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Essay On Global Warming In 150, 300, 500 Words

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Essay On Global Warming In 500 Words
Essay On Global Warming In 500 Words

Essay On Global Warming For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Global Warming Is The Increase In The Average Temperature Of The Atmosphere Of The Earth Whose Catastrophic Effects Have Already Been Felt And Its Worst Results Are Yet To Be Experienced. It Is One Of The Major Menaces Of The Human Race And The Whole World.

This Phenomenon Leads To Several Other Destructive Phenomena For Which The Scientists Fear That This May Change The Climatic Condition Of The Earth Which Might Be Unbearable For The Living Ones. So Prevention Of This Menace Is The Crying Need Of The Present-day World.

Cause Of Global Warming

Several Factors Are Responsible For Global Warming. The Greenhouse Gases Such As Methane, Carbon-sulfur Dioxide, Etc. Are The Cause Of Global Warming. The Greenhouse Gases Trap The Radiation Coming From The Sun And Don’t Allow It To Escape From The Earth. As A Result, The Temperature Increases Which Leads To Global Warming.

Deforestation And Its Derivatives Like Urbanization, Industrialization, And Low Rainfall Also Add Ingredients To Global Warming. The Ozone Layer Becoming Thinner And Thinner Due To The Cfc Gas Released From The Chimneys Which Also Has A Great Impact. Destructive Nuclear Experiments Also Affect The Environment Badly And Contribute To Global Warming. The Moreover Uncaring Attitude Of People Towards Nature Also Gives Way To Global Warming.

The Pronounced Effect Of Global Warming On The Earth Is The Rise In Average Temperature. The Polar Glaciers Slowly Meltdown Which Is Considered To Be The Crying Of Mother Earth In Bad Sense. This Contributes To Frequent Floods In Lower Belts. Owing To Global Warming The Water Cycle Is Being Disturbed And The Rain Becomes Scanty.

The Duration Of Summer Has Increased And One Can Feel Summer Throughout The Year. The Rise In Humidity Causes Heart Stroke. Thanks To Global Warming Several Epidemics Along With Many Skin Diseases Have Been Noticed. So In All, Global Warming Is Not Only A Danger To Human Civilization But Also A Threat To The Biodiversity Of The World.

Prevention Of Global Warming

Global Warming Has Been A Major Issue In Several International Meets And Several Laws Are Being Implemented To Prevent It.

In 1992, About 150 Nations Took Part In The Rio De Janerio Summit And Signed A Treaty To Cooperates In The Reduction Of Greenhouse Gases. In 1997, 160 Nations Signed The Kyoto Protocol To Reduce The Use Of Coal And Petroleum. In 2011, A Climate Change Conference Was Organized By United Nations In Durban, South Africa, And Emphasis Was Put On Environmental And Ecological Balance.

Essay On Global Warming In 250 Words
Essay On Global Warming In 250 Words

Besides These Several Revolutionary Changes Have Taken Place In Industrial And Automobile Fields To Check This Devil Phenomenon.


Although A Lot Of Steps Are Being Taken By The Government, They Are Not Enough To Prevent Global Warming. People Should Be Conscious From The Grass Root Level. Recycling, Afforestation, And Modernization Of Vehicles Are The Basic Needs Of The Hour. Moreover, A Completely Controlled And Well-organized Cooperation Between The People And Government Can Help In Decreasing The Effect Of Global Warming.

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