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Essay On My School Hostel | Essay On Hostel Life In 300 Words

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Essay On My School Hostel

The Name Of My School Is Biragobinda Pur High School. It Has A Big Hostel. About One Hundred Boarders Put Up Here.

There Is A Pretty Little Flower Garden On The Hostel Premises. Mr. B. N. Das, A Senior Teacher Of The School, Is The Superintendent Of The Hostel. He Is A Strict Man And He Maintains Perfect Discipline In The Hostel.

A Day In The Hostel Begins With A Mass Prayer At 6 A.m. The Boarders Then Finish Their Morning Work In An Hour. At 7 A.m. Begins Their Study Hour And It Continues Till 9 A.m. During This Time They Do Their Home Work. They Do It Either By Themselves Or With Each Other’s Help.Essay on hostel life in 200 Words

The Study Hours Being Over, They Rush Out Of Their Rooms Into The Dining Hall With Dishes In Hands.

They Eat Their Lunch And Then Get Ready For School. After The School Hours, They Come Back To The Hostel, Have Some Tiffin, And Then Go Out For Games And Garden Work.

There Is Again A Mass Prayer In The Evening After Which The Study Hour Begins, And It Continues Till 9 P.m. The Superintendent Visits Each Room To See If The Boarders Are Attending To Their Studies.

On Saturday And Sunday Evenings They Have Debate Competitions And General Knowledge Quizzes. All The Boarders Take Part In Them. This Gives Them A Chance To Speak Freely, Logically, And Without Fear.

They Feel That They Are Fully A Part Of The School. They Lead A Corporate Life. They Live Together, Get To Know Each Other, And Form Friendship That Influences Them For The Rest Part Of Their Lives.

They Also Learn To Cultivate The Good Habit Of Give And Taking, Obey Rules And Share Each Other’s Sorrows And Happiness. Their Hostel Life Provides Excellent Training For Building Good Conduct And Character.

Hostel Life Essay 500 Words (Method 2)

A Part Of The School

Every School In India Has A Hostel, Big Or Small. In Western Countries, Almost All The Scholars Of The School Put Up In The School Hostel. But In India, Since Our Parents Are Poor, They Cannot Meet The Expenses Of Their Little Ones Outside Their Homes. So In Our School Hostel, The Number Of Scholars Is Always Very Small. But Yet Wherever There Is A School, We Find A Hostel Attached To It. A Home For Distant Scholars

Not All Villages In India Are Provided With Schools. In Some Places, There Is Hardly A School To Serve The Needs Of About Forty Or Fifty Villages. In The Rainy Season, Little Boys And Girls Of These Distant Villages Find It Extremely Difficult To Attend The School In Time. So They Put Up In The School Hostel. For Their Convenience, There Are Again Some Schools Which Have Good Reputation. They Have Good Teaching Facilities And Better Discipline. So Scholars From Distant Places Are Attracted To It. These Scholars are Put Up In The School Hostel Under The Care Of A Good Teacher. To Them, The Hostel Is But A Second Home. My experience of hostel life

A Centre Of Learning

Between Home And Hostel, The Hostel Is Always Better Place For Learning. At Home, There Are Little Brothers And Sisters Who Make A Lot Of Noise All The Time. Visitors Come Often And Relatives Appear Now And Again. Mothers, Grandmothers, and Sisters Also Disturb Us Time And Again By Their Unnecessary Inquiries About Our Health And Happiness. But The School Hostels Are Free From Such Disturbances. There Is A Superintendent In Every Hostel. The Hostel, Therefore, Provides Better Study Atmosphere To The Scholars Than The Home.

A Training Ground For Citizenship

Our Education Aims To Prepare The Human Child For The World Ahead Of Him. This Is Not Possible At Home Under The Loving Care Of The Parents. But In The School Hostel There Are Boys Coming From Different Homes. They Live Together In The School World As Members Of One Society.

They May Sometimes Differ And Quarrel And Fight Among Themselves, But Soon They Settle Up Their Differences Amicably And Reconcile Their Lots. This Is Real Training To Citizenship And No Other Institution The Hostel Can Provide

In A School Hostel Boys Live Together, Play Together And Work Together. They Share The Joys And Sorrows Of Their Friends And Grow Loving And Sympathetic. So Instead Of Becoming Vain, Selfish, And Arrogant They Slowly Become Gentle And Good.


The Blessings Of The School Hostel Are Too Many To Be Described In Words. So Every Student Should Have Some Experience Of Life In The School Hostel Before Finishing His Education And Entering The World.

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