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Essay On Independence day | Independence Day Essay In English

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Independence Day Essay In English

Our Country Was Under British Rule For More Than Two Centuries. During The British Regime, Indians Were Leading Miserable Life. The Press Was Censored To Getting A Higher Education Was A Dream For Them.

Independence Day Essay In English
Independence Day Essay In English

They Were Forbidden To Attend The Theaters, Posh Hotels, And Restaurants Which Were Chiefly Reserved For The Britishers. Oppressive Rules Were Made To Harass Them And Curb Their Power. They Were Ruthlessly Killed For Raising Their Voice Against The Atrocities Of The Rulers. Theirs Was A Wretched Life Too Bad For Words.

Indian Leaders Became Conscious. They Waged A Freedom Struggle Under The Leadership Of Mahatma Gandhi. During The Freedom Movement, Many Leaders Violated The Oppressive Laws Imposed To Harass The People And Courted Imprisonment Many Times.

The Persecution And Atrocities Perpetrated By The British Rulers On Indians Beggared Description. In Spite Of Such Oppression, The Freedom Movement Launched By The Indian Leaders Did Not Slacken.

On The Contrary, It Gathered Momentum And Forced To Set India Free From The Shackles Of Slavery. The 131 Reached Such A Height That The British Government Delivered The Administration Of India In The Hands Of The Indian Leaders And Left India For Good.

Before Leaving India. They Divided India Into Pakistan And Hindustan. At The Time Of Separation, Communal Riots Broke Out At Different Places In India, And Thousands Of People Died.

It Was On August 15, 1947, India Became A Free Nation. At The Stroke Of Twelve On The Midnight Of 14th August Jawaharlal Nehru Made A Historic Speech On The Floor Of The Constituent Assembly Declaring That India Had Become Independent. He Said: At This Midnight Hour When The Whole World Sleeps. India Awakes To Life And Freedom.

There Was Jubilation Everywhere. Fireworks Were Displayed, And Prayers Were Offered With The Blowing Of Conchs And Beating Of Drums. There Was Merriment And Rejoicings. Since Then Indians Have Been Celebrating This Day As Independence Day Every Year.

This Year India Is Celebrating The 56 Anniversary Of Her Independence. Leaders Of Our Country Now Analyse What They Have Achieved For Our Country And What They Have Lost.

On This Day The Prime Minister Of India Unfurls Our National Flag At Red Fort In Delhi. He Receives A Salute From The Three Wings Of Our Defence Force, The N.C.C, The Scout, And The Boys And Girls Of Schools And Colleges In Colorful Clothes In The Midst Of Gunfire And Loud Applause From The Spectators.

He Makes A Fine Speech On The Welfare Programs Undertaken By The Government For The Good Of The People. In State Capitals And In The District Headquarters Of Each State This Day Is Celebrated With Pomp And Show.

Competitions Are Held To Test The Patriotic Sentiment Of Our Young Boys And Girls. Films On Patriotism, And On Sacrifices And Dedication Made By Our Countrymen For Freedom Are Screened.

In Educational Institutions And Government And Non-government Offices This Day Is Observed With Traditional Gaiety And National Fervor. ‘pravat Ferry’ Is Done By The Students. National Flags Remain Unfurled. The National Anthem Is Sung In Chorus. All Offices And Educational Institutions Remain Closed On This Day.

The Spirit Of Freedom Should Be Injected Into The Minds Of Our Children. They Should Be Made Aware Of The Sacrifices Our Countrymen Made And The Hardships They Underwent For Liberating Our Country From The Shackles Of Age-long Slavery.

They Must Know How Our Country Achieved Freedom Through The Freedom Movement Launched Under The Dominant Leadership Of Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru, The First Prime Minister Of Our Country, Led Our Country In The Post-independence Period.

Essay On Independence day
Essay On Independence day

Although 56 Years Have Passed Since We Got Independence, There Is Still Poverty, Illnesses, Illiteracy, And Political Instability In Our Country. Corruption Has Eaten Into Its Vitals. Crimes And Violence Are Rampant. People Are Seething With Discontent.

No Doubt Our Country Has Made Long Strides In The Field Of Science And Technology, Nevertheless, There Is Yet A Vast Ground To Be Covered. The Young Men Of Our Country Should Imbibe The Spirit Of Patriotism And Should See That Our Country Progresses And Freedom Is Well Protected.

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