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Essay On My Family For Class 5,6,7,8,9,10

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My Family Essay For Class 5,6,7,8,9,10

A Family Is A Group Of People Related By Blood Or Marriage. They May Live Together Under One Roof Or May Live At Different Places As The Circumstances Demand.

My Family Is A Large One Consisting Of Nine Members. I Am Very Lucky That We Live Together At Our Home In Chandan Pur, Puri. I Have My Grand Papa And Grand Mama, My Parents, My Uncle And Aunt, My Sister And Cousin.Essay on my family in English

My Grand Father Is A Retired Government Teacher. He Is Now Seventy. Despite His Old Age He Is Active, Healthy, And Cheerful. It Seems As Though Time Has Left No Ageing Impressions On His Face. He Is The Head Of Our Family And We Always Seek His Advice Before Taking Any Important Decision.

My Grand Mother Is A Pious And Virtuous Lady. She Spends Most Of Her Time In Offering Puja And Prayers To Gods And Goddesses. She Is A Delightful Lady With A Lot Of Social Graces. She Has Been The Leader Of The Women Of Our Locality.

She Is Good At Decision-making Which Is Based On Her Fine Judgement And Rich Experiences Of Life. So The Women Of Our Neighbourhood Make A Bee-line To Her For Advice.

She Is Very Kind And Loving. She Helps The Poor In Various Ways. Some Poor Students Have Been Able To Continue Their Studies At Different Schools And Colleges Only Due To Her Financial Assistance. She Is Very Tender-hearted. Tears Well Up In Her Eyes To See The Uncared For Naked Children Who Do Not Get Enough To Eat.

My Father Is An Professor Of Medicine Working In The S.c.b. Medical College Hospital, Cuttack. He Is A Dedicated Physician And Treats Patients, With All Care. He Is Very Calm And Soft Spoken. Half Of The Patients’ Illnesses Is Cured By His Comforting Words. People Hold Him In High Esteem For His Good Treatment.

My Mother And Aunt Are Good Housewives. They Cook Food For Us, Take Care Of Our Health And Education, And Keep The House. They Love Each Other So Dearly That One Would Tend To Think As Though They Were Two Sisters Born To The Same Mother.

My Uncle Is An I.a.s. Officer. He Is Now The District Magistrate And Collector, Puri. He Enjoys A Position Of Great Responsibility In The Government And Naturally Finds No Time To See To Our Needs. He Is Loved And Respected By The People For His Honesty And Integrity. He Is Committed To Doing Good To The People. He Is Impartial And Administers Justice To The People Without Any Bias.

My Sister Is Two Years Younger Than Me. She Is Very Dear To My Grandpapa. She Is Very Nice Except That She Often Complains To Him Against My Teasing Her.

My Cousin Is Very Affectionate. We Play Together, Eat Together And Go To School Together. The Feeling Of Togetherness Is Based On True Love And Sacrifice.

Such Is My Family And Such Is The Feeling Of Endearment Existing Among All Of Us. I Am Proud That I Belong To Such A Good Family.

Essay On My Family In English


Homes Are The Cells That Constitute The Body Of Human Civilisation. Family Constitutes The Nucleus Of Such Cells. A Family Is Considered To Be One Of Nature’s Masterpieces. All The Finer Virtues That Differentiate Man From Other Beasts Such As Love, Affection, Concern, And Sympathy, Do Germinate And Blossom In A Family. Family Is The Oldest Organised Institution Of Man. It Is The Base On Which The Pyramid Of Human Civilisation Stands Proudly.Essay on my family

Members Of My Family

I Belong To A Small Middle-class Family Consisting Of Five Members. They Are My Loving Grandparents, Beloved Parents, And Myself. I Am The Youngest Member Of My Family. Being The Only Child Of My Parents And Grandparents, I Enjoy All Their Love And Affection Without Sharing It With Others.

My Grandparents

My Grandparents Are Octogenarian. My Grandfather Is A Retired Army Who Cultivates Good Habits, Discipline, Honesty, And Sincerity Till Date. He Is A Simple But Strict Disciplinarian. He Never Bears Indiscipline In Anything. Being The Head Of The Family, Everyone Loves, Respects, And Obeys Him.

My Grandmother Who Is At The Sunset Of Her Life Still Possesses Sound Health. She Is Very Religious Minded. She Never Hesitates To Help Others In Need. She Is The Fountain Of Love And Affection. Despite Her Old Age, She Helps My Mother In Doing The Household Work.

My Parents

My Father Is A English Teacher By Profession. He Is Hard Working And Pain-staking. He Is Very Honest, Truthful, Sincere, And Dutiful. For Him, There Is No Alternative To Duty. He Is Highly Respected In His Field Of Work By All The Students And Staff For His High Sense Of Moral Character. The Sole Objective In Life Man-making But Not Money-making. He Guides Me As A Father, Teaches Me As A Teacher, Treats Me Like A Friend, And Advises Me Like A True Well-wisher.

My Mother Is The Pivot Of Our Family. She Monitors All The Domestic Chores In A Systematic Order. Despite Her Busy Schedule, She Finds Time For My Education. I Am Surprised To Find Out How She Does A Lot Without Any Sign Of Fatigue And Irritation.


I Am In Class 10. My Performance At School Is Satisfactory. Remain Favourite Of My Teacher, A Priceless Possession To My Grandparents, And Heart Beat Of My Loving Parents. I Follow The Divine Qualities Of My Parents And Grandparents


My Family Is An Ideal Family. An Implacable Bond Of Love And Affection Hold Us Together. All In Our Neighbourhood Envy The Peace And Prosperity That Has Made Our Home A Mini Paradise On The Earth.

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