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Essay On Holi In English | Holi Essay In English 20 Lines

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Essay On Holi In English With Headings

Holi Or Dolayatra Is One Of The Best Hindu Festivals. As It Comes Off In Spring, It Is Said To Be A Vernal Festival. During This Time Nature Looks Magnificent With Colorful Flowers. The Sweet Melodious Song Of The Cuckoo Adds A Special Charm To The Beauty Of Nature. Time Of Observation Dolayatra Begins From The Tenth Day Of The Full Moon Fortnight Of The Month Of Phalguna And Continues Till The Full Moon Day. In Some Places, Panchu Dolayatra Is Observed For Five Days.

Holi Essay In English 300 Words
Holi Essay In English 300 Words

Mythological Background

Holi, The Festival Of Color Has A Mythological Background. Legend Says Lord Shreekrishna Killed The Demoness Holika Who Tried To Kill Krishna In His Infancy. It Is Marked By Good Over Evil.

Another Legend Says Once Merdhasura Created All Sorts Of Problems In Vrindaban. Lord Krishna Saved Vrindaban From The Hands Of The Demon By Killing Him. Out Of Pleasure, The Denizens Of Vrindaban Carried Lord Krishna With A Bimini. So Is The Festival Name Dola Utsav?

How It Is Observed

This Festival Is Observed To Mark The Union Of Radha And Krishna. Their Idols Are Carried In Magnificently Decorated ‘bimini’ From Village To Village By The People. In Towns, Cities, And Villages People Observe It Jubilantly.

They Smear Are Of Different Colors On One Another To Strengthen Their Thread Of Love And To Spread The Sense Of Universal Fraternity Amid Kirtan, Song, And Dance. It Fills The Hearts Of People With Endless Pleasure And Happiness.

How It Causes Communal Riot That Costs Life
Instead Of Using ‘abra,’ Some Youngsters And Indiscipline Elements Use Different Chemical Colors That Are Spoiling To Health.

Smearing Chemical Color, And Passing Comment To Others In A Drunken State Sometimes Give Birth To Communal Riots Among Different Communities And Costs The Life Of The People. Such Vicious Mentality And Violent Looker Sees Away Joy And Happiness But Also Spoils The Sanctity Of The Festival.


The Festival Of Colorings People Great Joy And Happiness. Smearing Of ‘abira’ Prevents Smallpox And Chickenpox. It Unites The People And Spreads The Spirit Of Universal Brotherhood.


Everyone Should Realise The Significance Of This Festival And Takes Part In This Religious Celebration To Share Its Joy And Pleasure. Communal Riots And Smearing Of Harmful Chemical Colors Should Not Be Given Scope To Uphold The Sanctity Of The Festival.

Essay On Holi In English For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Our Country India Is Called A Subcontinent Given Its Vastness. They Observe Different Festivals According To The Customs Of Their Religions. Holi Is A Festival Of Color Observed By Hindus All Over The Country.

Holi Essay In English 20 Lines
Holi Essay In English 20 Lines

Every Festival Has Its Importance. Some Are Held In Honor Of National Events While Others Are Connected With The Change Of Seasons. The Festival Of Holi Is Widely Celebrated In Memory Of Some Events Of Religious Importance And Also As A Mark Of The Beginning Of Spring.

People Have Been Celebrating Holi From Time Immemorial. A Popular Story Connects This Festival With Lord Krishna. Some Say That It Is Also Connected With Another Legendary Story About Prahlad.

But The Scientific Reason Underlying The Celebrations Of This Festival Is That The Colored Powders Used For Playing Holi Are Preventive Against Pox Or Chicken Genes Generally Breaking In Our People Do Not Like To Play ‘holi’ These Days As It Has Turned Violent And Riotous. Anti-socials Regale Themselves On It Over Much Causing Harm To Life And Property.

Newspapers Report The Deaths Of Some People Participating In The Festival. At Times Communal Riots Break Out By Some Religious Fanatics. It Is The Vulgar People That Spoil The Charm And Purity Of This Festival.

On The Whole, Holi Is A Great Festival. So It Should Be Celebrated With A Spirit Of Joy, Fun, And Frolic. As It Brings A Welcome Change In Life By Doing Away With Monotony And Dullness, For All People, Especially The Young. Look Forward To It With Eagerness.

Holi Virtually Marks The End Of Winter. The Biting Cold Wind Of The Winter Ceases To Blow. The Scorching Heat Of Summer Is Yet Far Off. The Spring Regions Are Supreme Over The Earth. The Trees That Looked Bare And Cheerless In Winter Are Now Covered With New Tender Leaves.

A Cool Breeze Blows From The South And Plays With The Fresh Leaves And Flowers. Everything In Nature Looks Delightful. Flowers Of Varied Colors Make Mother Earth Look Beautiful. They Seem To Dance And Flutter In The Breeze.

Human Beings Share The Joys Of Nature. On The Morning Of This Festival, They Come Out Of Their Houses With Colored Water And Powders And Also Sprinklers Or Spray Guns In Their Hands.

They Smear Each Other’s Faces With Color Powder And Spray Out Colored Water Through The ‘sprinklers’ To Their Bodies.
All Classes Of People, Young And Old, Take Part In The Festival. In A Body, They Move From House To House In The Village And From Lane To Lane In Towns And Cities Dancing And Singing While Playing With ‘holi’ Ranga’. Such Rejoicings, Fun, And Merry-making Go On Till 3 P.m.

Then They Come Back Home And Have Clean Washes Off Their Bodies. In The Evening They Get Together At Different Places And Enjoy Community Dinner.

Holi Is Said To Be A Sacred Festival. ‘the Pink Water Used For Playing ‘holi’ Washes Off All Feelings Of Jealousy, Hatred, And Enmity. It Brings People Close In Love And Friendship.

Holi Essay In English 300 Words

India Is A Land Of Gods And Goddesses. Festivals Therefore Come Now And Then And Each Of Its Kind Is Celebrated In The Name Of A God Or A Goddess. Holi Is One Such Occasion Where The Festival Is Observed In The Name Of Lord Krishna And Radha. This Takes Place On The Full-moon Day Of The Month Of Phalguna Or Usually In March According To The English Calendar.

On This Day The Devotees Pay Homage To Lord Krishna And Sri Radha And Then Celebrate The Function With Pomp And Gaiety. Mangoes, Nuts, And Sweets Are Offered As Bhoga To The Deities And The Distribution Of The Same Is Done Among The People Thereafter.

Essay On Holi In English With Headings
Essay On Holi In English With Headings

In Puri Lord, Jagannath Comes To The “Dola Mandap” Where Thousands Of Devotees Paste “Avira” On The Forehead Of The Lord. Varieties Of Bhogo Are Also Offered To Lord Jagannath On This Occasion. The Pilgrims Sprinkle “Avira” Among Them And This Creates A Colorful Scene That Is Enjoyable.

One More Legend Is Associated With This Holi Occasion. Prahlad Was A Pious Son Of The Demon Hiranyakashyap. The Son Was A Devotee Of Sri Vishnu. His Father Did Not Like It. H, Therefore Wanted To Kill The Boy In All Possible Ways But His Attempts Every Time Ended In Smoke.

At Last, The Demon’s Father Asked Holika Her Sister To Keep The Boy On Her Lap And Go Into The Fire. Holika Had A Boon That She Would Be Unhurt Inside The Fire. With This Strength, Holika Entered The Fire With The Boy In Her Lap. But Unfortunately, Holika Was Burnt To Ashes And The Sweet, Young Prahalad Came Out Of It With A Smiling Face.

This Event Marks The End Of Cruelty, Anger, And Hatred Among The People And Brings About A Complete Change In Society. People Irrespective Of Caste, Creed, And Religion Make Friends Among Themselves, And Forget Their Past Enmity Amidst A Sprinkling Of Colors And Exchange Of Sweets Among Them.

In Some Of The Places Of Northern Orissa Exhibitions Depicting The Life Of Sri Ramachandra, The Potentialities Of Lord Sri Krishna, The Killing Of The Demon Kansha, Etc. Are Held And Dramas And One-act Plays Of These Mythological Episodes Are Continued For Five Days To Mark The Occasion.

In Mathura, The People Put “Avira” Over The Forehead And Neck Of The Cows And Oxen And Feed Them Sumptuously. This Custom Is Of Course In Vogue In Orissa Also. In Some The Places Like Gujarat, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Jhansi, And Even In Bihar And Bengal, Holi Is Celebrated With Fervor And Enthusiasm. New Paddy Is Harvested During This Time.

The Farmer By The Sweat Of His Brow Gets The Crop And Offers A Prayer To The Almighty Saying “Oh God! My Labor Has Become Fruitful Through Your Blessings, Please Give Me Strength-let Me Work Hard Like This.

Let Me Have A Harvest Of The Crop Which Maintains My Family And At The Same Time Satisfies The Hunger Of The Millions Of People Of The Country. “After The Harvest Of The Crop People Offers New Rice To The ‘fire God’ Who Accepts It And Blesses The Society.

God’s Satisfaction Purifies Society And People Forgetting Their Owes, Sufferings, And Panics Of The Past Turn Over A New Leaf To Go Ahead For The Progress Of Society And The Country At Large.

It Is A Festival Of Colors, Celebrated Throughout The Length And Breadth Of The Country. Colorful Events Arising Out Of Colors Create A Noble Sensation Among All Classes Of People Rich And Poor, High And Low, Young And Old.

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