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Essay On Dog In English | My Pet Dog Essay 500 Words

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Dog Essay in English For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

The Dog Is A Four-footed Animal That Is Kept As A Pet In Most Of Our Houses. It Is Also A Very Useful Animal. Its Body Is Covered With Furs. Its Tail Is Curved And Its Ears Are Long And Hang Gracefully Down. Its Eyes Are Small But Shining. It Always Puts Out Its Tongue And Pants.

The dog essay 10 lines
The dog essay 10 lines

Dogs Are Of Various Colors And Species. They Are Usually Black, Grey, White, Reddish, And Spotted. The European Dogs Are Cleverer, More Beautiful, And Stronger Than The Indian Dogs. The Well-known Among Them Are Bulldogs, Greyhounds, Bloodhounds, Spaniels, And Terriers. These European Breeds Are Very Useful For Hunting. As Pet Dogs, They Are More Loyal Than Country Dogs.

We Have A Lot Of Stories About The Faithfulness Of Dogs. They Save The Life And Property Of Their Masters Even At The Cost Of Their Lives.

The Sense Organs Of Dogs Are Very Powerful. They Can Detect Criminals, Thieves, And Stolen Articles. For This Reason, The Crime Branch Of The Police Department Has Been Maintaining Trained Dogs.

Dogs Were Found Useful During The First World War For Various Services. They Were Good Nurses And Guards. The Red Cross Department Also Maintains Dogs. Dogs Are Also Found With Bread And Water Bottles Tied To Their Necks On The Mountain Paths.

Many Tired Travelers Save Themselves From Hunger And Thirst With The Help Of These Dogs. They Also Guard Our Houses Both At Night And During The Daytime And Do Not Allow Strangers To Get In.

The Dog Is A Carnivorous Animal. Their Teeth Are Sharp And They Tear Off Flesh By These Teeth. Dogs Also Eat Rice And Other Food And Drink Milk And Water. They Use Their Tongues To Lap Up The Liquid They Often Like To Lie Down And Pant Putting Out Their Tongues. They Always Wag Their Tails When They Meet Their Masters.

A Mad Dog Is Often Dangerous. If A Mad Dog Bites Any Person Or Any Animal, It Proves Fatal For Them. They Become Affected By Hydrophobia And Die Prematurely. But If They Are Injections In Time, They Can Be Saved From Sure Death. Given Medicine In Our Country We Find A Lot Of Stray And Uncared-for Dogs

Roaming The Streets Of Towns And Cities And Also In Villages. Since They Are Not Useful, Government Should Take Steps To Kill Them. It Is Not The Fault Of These Poor Creatures That They Roam The Streets Uncared For. These Dogs Should Be Tamed Be Used Profitably By The People.

Essay On Dog In English For Students
Essay On Dog In English For Students

I Have A Pet Dog. Its Name Is Spike. I Feed It With Care And Take It Out Every Morning And Evening For A Walk. It Barks At The Strangers And Scares Away The Thieves. It Is Very Faithful And Obedient. Whenever I Call It By Its Name, It Calms Down And Comes To Me Wagging Its Tail.

Sometimes It Plays With Me. Though It Looks Ferocious With Its Burning Eyes And Tiger-like Appearance, Its Glossy Black Body Is An Attraction For All Members Of My Family. I Love My Spike And It Loves Me Too.

Essay On Dog In English For Students

The Dog Is A Quadruped Animal. Its Girth Is Small. It Has A Pair Of Eyes And A Pair Of Ears. The Tail Is Short And Slightly Curved Upwards. Besides, It Has Got A Set Of Powerful And Sharp Teeth In Its Upper And Lower Jaw. The Denture Of The Animal Gives It Additional Strength Precisely During The Mastication Of Strong Bones.

Dog essay in english
Dog essay in english

The Dog Is A Carnivorous Animal And Thus Is Usually Fond Of Meat. It Also Takes The Rice, Bread, And Milk. It Prefers To Stay In The Kennel. It Is Easily Tamed By Its Master And Becomes Faithful To Him Or Her In A Very Short Time. Strong Faith In The Master Provides A Very Good Lesson For The People Of The Society, At Present, Who At Times Become Unruly For Simple Matters.

The Dog Sacrifices Its Life, If Needed, For The Sake Of Its Master. The Olfactory Nerve In The Animal Is Highly Developed And As Such It Has Got A Very Accurate And Deep Smell Sensation. The Dogs, Therefore Are Employed By The Police Personnel To Trace The Thieves. They At Times Catch Hold Of The Criminals Red-handed. Though Small, They Have Tremendous Power To Get Into Any Sort Of Training.

Thus They Are Utilised By The Circus People To Show Different Kinds Of Feats To The Onlookers. Jumping Through The Rings Of Fire Is Perhaps One Of The Spectacular Events Displayed By The Animal In The Circus.

The Dog Is Found In Almost All Parts Of The Country. The Animals Vary In Shape And Size. Some Are Small And Some Are Big, Likewise, Some Are Good-looking And Attractive And Hence They Are Often Referred To As Show Dogs, But Few Others Are Extremely Dangerous And Virulent And Thus A Solitary Bark From Them Completely Unnerves A Person. The Latter Variety Is Popularly Known As A Watchdog And Pounces Upon Anybody Unknown. The Very Sight Of This Dog Puts The Strangers At Their Wit’s End.

10 The Dog Generally Doesn’t Sleep Much And Remains Very Much Alert, Particularly At Night. Therefore The Animals Are Freed From The Chains At Night And The Slightest Disturbance In The Master’s House Or The Surrounding Area Provokes Incessant Barking From Them And The Thieves Or The Dacoits Meanwhile Run Away For Their Lives.

The Dog Is A Domestic Animal That Likes To Be Patted By Its Master. It Clings To The Master’s Body Like A Shadow. A Small Animal Like Him Understands Affection And Out Of Gratitude Licks Its Tongue Over The Feet Of The Master. The Trained Dog Always Calls Its Master When It Has To Attend To The Calls Of Nature.

The Dogs Therefore Never Make Unhygienic Problems In The Master’s House. The Dogs Have A Number Of Attractive Colors. They Are Usually Of Brown, Black, And White Textures. They Also Have A Number Of Varieties Like The Indigenous, Doberman, Bull, Cushion, Etc.

Essay On Dog In English For Students
Essay On Dog In English For Students

The Dogs Also Become Ill At Times And They Are Properly Treated By The Animal Doctors. Worm Infestation Is A Major Problem For The Dog When It Vomits Out Frequently And Thus Effective Deworming Becomes Necessary.

The System Of The Animal Is More Or Less Like That Of A Human Being And So A Number Of Human Medicines Are Given To This Animal When It Falls Sick. The Gestation Period In A Bitch Is About 24 Months. It Usually Delivers Four To Five Puppies At A Time. The Number May At Times Go Up To 12. The Puppies Feed On The Mother’s Milk For At Least One Or Two Months.

The Dog For Its Wonderful Smell Sensation, Faithfulness Towards Its Master, And Strict Vision Over Strangers Make It An Best Creation Of Nature.

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