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The Little Village Where I Was Born And Brought Up Stands On The Bank Of The River Brahmani About Ten Kms. From Angul. It Comes Under Angul Police Station In Dhenkanal Subdivision And Is Connected With Angul By An All-weather Road.

my village essay in english for class 10
my village essay in english for all class

A Description Of Its Site And Surroundings

My Village Being Situated In A Remote Countryside Has All The Features Of Rural Odisha To Its Credit. Its Dwelling Houses Made Of Mud And Straw, Stand In Rows. The Pathasala Is Situated At The Eastern End Of The Village With A Ruined Temple Nearby.

A Spreading Banyan Tree, Almost A Century Old, Stands Near Them And Provides The Village With An Open-air Auditorium. It Is Here That The Village Lads Play Games; The Village Panchayats Hold Their Courts And Fairs And Festivals Are Held Once Or Twice A Year. The Village Is Surrounded By Green Fields Of Corn, Which Give Beauty And Colour To It But It Is The River Brahmani Which Adds To Its Charm.

The Life Of Its Inhabitants

The Inhabitants Of My Village Number About A Thousand And Live In Nearly Two Hundred Families. They Follow Different Trades And Have Different Means Of Earning Their Livelihood. But A Great Majority Of Them Are Farmers Whose Chief Occupation Is Farming.

Next To Them Are The Daily Labourers Who Lived From Hand to Mouth With Their Daily Wages. The Other Members Of The Village Are Washermen, Barbers, Gold-smiths, And So On. This Is, In Brief, The Common Run Of Life In My Poor Humble Village.

Its Difficulties And Wants

My Village Is Admittedly Backward And Undeveloped And Its Difficulties And Wants Are Many. To Start With, Most Of Its People Are Illiterate And Ignorant. The Few Educated Men That It Has Produced Are Serving In Distant Places And Have Very Little Attachment For It. Its Farmers Are Quite In The Dark About The Modern Methods Of Cultivation And Still Follow The Wooden Ploughs Of The Days Of Ashok.

The Labourers Are Still Worse. They Are The Constant Victims Of Poverty, Wants, And Diseases. The Village Temple Is Uncared For And The Pathasala Is Worse Than A Cow-Shed. As Such My Village Is No Way Better Than Hundreds Of Other Villages That Odisha Is Composed Of.

How To Improve Its Lot

At Present, I And My Friends Are Trying To Improve It’s a Miserable Lot. Since Education Is The Key To All Progress And The First And Foremost Need Of Life, We Have Decided To Set Up A Night School Here For The Education Of The Adults. We Shall Try To Educate Their Outlook And Ideas By Giving Them Interesting Talks On Different Problems Of Life, Next We Shall Open A Co-operative Society To Supply The Farmers With Seeds, Manures And Other Things Helpful To Agriculture.

A Fair-Price Shop Will Be Of Immense Service To All. Lastly, We Shall Sink A Tube-well And Dig The Village Tank. This Will Solve The Water Problem Of The Whole Village And Save It From The Attack Of The Epidemic Diseases. These, I Feel, Will Go A Long Way To Improve The Present Lot Of My Village.

My Village Essay 1000 Words

My Village Though Small Is A Neat One With Signs Of Perfection At All Centres. The Lovely Mango Grooves Cast Their Shadows In The Day Time, Keep The People Relaxed From The Scorching Heat, And Maintain The Much Needed Ecological Balance. The Two Pools On Either Side Of The Village Remain As Water Reservoirs For The Entire Village Folk.

my village essay 20 lines
my village essay 20 lines

The Village Garden Is Another Important Spot That Is A Perennial Source Of a Sustained Supply Of The Vegetables To The Market. Besides An Out-post, A Post-office, A Small Electrical Substation, And A Dispensary Function Well In Their Respective Capacities.

The Mango Trees Have Been Preserved Very Carefully By The Villagers. It Is Never A Lone Effort, It Is Always A Collective Endeavour Which Has Become Fruitful. The Sweet Ripe Mangoes Of The Trees Give The Villagers A Happy Repast In The Hot Days Of Summer. The Surplus Is Sold In The Market, And The Money Is Kept In The Locker For The Nourishment Of The Plantations.

The Two Pools Of The Village Are Kept Clean And Tidy Throughout The Year By Judicious And Needful Excavations. The Transparent Water Of Both The Reservoirs Shaded By A Systematic Banana Plantation All-around, With Small Fishes Swimming Sharply Over The Concrete Steps Down Under The Water, Give The Poet And Expounding Thought For A Melodious Version.

Apart From The Poetic Sentiments, The Tankers Provide A Sustained Finance To The Villagers. Once In A Fortnight Fish Catching Is Done Under The Guidance Of A Group Of Volunteers, And The Catch Is Distributed Equally Among All. An Excess Amount Is Sent To The Market For Sale, The Revenue Collected Is Kept In fact For The Enrichment Of The

The Village Garden Is A Sight To Be Seen. It Is Green Throughout And Presents To Marvelous Look. Seasonal Vegetables Are Harvested Throughout The Year, And The People Get An Equal Share Of It.

The Garden Provides A Small And Beautiful Tank Which Supplies Water To The Plants In Emergencies, Otherwise, Under Ordinary Circumstances, Irrigation Through Canals Is The Usual Practice. A Set Of People Work In The Garden From Dawn To Dusk In Rotations, And They Are Kept In High Good Humour By The Village Panchayat.

A Small Thatched Outpost Lies Close To The Village Market Perhaps To a Set-a-side The Disputes Among The Villagers. Hardly Any Dispute Arises, And As A Matter A Fact The Thana Babu Enjoys A Peaceful Life. No Allegation Goes Against Him To The Sub-divisional Office, And The Babu In Khaki Posak Is More Or Less A Lovable Companion Of The Village Folk.

The Post Office Is Another Busy Centre Of The Village. Letters, Telegrams, And Parcels Are Conveyed To The Individuals In The Earliest Opportunity. The Postmaster Is A Friendly Individual And Never Tolerates Any Sort Of Delay From His End.

The Postman Being An Honest Person Discharges His Duties Without the Least Hesitation. Both Of Them Feel As A Part And Parcel Of The Village And Thus They Give A Wonderful Service To The Villagers.

The Illumination In The Village Is Just Moderate, And People Are Conscious About The Consumption Of Electricity. Pompous Arrangements Are Seldom Made, And The Sincere Villagers Pay Their Revenue In Time In The Substation Campus. Repair Work Is Immediately Done Because Both The Line Man And The Junior Are Always On Their Toes.

Engineer A Word About The Village Dispensary What A Wonderful Unit It Is? It Works Round The Clock. The Doctor Is Never Exhausted And In The Company Of The Pharmacist And The Lady Health Visitor, He Makes A Do Or Die Effort For The Betterment Of The People.

He Is There With Us For Years, And The Villagers Thus Do Request The Government From Time-to-time For His Further Stay In The Village. The Doctor Loves The Village And Its People. He Consoles The People, Treats Them Well, And Thus Gets Involved In His Work. Though His Work Is Strainous, Still He Welcomes It.

He Finds Pleasure in Sacrifice And Gets Contentment Out Of Affection. Thus He Is Never Tempted By The Urban Extravaganza Or Its Hilarious Activities.

My Village, Thus I Can Say With Authenticity Is The Earth’s Paradise, Its Situation Is Pleasant. The Activities Are Coordinated, and The Reasoning And The Understanding Among The People Are Superb, Hence The Name Debighat.

I Am Born Here, I Read Her, And I Wish To Live Here Only. I Love My Village. I Love Its Air And Water. How Can I Ever Think Of Parting With It? Oh! God, Give Me Your Blessings For My Stay Here Till I Make A Final Exit From The Drama Of My Life.

My Village Essay 10 Lines

Our Country India Is A Land Of Villages. About Eighty Percent Of Our Population Live In Villages.

I Live In A Village That Stands On The River Mahanadi About 70 Km. From The City Of Puri. Its Name Is Sakhigopal Which Is Under Satyabadi Block In The District Of Puri. It Is A Big Village With A Population Of Two Thousand. The River Mahanadi Flows On The Southern Side Of My Village. There Is A Siva Temple At The Eastern End And The Temple Of The Village Deity In The Middle Of My Village.

my village essay 1000 words
my village essay 1000 words

A Big Banyan Tree Stands By The Siva Temple With Steps Going Down Into The River. On Hot Summer Days, People Sit Here For Hours And Enjoy The Tranquil Moments Of The Evening. When The River Mahanadi Is In Full Flood, People Gather Here To See The Fury Of The Flood. On Moonlit Nights Some Of Them Go By Boats To The Neighbouring River-side Villages Singing Tuneful Film And Devotional Songs.

During The Raja Festival People Of Our Village Play ‘do Do’ On The Field By The Side Of The River. Children Of Our Village Play Different Kinds Of Games Here Every Afternoon. People Also Get Together Under The Banyan Tree On Festive Occasions. Whenever There Is Any Dispute In The Village, The Sarpanch Convenes A Meeting To The Dispute.

People Of Different Castes, Religions, And Languages Live Here. Their Occupations Are Different, Their Interests Are Varied And Their Life Styles Are Diverse. Nevertheless, There Is Unity In Diversity.

All Of Them Stand United For Their Common Cause And For The Good Of The, They Help Each Other In Adversity. They Are Inspired With A Spirit Of Selfless Service And Sacrifice. Cultural Functions Are Celebrated In Unison And Marriage Ceremonies Are Held With Mutual Co-operation.

There Are A High School, One Primary School, A Post Office, Grampanchayat Office, A Livestock Centre, A Dispensary, An Electric Substation, A Pay-phone Centre, And A +2 College In Our Village. Most Of Our Villagers Are Educated. They Are Well Behaved And Virtuous.

There Is A Club House And A Library In Our Village. The Members Of The Club Get-together Every Evening In The Club House After Their Day’s Hard Work. They Enjoy Playing Different Indoor Games. They Also Discuss The Welfare Of Our Village. Women Of Our Village Are Kept Well Protected And Everybody Has Due Regard For Them.

There Are Schools And A College To Educate The People, A Dispensary To Treat Their Illnesses, And A Panchayat Office And An Electrical Sub-station To Look To Their Interests. Thus We Have All The Amenities Of Decent Living In Our Village. Therefore Our Village Is An Ideal One And I Am Really Proud To Belong To Such A Village.

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