of Good Conduct. He Sets An Example Of A Man Of Good Conduct. He Cares for His Youngers And Respects His Elders. He Is Truthful And Honest. He Works With A Sense Of Devotion And Dedication.

He Is Always Polite And Sweet Natured. His Heart Bleeds For The Sufferings Of Others Whom He Helps Generously. He Is Always Kind And Loving Towards His Pupils. He Keeps Perfect Discipline Everywhere. He Prevents His Pupils From Going Astray And Keeping Bad Company. His Character Is Spotless. Sins And Vices Do Not Touch Him. All Students And Members Of The Public Adore Such An Ideal Teacher.

An Ideal Teacher Is Socially Useful. He Willingly Participates In All Social Functions Of His Locality. He Organises School Functions And Makes Each One Of Them A Success.

He Is A Nation Builder. By Creating Good And Sensible Citizens, He Uplifts The Position Of The Nation In The World. Such Ideal Teachers Are The Pride Of A Nation. The Progress And Prosperity Of The Nation Depend Largely On Such People.

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Among The Various Professions We Encounter Today, I Believe Teaching Is One Of The Most Important Among Them. The Profession Of Teaching Ranks Supreme Since Time Immemorial And Is Still An Abiding Factor In The Present Days. Teachers In Course Of Their Teaching Build Nations In The Path Of Progress And Glory.

They Prepare The Citizens Of Tomorrow In All Important Faculties Which Invite The Attention From The Nook And Corner Of The Entire Globe.

Thus A Teacher Has Got A Tremendous Amount Of Duties And Responsibilities Laid On His Shoulders To Prepare The Citizens Of Tomorrow Who Ultimately Brings Pride And Success For Himself, For His Teacher, And Of Course For His Nation At Large.

An Ideal Teacher Has Thus A Thorny Way To Cross Over Which Gives Him An Elevated Position In The Society. To Achieve This Target He Sacrifices Many Things In His Life, But Then Leaves Behind An Indelible Impress On The Contemporary Life.

An Ideal Teacher Goes Strictly According To The Rules And Regulations Laid Down By The Institution. He Usually Comes To The School In Time Irrespective Of The Ravages Of The Weather Thus Imbibing A Sense Of Punctuality Among The Students.essay on ideal teacher in 300 words

He Enters Into The Class Room With A Smiling Face And Greets His Students At The Onset Of The Period. He Is A Man Of Sober Temperament And Invites Any Sort Of Questions From His Students. He Is Never Dejected Or Never Gets Angry While Explaining His Subject To The Pupils.

In the Course Of His Teaching, He Always Tries To Give The Best Out Of Him And Perhaps Becomes A Very Satisfied Person At The End Of The Period When He Thinks That He Has Been Able To Explain The Subject Matter Very Clearly To All His Dear Students.

For Him, All Students Stand On Equal Par, And Therefore He Never Brings Out Any Sort Of Distinction Among Anybody Reading In The Same Class. He Takes More Pleasure In Explaining To The So-Called Dull Students In The Class, Never Letting Them Know, That They Are A Weaker Section Of The Class.

In The Same Way, He Sees The Examination Papers And Values Them In The Right Way. While Examining The Papers He Is Never Swayed Away By Impression Or By Mutual Relationship. He Is Thus An Impartial Judge Who Gives A Very Precise Decision, Very Much For A Prefect Understanding Among His Student Community.

Outside The Class Room, He Becomes A Most Informal Man For His Students. He Pats Them At Their Backs, Encourages Them To Go On With The Lessons, And Even Goes To The Extent Of Narrating Life Sketches Of Great Persons And Personalities Which Give A Strong Impact In The Juvenile Folk To Get On To The Target By Degrees.

An Ideal Teacher Is Thus A Very Tired Man At The End Of The School Hours. Plain Living And High Thinking Is His Motto And He Sticks To It Till The Last Breath Of His Life.

He Does Not Have More Money To Lead A Luxurious Life, But Then Gets His Bread And Butter Alright And Remains Contend With His Lot. With So Many Institutions Coming Up In The Present Day Are We Able To Find Out An Ideal Teacher Who Smiles With His Students, Cries With His Students And At The Same Time Becomes A Guide, A Philosopher And A Caretaker For Them And Thus Remains Evergreen In Their Minds? With The Horse Race At Its Peak Can We Afford To Have A Teacher Who Has A Compassionate Feeling For Our Students So That The Nation Blows Its Trumpet Once Again To Glorify Our Ancient Culture, Tradition, And Heritage

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