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Essay On Police Inspector In English

The Man Who Maintains Peace And Order Controls The Traffic, Arrests The Evildoers And Criminals, And Provides Security To The Common People Is Called A Policeman. He Is A Servant Of The Government And A Familiar Figure To One And All. He Works For The Public And Is Under The Control Of The Home Department. He Is Indeed The Custodian Of Law, Order, And Peace.Essay On police man

Police Man Dress 

He Is Easily Recognised By All For His Uniform. When On Duty He Has To Put On A Special ‘खाकी’ Uniform That Includes A Cap, A Shirt, A Pant, A Leather Belt, And Shoes. A Badge Is Also Fixed To His Uniform On Either Shoulder And He Holds A Stick In His Hand. Sometimes He Has A Service Gun Or Rifle With Him In The Holster Of His Belt.

His Duties

A Policeman Discharges Manifold Duty. The First And Foremost Duty Of A Policeman Is To Keep Up Law And Order And Protect Human Life And Property. Arrests The Criminals And Investigates The Crimes.

The Traffic Police In White Uniform Stand On All The Important Crossings And Overcrowded Roads To Control The Traffic. Thanks To The Traffic Police, Lots Of Collisions And Life-taking Accidents Are Avoided. He Finds The Reckless Driver And Drivers Who Drive In A Drunken State. He Keeps A Strict Eye On Rogues And Indisciplined People. The Duty Of The Traffic Police Assumes Added Dimensions At The Time Of Political Processions, Agitational Programs, And International Matches. His Patrolling Helps The City Dwellers Have Sound Sleep. Sometimes They Face The Anger Of The Angry Mob During Strikes And Dharanis.

Your Remark 

A Lack Of Honesty Turns A Policeman Into A Foe Rather Than A Friend Of The People. Sometimes Some Dishonest Policemen Exploit Innocent People To Fulfill Their Vested Interest. To Make Money Dishonestly, They Misuse Their Rather Pathetic Power. As A Result Of This, People Lose Confidence In Themselves.


He Indeed Renders A Splendid Service To Society. Since The Duty Of The Policemen Is Risky, The Government Should Provide Them With All Sorts Of Facilities. All These People Should Help And Co-operate With Them In Their Work. They Should Work Honestly To Uphold The Prestige Of The Department.

Essay On Police Man For Class 6, 7, 8, 9,10

A Policeman Is A Very Useful Public Servant. He Is A Member Of The Police Force And Works In The Police Department. He Is Generally Tall, Strong, And Well-built. He Is Also Active, Smart, And Agile. Most Of Them Put On A Pair Of Long Thick Mustaches. Putting On His Neatly Ironed Dress With Star Badges Tastefully Set In, Shoes On His Feet, A Leather Band Around His Waist, And A Lathi In Hand, He Goes Out On Duty. He Keeps Up An Air Of Importance, And Common People Are Afraid Of Him When He Is With A Rifle.Essay On police

Traffic Police Put On White Dresses Whereas Police In The Crime Branch Put On Plain Dresses.

The Duties Of A Policeman Are Very Hard And His Responsibilities Are Great. He Keeps Order In The Street, Arrests Criminals, And Helps People When They Are In Trouble Or Danger. In Times Of Communal Riots, The Police Force Is Of Immense Help To The People. They Pacify Angry Mobs And Prevent Violence As Far As Practicable.

At Night They Patrol Towns And Cities And Seize And Capture Thieves And Criminals. At Times When They Launch An Attack On The Hide-outs Of Hard-core Criminals, They Have To Fight With Them At The Risk Of Their Lives. Sometimes They Get Wounded When They Try To Capture Them.

Their Presence Is Very Much Necessary At Election Booths, Examination Centers, Public Meetings, Fairs, And Festivals. They Are A Great Friend Of The People. They Help Law-abiding People And Keep Their Lives And Property Secure. When A Case Of Theft, Robbery, And Fraud Is Reported, They Register An F.i.r. And Come To Enquire. If They Find That The Case Is Genuine. They Arrest The Person Concerned And Put Him In Lock-up. They Prepare A Case Diary Charging Him With The Offense Under Appropriate Sections Of The Indian Penal Code And Send Him To Jail.

Sometimes They Use Trained Dogs To Detect Criminals. The Crime Branch Police In Their Plain Dress Are Better Able To Seize Bribe Takers, Snatchers Of The Bold Necklace From Women, And Anti-socials Using Vulgar And Offensive Language To Women On The Road.

The Railway Police Catch People Traveling Without Tickets And Punish Them. They Also Seize The People Doing Robbery In Railway Carriages.

The Traffic Police Control The Traffic At Road Junctions And Crossings. Their Sole Duty Is To Prevent Road Accidents.

On The Whole, Police Are Great Friends Of The People And Are Essential For The Maintenance Of Peace And Order, Protection Of Laws, Detection Of Crime, And Enforcement Of Civil Laws. People Should Corperate With Them Wholeheartedly For Their Good And The Good Of The Nation.

The policeman Essay 10 lines

The Policeman Under His Designation Forms An Important Wing Of Society. He Is Responsible For A Safe, Secure, And Satisfying Life For The Public. Thus He Is A Friend To Everybody In Society.Essay On police

The Policeman Is Certainly A Very Sincere Person In Society. He Has No Holidays, He Has No Enjoyment, And He Has No Relaxation. His Life Is Meant For Others. He Believes In Devotion, He Believes In Sacrifices.

With These Principles, He Sails His Life’s Small Boat In This Vast Ocean Of Mankind Where In The Long Run, He Is Amply Rewarded-a Reward Of Peace And Happiness For All That He Has Done In His Long Career.

During His Course Of Work, He Keeps A Vigilant Eye On Thefts, Burglaries, Murders, And Rapes. Amid His Action At Times, He Becomes An Unfortunate Victim Of Cruel Circumstances. He Thus Dies In Harness Or Other Words He Dies A Glorious Death-leaves Behind His Wife And Children, Friends, And Relatives To Mourn His Death For Good.

In This Connection, I Would Like To Mention A Great Saying Of A Great Person, “One Crowded Hour In A Glorious Life Is Worth An Age Without A Name”. Apart From This, The Policeman Tries To Have Control Over The Heavy Traffic On The Roads, And In Fact, He Does His Best For A Smooth And Easy Passage For All That Run On The Thoroughfare. His Information To Strangers Is Another Important Duty That Puts Him On An Elevated Ladder In Society.

The Policeman Toils Hard From Morning Till Evening And Therefore It Can Be Said That He Earns His Living By The Sweat Of His Brow. He Doesn’t Lead A Luxurious Life. At The Same Time He Doesn’t Starve- He Lives From Hand To Mouth.

He Is Happy And Satisfied With His Small Fortune And Remains Contented All The Time. “Plain Living And High Thinking” Is His Ideal And With This Ideal, He Goes On To Climb The Steps Of Glory By Degrees.

“A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” Is The Sole Characteristic Of A Policeman. The Nobler Thoughts And Deeds Of A Policeman Should Be Clearly Understood By The Public. The People Should Come Forward To Help The Policeman At All Possible Junctures Which Not Only Serves The Problem But Also Creates An Intimate Relationship Between The Two.

The Policeman Always Gives A Stern And Cheerful Look Despite His Heavy Responsibilities And At The Same Time Makes Very Sure Of His Actions Which Eventually Are Crowned With Success.

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