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Essay On Physical Exercise | Essay On Physical Exercise For All Class

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Essay on physical exercise for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Health Is The Best Wealth Of Man. It Is The Greatest Of All Earthly Possessions. A Great English Writer Emerson Said-“Give Me Health And A Day, And I Will Make The Pomp Of An Emperor Ridiculous.”

Essay On Physical Exercise
Essay On Physical Exercise

Good Health Animates All The Enjoyment Of Life. It Gives Energy And Vigor Which Are Necessary For The Work We Do Every Day In Life. A Man Without Sound Health Is Susceptible To The Attack Of Diseases And Is Never Cheerful. Despite His Wealth, Power, And Position, He Is Unhappy And The Beautiful World Around Him Seems Bitter To Him.

Saris There Is Indeed A Close Connection Between Body And Mind The Oft-quoted Phrase A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body Should Be Brought Home To The Minds Of Boys And Girls Right From Their Student Days. It Is A Fact That A Healthy Mind Exists In A Healthy Body.

For The Preservation Of Good Health Constant And Regular Exercise Is Essential. Without Exercise, The Mind Is Distracted By Bodily Pain And Weakness. It Becomes Idle And Inactive.

Exercise Is Also An Abiding Source Of Pleasure. It Makes The Limbs Of The Body Strong And Supple And Ready For Use. There Is Intense Pleasure In A Good Drive With A Cricket Bat Or In A Clever Shot At Football Or Hockey Or In Controlling A Spirited Horse. There Is Also Great Pleasure In Swimming In A River Or A Tank, Rowing Boats, Running Races, And Playing Other Different Games.

An Exercise Is Also A Form Of Discipline. It Implies Self-control And Strengthens The Character. It Enables Men To Endure Sufferings And Hardships Without Grumbling. It Enlivens Their Minds And Gives Them The Power Of Performing Better Intellectual Work.

Morning Is The Best Time To Do Physical Exercise. Elderly And Old People Who Know The Value Of Exercise Take Morning Walks. Fat People Are Seen Jogging Along Roads In The Cool Air Of The Morning. People Also Play Badminton Or Volleyball Very Early In The Morning.

Young Boys And Girls Play Different Games In The Open Air. Some People Do ‘yoga’ To Exercise The Limbs Of Their Bodies In Several Ways. Some People Also Exercise In The Cool Open Air Every Evening. Schoolchildren Play Different Games On The Field.

Exercise Taken Properly And Regularly Improves Our Health. Our Muscles Become Strong And Blood Gets Purified. It Makes Us Active And Immunizes Our Bodies Against Diseases. It Helps Us In The Digestion Of Food And Increases Our Appetite.

It Makes Our Minds Happy And Cheerful. It Gives Energy And Vigor To Our Body For Work However Hard And Strenuous It Is. People Who Are Not Used To Taking Exercise Or Doing Physical Work Suffer A Lot In Their Old Age Areas

Some Students Become Study Minded And Neglect Their Health. Invariably Such Students Suffer From Ill Health. They Become Unfit For Work. They Do Not Live Long. Some Even Die Very Early. Very For Regaining Lost Health, Regular Exercises Are Prescribed. They Act As A Better Cure Than Any Medicine.”

In The Modem, Age Machines Have Replaced Manual Labor. As A Result, People Have Become Idle. In Most Cases, Their Professions Do Not Call For Physical Labor. For Such People Exercise Is A Must For Their Physical Well-being.

Intellectuals Do Not Put As Much Emphasis On The Training Of The Body As They Do On The Mind. They Should Give Up Such Ideas From Their Minds.

I Am A Student Of Class X In Bhargabi School, Puri. To My Great Joy, Physical Exercise In The Form Of Games, Sports, And Drills Has Become Compulsory For Us. I Actively Take Part In Such Exercises And Keep Fit For Work.

Essay On Physical Exercise In English

A By-product Of Modern Civilization

People In The Past Were Mostly Farmers Or Nomads And Their Occupations Were Either Agricultural Or Pastoral. Schools, Colleges, Universities, And Other Centers Of Learning Were Only A Few, And Offices There Were Virtually None.

In Those Days Since A Great Majority Of People Both Young And Old Had To Toil And Sweat For Earning Their Livelihood, The Need To Taking Any Exercise Did Not Arise At All.

But Today With The Advancement Of Civilization We Have In Our Society A Very Large Number Of Students, Teachers, Professors, Lawyers, Doctors, Officers, And Office- Assistants Who Are Dedicated To Mental Labor For Most Of The Day.

For These People, Life Is Sedentary And Monotonous. It Is For These People That Physical Exercise Is A Crying Need. Hence We See That The Term ‘physical Exercise’ Has A Recent Origin Begin A By-product Of Modern Civilization.

The Need For Physical Exercise

A Living Individual Has Both A Body And A Mind. One Of Which Cannot Be Sacrificed For The Benefit Of The Other. A Successful Personality Depends Upon The Harmonious Growth Of The Two.

Students, Teachers, Professors, Doctors, Officers, And Office Employees Are Always Given Mental Work. In Their Cases, The Body Is Totally Neglected. Particularly In The Case Of Students, Sedentary Life Is Injurious To Health. Hence For These Classes Of People, The Need For Physical Exercise Is Indispensable.

Kinds Of Exercise

Exercises Are The Various Kinds. Of Them, The One That Is Most Simple And Inexpensive And Applicable Both For The Young And The Old Is Walking. Walking Is Proverbially Called The King Of Exercise. Cycling, Riding, And Swimming Come Next In Importance.

Essay On Physical Exercise
Essay On Physical Exercise

In Schools And Colleges The Students Are Taught Drills And Matchings Of Different Kinds ‘asanas’ Of Various Types Are Also Taught. The Asanas Are Yogic Feats And Very Scientific In Their Approach.

Some Students Are Also Fond Of Taking Exercises With The Help Of Parallel Bars, Dumballs, And Rings. For The Sick And Ailing A Few Minutes Of Morning Walk Is Enough. But For People Of All Ranks And Stations Of Life Gardening Is The Best Form Of Physical Exercise. It Is An Exercise With Utmost Profit And Pleasure.

Their Benefits

The Benefits Which Physical Exercises Confer Upon Us Are Immense. At That Time Of Exercise, Our Bodies Sweat Profusely So The Impurities Of Our System Go Out. As We Breathe In More And More Oxygen, Our Blood Becomes Purer And Its Circulation Becomes Easier.

Our Food Is Better Digested And Sound Sleep Is Enjoyed At Night. In The Case Of Young Boys, Exercise Serves As A Great Tonic For The Body. It Makes Their Muscles Strong And Healthy And Causes A Good Appetite For Food. As A Result, They Grow Healthy And Strong And Keep Themselves Immune From Diseases

For Elderly People Exercises, However Light They May Be, Help To Keep Their Bodies Fit And Agile For Work. They Prevent The Accumulation Of Fat And Add To The Longevity Of Life.


The Benefits Of Physical Exercises Are More Than Words Can Describe Them. But In Order That They May Be Conducive To Our Health And Happiness They Should Be Taken Regularly And Systematically Under The Able Guidance Of The Experts In The Fields And With Utmost Sincerity And Devotion.

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