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My Grandfather Essay In English 200 Words | Essay On Grandfather

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My Grandfather Essay 150 Words


My Grandfather’s Name Is Ramesh Sahoo. He Is A Sexagenarian. He Is A Retired Police Officer. He Is A Strongly Built Man. He Possesses An Attractive Personality.

My grandfather Essay in English
My grandfather Essay in English

An Active Person

He Leads An Active And Socially Useful Life. Every Morning He Walks Up To A Temple Situated At A Distance Of Three Kilometres From Our House. Then He Takes A Jugful Of Fruit Juice And Sits With Us Helping Me And My Sister With Our Home Tasks.

Social Worker

Retirement Is A Blessing In Disguise For Him. He Keeps Him Busy With Many Socially Useful Work. He Has Started A Cooperative Society That Will Manufacture Pappad, Incense Sticks, Pickles Etc. To Provide Employment To Some Young Men And Women And Provide Quality Food Products To People, On

Special Features

My Grandfather Is A Self-made Man. By Dint Of Hard Work, My Grandfather Could Establish Himself Well In Society. He Has Decorated His Room With Life-size Portraits Of Bharat Mata, Mahatma Gandhi And Subhash Chandra Bose.

He Is Always Ready To Help A Man Who Has Been Wrongly Treated By Government Officials. He Is A Vegetarian And Requests All To Live A Humble Life. His Relationship And Influence On Me

Every Night He Helps Us In Doing Our Homework. On Sundays, He Takes Me For An Outing. He Buys Presents For Me On Special Occasions. At Times He Asks Very Funny Riddles. He Influenced Me Deeply. I Hope I’ll Be Able To Live A Humble And Ideal Life In Future. I Hope Everybody Will Get A Grandfather As I Have.

My Grandfather Essay In English 200 Words

Grandfather Is An Asset In A Family. Of His Ripe Experience, He Is The Undisputed Head Of The Family. My Grandfather Is Mr Nitin Pradhan, A Robust And Healthy Old Man Of Sixty-five. He Has A Handsome And Pleasing Appearance With Fair Skin And A Radiant Face. He Is A Graduate.

His Daily Activity Is Hectic But Relaxing. Even At This Growing Age, He Is Like A Running Machine, Attending To His Daily Work Punctually And Perfectly. After Breakfast, He Teaches The Village Children.

After His Retirement, He Devotes The Best Part Of His Time. In Teaching And Self-study. In The Evening He Reads Out The Hymns From The Holy Gita. He Takes Food At Regular Intervals. So He Rarely Falls Ill.

Their Parents Hold Him In High Esteem. Everyone Looks Upon Him As A Century-long Banyan Tree That Takes Care Of Every Sapling.

Parents Not Only Obey Him But Also Seek His Valuable Advice. His Tips Work Wonders When The Question Of Some Family-related Problem Arises. Their Mother Serves Him Every Night After He Has Gone To Bed.

I Am Fondly Attached To Him. Grandfather And I Are Just Like The Two Sides Of A Coin. He Guides Me In My Studies And Removes Subject-related Doubts. In English, He Is Simply Unbeatable.

I Owe A Lot To Him For The Good Knowledge Of Grammar, I Have Acquired From Him. I Usually Sleep Beside Him. During The Morning Walks, I Enjoy The Company.

No One Is Immortal. Yet I Want To See Him In As Fine As A Fettle. It Is My Earnest Request To The Almighty To Grant My Grandpa A Long And Peaceful Life. His Joy Is My Joy. His Sorrow Is My Sorrow. I Wish To Be An Inseparable Part Of His Life. God Bless My Dearest Grandpa.

My Grandfather Essay For All Class

My Grandfather’s Name Is Ramesh Chandra Mohapatra. He Is An Old Man Of Seventy. He Is Hale And Hearty Despite His Old Age. He Is Smart And Agile And Keeps His Good Looks With Healthy Habits.

He Is Strong Enough To Work Hours On End Without Being Exhausted. His Skin Is Healthy And Shining And His Features Are Attractive. So People Say That He Does Not Look His Age.

His Day Begins At 5 A.m. When He Goes Jogging In The Cool Air Of The Morning. He Finishes His Daily Morning Duties By Seven And Reads Newspapers Over A Cup Of Tea.

Then He Goes Shopping On His Bicycle And Comes Back With Vegetables, Fish Or Meat If Need Be, And Other Commodities Necessary For The Household. Then He Sets To Work In The Garden Taking Care Of The Flower Plants.

He Still Keeps Up His Habit Of Reading Good Books. Magazines And Papers. In The Evening He Reads The Bhagbat And The Gita And Gives A Clear Exposition Of The Lines To Mother Her Parents.

He Also Tells Us Stories Of The Great Heroes From The Mahabharat And The Ramayan To Infuse A Sense Of Greatness In Our Minds. He Advises Us To Follow The Examples Of Our Great National Leaders And Grow Citizens. Into Good

He Is A Man Of Discipline And Great Moral Principles. He Always Wants Us To Obey And Respect The Elders And Loves The Younger Ones.

My grandfather Essay in English
My grandfather Essay in English

He Is A Great Social Worker And Loves To Stand By People Through Thick And Thin. All The Social And Religious Functions Of Our Locality Or Organized Under His Supervision.

He Is Very Impartial And Never Gives Biased Decisions. So People Of Our Locality Come To Him For Advice Whenever They Are In Trouble.

I Am Proud Of Having Such An Ideal Person As My Grandfather Who Is Warmly Loved And Respected By The People Of Our Locality.

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