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Essay On Holiday | My Holiday Essay In English

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My Holiday Essay In English

The Need Of A Holiday

The Modern Life Is Busy. There Is Work And Work All The Time And Everywhere In The World The Work Is Unending. Teachers, Students, Officers, Farmers, And Labourers Are All Busy At Work. So It Is But Natural That They Would Feel Tired And Need Some Rest, Recreation And Refreshment.

My Holiday Essay In English
My Holiday Essay In English

Holidays Are Just Meant For That. They Are For Giving The Care-worn Minds Of The World, Some Peace, And Pleasure, And To Make Life Cheerful And Happy.

Names Of Some Important Holidays

Holidays Are Too Many And It Is Not Possible To Mention All Of Them Here. Yet We May Refer To Some Of Them Which Are Very Popular With Us. Sunday Is A Well-known Holiday For The Christian World And The English Speaking Countries.

It Is Said That God Created The World In But Six Days And Rested On The 7th Day Which Was A Sunday. Hence Sunday Is Observed As A Day Of Rest, Recreation, And Prayer By All The Worshippers Of Jesus.

The Other Holidays Are Of Three Kinds: National Holidays, Social Holidays, And Religious Holidays. Among The National Holidays, The Independence Day And The Republic Day Are The Most Celebrated.

The Raja Parba, The Prathamastami Etc. Are The Best Examples Of Social Holidays. But The Religious Holidays Are Too Many, The Hindus In India, Have The Highest Number Of Rites And Ceremonies In The World. So We Have Religious Holidays Almost Every Month. Of Them, The Car Festival, The Puja Holidays, The Kalipuja, And Janmashtami Are the Most Important.

The Xmas Holidays For The Christmas And The Moharrum For The Mohammedans Are Similarly Important.

How Best To Enjoy Them

Some May Eat And Drink And Away Their Time By Playing At Cards With Their Friends. Others May Visit Their Friends And Relations And Enjoy Cinemas Or Circus With Their Wives And Children. These Are However, Good For The Grown Up People, But For Students Holidays Are To Be Enjoyed As Follows:

(A) By Picnic And Hiking: picnic And Hiking Are Pleasant Things. They Are Educative And Recreative. In A Picnic, Boys And Girls Do All The Cooking And Serving By Their Own Hands. They Sing And Make Merry Among Themselves.

Hiking May Similarly Give Them Some Innocent Pleasure. Hence For Boys And Girls At School Short Holidays Should Be Spent With Picnic And Hiking.

(B) By Visiting Places Of Importance: The Other Effective Way Of Enjoying Holidays Is To Go On An Excursion. An Excursion To A Place Of Historical, Geographical, Or Religious Importance Has A Great Educational Value.

My Holiday Essay In English
My Holiday Essay In English

It Widens The Outlook Of The Boys And Helps Them Learn Things Better. So In Every School, There Should Be Regular Excursions To Different Places Of Interest During The Holidays.

(C) By Doing Some Social Service: The Best Way Of Enjoying Long Holidays Is To Do Home Service To The Poor. There Are So Many Unfortunate Poor Souls In Our Society. Service To Them Is Service To God. The Students May Also Devote A Part Of Their Holidays To Village Welfare Work.

They May Clear The Village Ponds Of Weeds And May Repair The Village Roads And The Village Pathasala. They May Do Such Other Things For The Benefit Of Their Unhappy Country-men. print


Holidays Are Highly Beneficial To Us. But For Them, Life Would Be Dull And Monotonous And Work Would Be Mechanical. But To Enjoy Them Profitably Is Another Art. Those Who Know That Art Are Surely Blessed Ones, For They Alone, Can Enjoy Life in All Their Toil And Sweet.

Essay On A Holiday I Enjoyed

Holidays Are A Period Of Rest And Recreation. During The Holidays Students Do Not Attend Their Schools And Colleges. People Working In Government Offices Stay Away From Their Routine Work To Enjoy Themselves.

Holidays May Be Long Or Short. In Educational Institutions, We Have Chiefly Two Long Holidays And Two Short Holidays. The Summer And Puja Vacations Are Long While The Christmas And Dola Vacations Are Short. In this Part, We Have A Holiday For One Day On Which A National Or Local Festival Is Observed.

Holidays Are Indeed A Welcome Change From Dull Routine Work. After A Long Period Of Dull Routine Work, They Long For Holidays And Plague The Headmaster To Let Them Off Their Lessons.

Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers And All Those Constantly Engaged In Mental Work Look Forward To Holidays. And As Soon As They Come, Most Of Them Rush To Holiday Resorts For A Relaxation.

Holidays Are Essential For Mental Health. They Make The Minds Of The People Free And Cheerful. People Forget The Worries Caused On Account Of Their Hard Work.

After The Holidays People Get Back To Their Work With New Zeal And Redoubled Vigour. This Shows That Holidays Contribute Largely To Increasing The Efficiency Of The People. Students Return To Their Studies And Work Hard For Better Results. It Is A Pity That Most People Do Not Know How

To Use Holidays Gainfully. They Simply Idle Away Their Holidays. Some Of Them Engage Themselves In Their Usual Occupations. They Suppose That The Longer They Work, The Greater Will Their Achievement. This Idea Is Not True Of All Kinds Of Work, Especially Mental Labour.

A Man, By Working Without A Rest For A Whole Year, Is Likely To Weaken His Brain. Such A Man Cannot Work Fruitfully During The Following Year. Some Students May, Working For Long Stretches Of Time, Succeed In Passing One Or Two Examinations With Credit.

They May Make A Good Start In Life. But Later When They Begin Their Real Business Of Life, They Are Found To Be Exhausted In Both Body And Mind. As A Result, Their Achievement In Life Is Usually Much Les Than Expected.

People Engaged In Strenuous Hard Work Must Know The Healthy Ways Of Spending Their Holidays. They May Take To Refreshing Pleasures Like Walking In The Open Air, Boating In Rivers And Lakes, and Visiting Relations And Places Of Interest.

They May Take Up Hobbies Like Gardening, Taking Photographs Of Beautiful Scenes, And Reading Good Books. They May Also Listen To The Radio And Watch Tv. These Are Some Of The Profitable

Pursuits Which People Should Go In For During The Holidays. It Is Often Seen That Some Students Stay At Home During The Holidays And Make Up for Their Deficiencies In Studies.

Essay on a holiday I enjoyed
Essay on a holiday I enjoyed

Whatever May Be The Ways Of Spending Holidays, It Is Important That They Should Be Spent Most Profitably And With A Free And Cheerful Mind. Holidays Gainfully Spent Promotes Efficiency In Work And Generates A Happy Feeling Of Job Satisfaction.

This Also Adds To The Length Of Life And Increases The Quantity Of Life’s Work. Finally, This Adds To He Happiness Of The People Enjoying Holidays And Those Living Around Them.

I Usually Spend My Holidays Visiting My Relations And Places Of Interest. I Spend A Part Of My Holidays In My Country Home Enjoying An Open-air Life With My Village Mates. When My School Re-opens I Get Back To My Studies.

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