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How Do I Write An Essay About My Hobby | Essay On My Hobby

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My Hobby Essay In English

A Hobby Is Something One Loves To Do In One’s Leisure. It Is Not A Part Of One’s Regular Work. It Is An Interesting Occupation. At Times It Is Also Educative. It Is A Welcome Change From One Dull Routine Life.

My Hobby Essay In English
My Hobby Essay In English

There Are Many Hobbies, Such As Collecting Old Books And Old Pictures, Coins Collecting, Angling, Painting, Photography, Etc. People Adopt Any Of Such Hobbies Suitable For Their Tastes And Interests. A Hobby Is Never An Idle Or Useless Pursuit. Most Hobbies Are Quite Useful. They Are All Inexpensive Sources Of Pleasure.

The Stamp Collection Is My Favorite Hobby. I Learned It From My Uncle. He Has Given Me A Large Number Of Stamps. My Uncle Is A High-ranking Officer. They Write To Him Regularly. I Often Go To His Place And Remove Stamps From These Covers. The Members Of My Own Family And Many Relatives Also Get Letters From Different Places In India.

They Give Me The Covers. I Remove Stamps From Them And Preserve Them In My Album. On My Birthday Friends And Relatives Present Me With Good-looking Albums. I Paste Stamps Into Them. I Have Now Six Fat Albums In Which Stamps Have Been Pasted. My Collection Includes Stamps From Several Countries And Several Periods.

It’s My Hobby. A Stamp Is Not Just A Small Slip Of Paper. Stamps Stamp-collecting Has Many Advantages. So I Have Made Many Pictures Printed On Them Which Teach Us About The History, Geography, And Culture Of The Countries They Are Issued From. Sometimes I See Pictures Of Famous Writers, Painters, Statesmen,

Freedom Fighters And Scientists On Them. It Is A Wonderful Thing That Stamps So Small In Size Contain So Much Knowledge.

Stamp-collecting Is A Source Of Both Knowledge And Pleasure. It Removes Dullness And Refreshes My Mind. It Is Of Great Value To Me.

My Hobby Essay In English For All Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Man Is The Best Creation Of Nature. He Is Endowed With The Highest Intelligence, Integrity, Wisdom, And A Greater Faculty Of Mind With These Resources He Is The Supreme Commander Of The Globe And Gets On To A Stage Of Perfection By Dint Of His Hard Labor And Perseverance. With Population Explosion Right At Its Peak And The Craze For Commercial Benefits Increasing Every Day The Individual I Would Say Is Rather Sandwiched Between Tensions And Taxation.

My Hobby Essay 10 Lines
My Hobby Essay 10 Lines

Under These Circumstances, I Would Say Hobbies Would Be An Excellent Pastime For Any Category Of Individual For A Greater And Fuller Span Of Life. Well! Hobbies Are Of Different Types. They Vary From Person To Person, Individual To Individual.

They Have A Wide Range Of Varieties Depending Upon The Taste And Aptitude Of Individuals. Playing Cards, Chess, Carrom Board, Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Etc. Are A Few Indoor And Outdoor Games That Provide Adequate Relaxation For Tiring Individuals Of Modern Times.

Besides Going To The Movies, Listening To The Radio, And Looking At The Television Are Entertainments For A Specialized Group Of People. In The Third Category Reading Books, Going Through Newspapers, And Writing Out One-act Plays And Dramas Are Some Of The Magnificent Past Times Of A Few Selected Persons In Society. To Add To The List, Gardening, Cooking, Jokes, Gossiping With Friends And Relatives, Painting, Singing, And Stamp Collection Are Other Good Relaxations In A Crowded Human Life.

Essay On My Hobby Reading Books

Coming To My Hobbies, I Have A Great Fascination To Go Through Very Good Books Written By Illustrious Authors. The Very Language Of The Books Fascinates Me And Automatically A Couple Of Important Lines Are Imprinted In My Mind’s Eye. Likewise ‘The Discovery Of India’ By Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Is A Masterpiece By The Author Which Needs To Be Read By All.

In The Same Way, Sir Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan In His Holy Book Of ‘geeta’ And Other Religious Scriptures Has Completely Spellbound His Readers. Similarly, Tagore’s Short Stories Are Certainly A Positive Means For The Development Of An Individual’s Writing Skills.

I Have Been Tempted By All These Writers To Go Through Their Books Over And Over Again And This Habit Of Mine Surely Has Helped Me To Have A Grip On The Language In English Literature. Besides, I Write Short Stories And Essays Usually Dealing With The Present Problems In Society. Then, Of Course, I Do Have Pleasure In Writing Out Different Types Of Songs Both In English And Oriya And I Also Try To Impinge The Tuning In Them.

Through Sheer Practice And Diligence, I Have Been Able To Achieve Something In My Life That Is I Am A Writer, An Orator, And Last But Not Least A Singer. All These Benefits I Have Gained Through Repeated Attempts And Trials. I Thus Can Say Anybody Having The Slightest Wisdom Makes A Practice Over An Aspect Of Life, He Or She, I Am Sure Would Come To. The Limelight In Course Of Time. If People Try In This Way, They Can Bring About Many Things Around Them For Which Society Remembers Them For Good.

Their Names Are Written On Pages Of History. To Hit The Target One Has To Be Up And Doing So That The Individual Leaves Behind His Footprint In The Minds Of His Contemporary People.

So Why Not Develop Hobbies? Hobbies Are Ways And Means For Achievement, A Source Of Bringing Pleasures Into Life And It Would Not Be An Exaggeration If I Say, A Man Without Certain Good Hobbies Leads A Life Worse Than An Animal.

Thus In The Dawn Of My Life, If I Sit Down To Concentrate On Reading And Writing, I Am Sure, I Can Certainly Reap The Harvest In The Evening Of My Life Giving Immense Pleasure To Numerous Readers Who Certainly Would Bestow Their Blessings On Me To Go On With My Mission For A Very Very Long Period.

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