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Essay On Cow In English | Essay On Cow For All Class

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Essay On Cow For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

The Cow Is A Four-footed Animal. It Has A Head, Body, And Tail. The Head Gives Place To A Pair Of Good-looking Horns, Two Eyes, And Two Broad Flapping Ears. The Body Of The Animal Is Streamlined And Almost Moves Parallel To The Ground. The Tail Is Long And Usually, There Is A Tuft Of Hair At Its End.

essay on cow in english
essay on cow in english

The Cow Is A Herbivorous Animal. It Feeds On Grass, Fodder, And Oil Cakes. Rice Water Is A Very Good Drink For Her Straw Chewing Is Another Fond Habit Of The Cow.

The Cow Is Seen In Almost All Corners Of The Globe. The Cows Have Different Colors, And Colors Are Generally White, Red, Brown, And Black. The Species Of The Animal Include Indigenous, Jersey, Sindhi, And Harayana Varieties.

The Cow Is A Domestic Animal. It Remains In A Cowshed With Its Young Ones. The Cowshed Is Kept Clean By The Owner Of The Animal So That She Remains In Congenial Condition And Spends Time Happily With Her Family.

During Ailment, She Is Treated Properly By A Veterinary Doctor And Thus All Sorts Of Possible Care Are Rendered For Her Well-being. She Is Often Considered A Sacred Animal By The Hindus. Like Human Beings, The Period Of Gestation In Cows Is 10 (Ten) Months And It Brings Forth Only One Calf At The Time Of Delivery.

The Cow Gives Us Milk. People Of All Ages Take Milk. Milk Is Highly Nutritious And Thus Gives Strength And Energy To Individuals. Curd, Cheese, Ghee, Etc. Are Prepared From Milk. Sweetmeat Is Another Very Good Preparation From Milk. Rasgula As It Is Otherwise Known Is Very Much Relishing To Everybody.

The Excreta Of The Cow That Is The Cow Dung And Its Urine Are Also Useful For Mankind. Cow Dung At Present Is Being Used On A Massive Scale To Prepare Gobar Gas Which Has Become A Very Good Substitute For Wooden Fuel And The Residue That Is Left Behind In The Process Is Used By Farmers As Manure In The Fields. In A Remote Village, Dried Cow Dung Cakes Are Used As Fuel By Poor People.

The Cow Dung Smear Prepared Out Of Mixing Cow Dung And An Adequate Amount Of Water Is Used Precisely To Wash The Muddy Houses And The Very Smell Of It Prevents The Entry Of Insects And Reptiles In Most Cases. The Urine Of The Cow Is Also Used By The Farmer As A Very Good Substitute For Manure For Certain Desired Crops.

Dairy Farms At Present Have Been Established At Several Places To Supply Milk To The People Of The Nearby Community. Government Farms Have Also Been Opened Up To Meet The Challenge Of The Increasing Population Of The Present-day World. Individuals Also Have Developed A Sort Of Habit To Keep Cows In Houses For Their Daily Requirement Of Milk.

Thus We See That The Cow Renders Several Benefits To Us In All Phases Of Our Life, That Is Milk Is An Essential Need From Infancy To Old Age. Therefore We Worship The Cows As Our Mother And She Is Justifiedly Given An Elevated Place In Our Society, White Revolution So Is Aimed At The Present At A Better Yield Of Milk Which In Humanity Is Hale And Hearty.

Essay On Cow In English

The Cow Is A Domestic Animal. It Is The Best Of All Domestic Animals. We Can Find Cows Almost In All Households.

There Are Different Kinds Of Cows Not Only In Color But Also In Theed. The Hariana Breed Found In Northern India Is Distinguished By Its Large Size. There Are Also Other Breeds Of

A Cow That Gives A Bumper Yield Of Milk. Mixed Breeds Are Also Found In Our Country Besides The Native Cows.

The Cow Has Four Legs. Its Hoofs Are Cloven Into Two. It Has A Pair Of Large Beautiful Eyes And Long Ears. Its Face Is Long With Two Pointed Horns On The Forehead. Its Body Is Covered With Thick Glossy Furs.

Like Most Animals, It Has A Long Tail With A Tuft Of Hair At The End. Its Color Is Either Black Or White Or Red. People Generally Like To Keep Black Cows Because Their Milk Is Sweet.

The Cow Eats Straw, Grass, Paddy, Rice, Oil Cake, Green Leaves, And Cereals. Fodder Helps It To Grow Healthy. Of All Domestic Animals, The Cow Is The Most Useful To Man. The Milk Of The Cow Is Very Nutritious. So It Is The Principal Diet Of Infants And The Old. Ghee, Cheese, Butter, And Curd Are Made From It.

Various Kinds Of Sweets Are Prepared With Cheese And Milk. The Cow Dung And The Urine Of Cows Are Used As Manure. The Cow-dung Is Considered To Be Sacred By The Hindus. They Smear Their Courtyards With It. It Is Also Used As Fuel. But Its Use As Manure Is Much More Important Than Its Use As Fuel.

Cow essay 10 lines
Cow essay 10 lines

People Sell Their Male Calves For Money. When The Male Calves Grow Into Oxen, They Are Used To Plow The Land And Draw Carts And Carriages. Smallpox Vaccines Which Save Thousands Of Human Lives Are Also Prepared From Cows.

Even After Its Death, Various Parts Of Its Body Become Useful. The Hide Of The Cow Is Tanned And Shoes, Boots, Bags Suitcases, Etc. Are Made Out Of It. Its Horns And Bones Are Also Useful. Varieties Of Toys, Combs, Buttons, And Walking Sticks Are Made From Its Horns. Its Bones Are Used As Manure.

Its Meat Is Eaten By Some Aboriginals And People Of Certain Communities. Its Meat Is Also Sent Abroad As Processed Food. In Most Parts Of Our Country, The Cow Which Is So Useful To Us Is Not Allowed To Be Killed And Used As Food.

In Northern India, The Cow Is Worshipped As A Goddess Of Rakshi Purnima. Given Its Enormous Utility Government Has Opened The Veterinary And Animal Husbandry Day Departments To Take Care Of Them. Cow Rearing Is A Profitable Profession For Some People In Our Country.

I Have A Black Cow. Its Name Is Manika. I Feed It Well And Take Care Of It Every Morning And Evening. It Licks My Hands With Love And Wags Its Tail Whenever I Go To It.

Although Dumb, It Speaks A Lot Through Its Large Lustrous Eyes. I Love It So Much That I Do Not Like To Be Away From It Even For A Single Day. It Gives Milk Which Is Quite Sufficient For All The Members Of My Family. It Is A Valuable Asset To My Family.

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