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Essay On Women Empowerment | Women Empowerment Essay

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Women Empowerment Essay 500 Words

The Woman Is A Magnificent Creation Of God. She Is The Companion Of A Man With Equal Mental Faculty, An Embodiment Of Love And Affection.

Every Year All Over The World, On 8th March, International Women’s Day Is Celebrated To Provide Them With A Socially And Economically Sound Life. But The Fact Is That She Has Always Been Disregarded In This Male-dominated Society.

Ancient Memory, Her Condition Was Extremely Miserable. Her Persistent Capacity To Take Pains And Make Sacrifices Was Never Considered More Than Her Weakness In The Name Of Tenderness.

Then, Came The Medieval Era Which Brought With It Still More Restrictions And Misplaced Conceptions. The Purdah System, Child Marriage, Sati Rites, Etc. Added To Her Trauma. She Was Not Considered A Person Of Flesh And Blood, But A Bonded Labor, A Machine For Producing And Bringing Up Children.

With The Advent Of The Modern Era, The Outlook Of People Changed And Some Feminists Came Forward To Raise Their Voices Against The Oppression And Exploitation Of Women. The Women Became More Conscious And Fought Against Discrimination Based On Sex.

The World Started To Recognise The Ability, Efficiency, And Potentiality Of Women And Ultimately Was Given To Women’s Empowerment In Today’s Era. Their Contribution To Society Is Quite Commendable.

There Is No Field Left Where They Have Not Shown Their Dexterity. Let It Be Politics, Social Welfare, Health, Engineering, Medicine, Sports, Administration Or Music, Etc. Rani Laxmi Bai, Mother Teressa, Bachhendri Pal, Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Arundhati Roy, Lata Mangeskar, Sunita Williams, Kalpana Smt.

In India, During The Last Decade Several Initiatives Have Been Taken By The Union Govt. And State Govt. To Promote Women In All Respects. Through Different Alluring Schemes Such As Providing School Uniforms And Bicycles Etc.

To The Girl Students, The Govt. Of Different States Has Succeeded To Enhance The Percentage Of Literacy Among Women. 33% Reservation For Women In Govt. And Public Sector Jobs And 30% Reservation In Panchayati Raj Election Has Given A Tremendous Boost To The Status And Dignity Of The Women.

The Status Of Women In India Is Fast Improving And It Is A Good Sign For The Country’s Future Spontaneously Remarked By President Barack Obama Of The Usa During His 2010 Visit To India.Essay On Women Empowerment

Dowry Death, Molestation, Harassment, And Other Social Nuisances Are Rampant In Our Society. The Need To Spread Education Must Aware Consciousness Among Women, Particularly Those Belonging To The Weaker Sections.

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