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India, Our Beloved Motherland Is Proud Of Its Primitive Culture And Rich Cultural Heritage. Most Of Her People Are Pious And Religious-minded. They Observe Various Social And Religious Festivals. One Such Religious Festival Is Diwali Popularly Known As The Festival Of Light.

Essay on Diwali 10 Lines
Essay on Diwali 10 Lines

When It Is Observed? It Is Observed On The New Moon Night Of Kartika. So, It Is Called Deepavali

Amavasya. Mythological Background

Gone Are The Days, The Odia Sadhaba Puas Were Leaving For Abroad Crossing Seas And Oceans For Trade Purposes. The Merchants Consider The Day To Be The Inaugural Day Of Their Business. They Close And Clear Their Old Accounts And Start With The New Ones. Since Then People Have Been Observing Diwali.

Legend Says Diwali Is Religiously Associated With The Return Of Lord Ram With His Wife Maa Sita And Younger Brother Laxman After Killing The Demon King Of Lanka, Ravan. The People Of Ayodhya Welcomed The Homecoming Victorious Warrior Lord Ram With Lights And Crackers. How It Is Celebrated?

People Offer ‘pandas’ To Their Forefathers In The Evening Who Are Longer With Us. This Is Popularly Known As ‘paya Shradha’. People Clean Their Houses Perfectly Before This Auspicious Day. Houses Are Magnificently Decorated With Colorful Lights And Lamps. Sweets Are Exchanged With One Another. The Marwaris And Gujratis Celebrate This Festival Amidst Joy And Merriment. Light And Lamps Present A Charming Look To The Town Or City. People Get Immense Pleasure From Bursting Different Crackers.


This Festival Breaks The Monotony Of Routinized Life And Brings Us Joy And Happiness. It Is A Red Letter Day For Traders And Merchants. They Close Their Old Accounts And Begin With The News. Some People Worship Maa Laxmi, The Goddess Of Wealth. The Light And Smoke Of The Crackers Kill Lots Of Insects Which Is A Benefit To The People And Farmers. Great


Reckless Use Of Crackers Causes A Lot Of Problems For People. The Poor Living In Thatched Houses Passes Sleepless Night Apprehending The Falling Of Crackers Might Burn Their Houses. Lots Of Grown-ups And Children Are Badly Injured Due To Their Carelessness. It Pollutes The Environment And Causes Noise Pollution Beyond Measure.


Not Only In Odisha But Also All Over The World, This Festival Is Observed Pompously. It Helps Us Preserve Social And Cultural Unity And Integrity. It Is A Day For India’s Unity In Diversity. People Should Keep Themselves Away From Dangerous Crackers, Alcoholic Drinks, And Gambling And Observe It Religiously To Uphold Its Sanctity.

Essay on Diwali 500 words

In A Spiritual Country Like India Worship Of Gods, Goddesses Is Certainly An Important Event. All Festivals Are Celebrated In The Names Of Different Gods And Goddesses, Saraswati Puja Is Celebrated In The Name Of Mother Saraswati, Ganesh Puja Is Observed In The Name Of God Ganesh, And In The Same Way, Diwali Is The Festival Linked With The Worship Of Goddess Kali. The Indians Thus Remain In An Environment Of Serenity Amidst Prayers, Pujas, And Festivals.

Essay on Diwali 500 words
Essay on Diwali 500 words

The Sacred Kali Puja Comes Off On The No-moon Day (Amavasya) In The Month Of Kartika (October) Immediately Following The Great Durga Puja Festival. The Worship Of The Goddess And An Invitation To Her Holy Shrine Comes Off In The Dead Of The Night.

Adequate Arrangements For Puja Are Done And With The Chanting Of Mantras And Chandipatha, The Worship Of The Goddess Begins Absolutely On A Sublime Note. The Awful Appearance Of The Goddess Holding Slain Heads In Her Hands, Another Hand Holding The Blazing Sword, And Above All The Protruding Tongue Of Mother Kali Would Certainly Surprise Any Human Being Of Flesh And Blood.

Whenever Sins Become Intolerable, Criminals Carry Out Innumerable Crimes, Devils, And Demons Pounce Upon Innocent People, And God’s One Goddess Hail In Our Country To Get Rid Of These Wicked Persons Stabilizing Peace Once Again In The Sacred Soil Of The Nation.

The Lighting Of The Lamps Becomes A Glorious Tradition Closely Associated With The Sacred Puja. On This Auspicious Occasion, People Light Earthen Lamps In Their Houses.

The Lighting Of Lamps & The Worship Of The Great Goddess Is Celebrated In The Nook & Corner Of The Entire Country. The Burning Of The Candles On This Night Is Precisely Done To Show Light To Our Forefathers So That They Remain In Peace

Student Essay And Letters And Tranquility. By Showing Them Lightly We Get Their Blessings To Go Ahead In Our Missions. Simultaneously We Also Receive The Blessings Of The Goddess Who Gives Us The Strength To Fight Out The Ordeals Of Life.

The Lighting Of The Lamps Bears Another Significance. The Legend Says That On This Particular Day, Sri Ram Chandra Returned After Fourteen Years Of Exile In The Forest. The People Of Ayodhya Then Burnt Lamps To Welcome Sri Ram Chandra Who Happened Graceful Incarnation Of God.

Hundreds Of People Today Burn Big Ayodhya To Be Sticks Of Light Around The Temples To Show Off The Light To Their Great Forefathers. Many People Do Fasting On This Day And After The Lighting Ceremony, They Take A Simple And Plain Vegetarian Meal.

On This Eventful Day Children, Men And Women Burn Crackers. The Shops Keeping The Crackers Are Full Of Customers Even A Week Before The Festival. There Is Always A Great Rush In These Phatakka Shops. In The Evening Of Diwali Day, The Whole Atmosphere Becomes Colorful And Pleasant With Crackers Brought All Around. The Custom Has Been In Vogue In Our Country For A Long.

Crores Of Money Are Burnt On This Day, Environment Gets Polluted With Toxic And Obnoxious Gases Which Are Certainly Detrimental To Health, And Above All Severe Burn Injuries To Several People Cause Great Concern To The Society And The Country At Large.

Can We Not Cut Down Our Expenditure On Crackers? Should We Not Be Cautious About Environmental Pollution And Should We Not Attempt To Avoid, Burn Injuries?

During The Crisis Prevailing In Our Country At Present, Worship Of The Goddess Kali, Lighting Of The Candles To Illuminate Our Forefathers, And Of Course A Humble Prayer To Both Perhaps Would Take Us To A Still Better Path With Full Health And Spirit, And At The Same Time, The Economy Of The Country Is Strengthened For A Better Tomorrow Without Failure.

Essay on Diwali 10 Lines

Diwali Otherwise Called Deepavali Is A Festival Of Lights. It Generally Comes Off In October. It Has An Important Religious Background. People Celebrate It In Memory Of Ram’s Homecoming After He Had Killed Ravan And Rescued Sita From Imprisonment.

Essay On Diwali In English
Essay On Diwali In English

The Legend Goes That Ram Came Back To Bharata’s Place With Sita And Laxman And Together They Returned To Ayodya In Hilarious Joy On This Day Lighting ‘hulas’ On Their Way Through The Forest.

According To Another Legend, Ram Performed The Shradha Rites Of His Father On This Day While They Were Living In Panchabati. Diwali Is An Occasion Of Great Rejoicings.

They Open New Registers Of Accounts And Collect All Their Credit Dues Before This Day. They Put On New Clothes; Prepare A Variety Of Food Items And Invite Their Friends And Relatives. They Illuminate Their Houses With Oil Lamps, Lights, And Colored Lights.

People Receive Gifts And Also Give Gifts As A Token Of Renewal Of Their Friendship. Every Face Beams With Joy; Every Heart Leaps In Delight. Rich People Distribute Sweets And New Clothes Among The Beggars.

In The Evening Earthen Lamps Lit On House Fronts And Housetops Look Enchantingly Beautiful. People Offer Prayers To The Goddess Lakshmi For Success And Prosperity.

People, Especially Children, Display Fireworks Of Various Sorts. The Whole Sky Glitters And The Atmosphere Resounds With The Sounds Of Crackers And Little Bombs. The Evening Is Spent In Jubilation.

My Father Took Me To A Shop. Its Owner Was One Of His Friends. The Shopman Fed Us Sweets And Gave Me A Calculator As A Present. We Went Around The Town And Returned Home Trying To Avoid Fireworks Displayed On The Streets. It Was The Very Best Day For Me.

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