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Essay On Unemployment | Unemployment Essay In English

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Unemployment Essay In English

The Population In India Is Growing Fast. But Jobs For The Swelling Numbers Are Not Increasing Proportionately. Hence Unemployment Has Become A Big Problem For India.

Essay On Unemployment
Essay On Unemployment

Due To The Mushroom Growth Of Colleges, A Large Number Of Graduates Are Coming Out Every Year. They May Be Graduates In Science, Arts, And Commerce Engineering Or Medicine And Surgery, Agriculture, Fisheries, Or Veterinary Science. Most Of Them Remain Unemployed For Lack Of Jobs.

Every Year The Number Of Unemployed Youths Goes On Increasing. The Situation Arising Out Of It Is Indeed Very Alarming. India Is Primarily An Agricultural Country. But The Educated Youth Dislike Taking Up Agriculture As A Means Of Livelihood.

They Have No Money To Start A Business Or To Open An Industry. They Fail To Compete For A Few Posts Falling Vacant In Government Offices And In Private Sectors. As A Result, They Become Frustrated And Take To Immoral Ways Of Living.

Mass-scale Unemployment Has Seriously Affected The Stability Of Our State. It Is, In Fact, The Cause Of Social Unrest. The Existence Of A Large Number Of Jobless And Frustrated Youth Is A Danger To The Political Stability Of Our Country.

These Disgruntled Young men Fall Easy Victim To Ignoble Means Of Livelihood And Also To The Whims Of Unscrupulous Political Leaders. Unemployment Among The Labor Class Is Due To The Closure Of Industrial Concerns And Stagnation In Further Expansion Of Industries.

Unemployment Among The Educated Is Chiefly Due To The Following Factors-production Of Graduates By The Universities Without Making Provision For Their Employment, Want Of Planned Career; Aversion Of The Educated Youth To Manual Labor, And They’re Flocking From The Rural To Urban Areas.

It Is Gratifying To Mention That Both The Government Of India And The State Government: Are Now Paying Due Attention To This Problem. Employment Exchanges Have Been Opened Throughout The Country To Solve This Problem.

The Government Is Also Taking Steps To Put A Check On Population Growth. A Large Number Of Banks, Insurance Offices, Business Organization, Industries, And Factories Have Been Opened To Provide Employment For The People.

With Rapid Industrialization, There Will Be Larger Employment Opportunities For The Educated. The Educational System Will Have To Be Geared To Meet The Rapidly Changing Pattern Of Personal Requirements.

There Has Been A Revolutionary Change In The System Of Agriculture. Agriculture These Days Has Become A Gainful Occupation And Attracts Educated Youth In Large Numbers.

They No More Desire To Go To Towns And Cities To Seek Employment. For The Development Of The Rural Economy, These Youth Need Proper Training.

If They Work Heart And Soul In Their Fields, Villages Will Be Self-sufficient In Foodstuff And Economically Sound. Since India Is A Land Of Villages, Their Sound Economic Condition Will Contribute Largely To The Economic Growth Of The Country.

Essay On Unemployment Problem In English


The Most Vicious Element After The Independence Of The Country Which For Years Has Been Haunting The Society And Endangering The Democratic Fabric Of The Country Is The Problem Of Unemployment.

Unemployment Essay In English
Unemployment Essay In English

Though Unemployment Has Been A Matter Of Concern From 1970 Onwards, Without A Perfect Measure Against It, Has Turned Into A Great Danger Nowadays. An Increase In The Number Of Criminal Cases And Social Degradation Is The Direct Impact Of The Problem Of Unemployment.

Causes Of Unemployment

Unemployment Or Joblessness Can Be Defined As A State Of Worklessness For A Person Who Is Fit And Willing To Work. Although There Are Some Basic Causes Behind This Danger However The Real Cause Is Indeterminate At Many Times.

Some Of The Factors Such As Age, Vocational Unfitness, And Physical Disabilities Mostly Contribute To Unemployment. Economic Depression Is Also A Major Factor In This Regard

Even Economic Depression Sometimes Renders Employees Unemployed. Similarly, Technological Advancement And Computers Have Also Aggravated The Situation. Even At Every Level And Sector Has Reduced The Importance Of Manpower. In India, Another Major Factor Is Population Growth.

Although Our Population Is Increasing We Have Not Been Able To Utilizes The Manpower Efficiently. Especially Our Rapid, Education System Has Some Defects Which Teach Us To Be Government Job Seekers Rather Than Self-employed. Similarly, The Downfall Of Traditional Jobs Is Also Contributing To The Problem.

Other Causes Of Unemployment Include Inadequate Salary, Strikes, And Lockouts. As The Workers Are Not Paid On Strike Days, They Practically Remain Unemployed Temporarily. Similarly, A Low Salary For A Job Also Persuades The Workers To Be Jobless.

There Are Some Special Categories Of Unemployment Such As Seasonal Unemployment, Disguised Unemployment, Cyclical Unemployment, Structural Unemployment, Etc. Seasonal Unemployment Indicates Workers Remain Employed For Some Seasons However Treated As Unemployed The Rest Of The Year.

This Is Seen In The Agricultural Sector Which Is Highly Dependent On Monsoon Rain. Disguised Unemployment Implies That A Great Number Of Workers Are Engaged In A Particular Job Which Is Really Essential. Most Of The Workers In This Case Practically Remain Unemployed As Their Contribution Does Not Affect Productivity.

This Type Of Unemployment Is Also Seen In The Agricultural Sector. Cyclical Unemployment Includes People Who Are Unemployed Due To Depression In Trade. When There Is A Skill-job Mismatch, Production Deteriorates And Structural Unemployment Is Created.


A Recent Survey Shows That If The Trend Continues, There Will Be More Than 25 Crore People Jobless By 2020. Hence Various Government Schemes Have Been Undertaken To Tackle The Problem Of Unemployment.

Schemes Like Mgnrega And Nrega Has Successfully Declined The Problem In Rural Sectors Considerably. Swarozgar Yojanas Or Self-employment Schemes Have Also Been Promoted In Cities. The Recent Campaigns Such As “Make In India” Is A Firm-footed Step Towards Job Creation.

However Massive Urban Recruitment Is The Need Of The Hour. Another Method To Tackle The Problem Is Stress On Agronomy Which Can Serve As A Multipurpose Policy Such As The Increase In Agricultural Productivity, Self-sufficiency, And Strengthening Of The Economy.

Another Country That Has Successfully Mobilized Its Large Population Is China. We Can Also Adopt Their Policy To Bring About A Positive Impact On This Matter.


Although The Problem Of Unemployment Has Been Persistent For Years, It Is Not Incurable. Full Fledge Development In The Cottage Industry In Addition To Other Industrial Developments And Exploitation Of The Potential Of The Countrymen Will Surely Be Helpful In This Regard.

It Is Imperative That The Problem Of Unemployment Should Be Treated War Footed Otherwise The Youth Will Be Diverted To The Wrong Path And The Heritage Of The Country Will Be Soon Lost- No Doubt About It.

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