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Essay On The Mahatma Gandhi | Mahatma Gandhi Essay In English

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Mahatma Gandhi Was Born In The Year 1869 At Porbandar In The State Of Gujarat. His Father Was A Respectable Person In Society, And His Mother Was A Religious Hindu Lady. Mahatma Gandhi Was Docile Right From His Childhood Days. He Was Obedient To His Parents And Teachers. He Never Told A Lie.

Essay On The Topic Of Mahatma Gandhi
Essay On The Topic Of Mahatma Gandhi

He Was Strictly A Vegetarian And He Was Away From Addictions. He Entered College At The Age Of Eighteen (18). In Course Of Time, He Went To London To Get His Bar-at-law Degree. During His Stay In England, He Never Deviated From His Principles- He Never Ate Meat, And Also He Was At An Arm’s Length From Beverages.

He Completed His Bar-at-law Degree And Returned To His Native Place. In India, He Wanted To Shape Up As A Lawyer, But He Soon Found Distaste For It, And Subsequently, He Gave Up His Practice.

In The Meantime, The Indians In South Africa Were Humiliated By The Europeans. This Information Moved The Heart Of This Great Man And Immediately Mahatma Gandhi Made A Trip To South Africa To Have An Eyewitness Of The Situation. He Moved From Place To Place In South Africa To Console The Tortured Indians.

He Also Never Fell Back To Rescue The Negroes From The Cruel Eyes Of The White Race. In The Process, Mahatma Gandhi Was Taken To Task Time And Again But In Spite Of That, His Manliness Never Bent Before The Hostile Attitude Of The Britishers.

Gandhiji Returned To India In 1914 When The First World War Was Very Much In Progress. The Political Firmament Of India Then Was Dark With The Clouds Of Affliction. The Indians Were At The Beck And Call Of The Britishers And The Sufferings Of The People In Fact At That Time Knew No Bounds. In 1920 India Stood At A Crossroads, Constitutionalism Was Dead And An Armed Revolution Was Sheer Madness.

The Country Was Then Groping For A New Method And Looking For A New Leader. Then There Sprang India’s Man Of Destiny Mahatma Gandhi. He Knew Himself, He Knew His Country’s Needs And He Also Knew That During The Next Phase Of India’s Struggle, The Crown Of Leadership Would Be Over His Head. No False Sense Of Modesty Troubled Him.

He Spoke With Confidence And People Obeyed. The Historic Non-co-operation Movement, The Salt Movement, And The Famous Quit India Movement, And Above The Famous Quit India Movement Of 1942 All Planned And Arranged By Mahatma Gandhi Have Enthralled The Pages Of Indian History.

Mahatma Gandhi Had Tremendous Willpower. He Sacrificed All His Interests For The Sake Of His Countrymen. He Was Sympathetic And Considerate To All Classes Of People, Rich And Poor, High And Low, Young And Old. He Always Tried To Allay The Sufferings Of Ailing Humanity.

The Way He Used To Nurse The Leprosy Patients-well! Can Neither Be Expressed In Words Nor Can Be Written On The Pages Of Books. He Had Respect For All Religions And His Untiring Efforts Made India A Secular Country. He Hated Sin But Not The Sinner. He Had Profound Respect For Every Individual And He Had Never Hurt The Sentiment Of Anybody During The Course Of His Actions.

Gandhiji Never Believed In Racial Discrimination And Casteism And It Is True That He Always Thought For The Downtrodden People In Society. He Tried To Render All Possible Help To The Harijans. Therefore He Was Popularly Known As Bapu Or The Father Of The Nation. He Was Putting On Khadi And He Also Insisted The People Do It.

Cotton Spinning Raised The Economic Standard Of The People, Consequently, They Were Better Off In Society. Gandhiji Always Inspired The People Through The Holy Versions Of ‘the Geeta’, ‘the Ramayan’, And ‘the Mahabharata And Asked Them To Follow The Path Of Truth And Nonviolence. His Magnanimous Activities Throughout The Length And Breadth Of The Country Made Him The Mahatma Of The Nation.

Mahatma Gandhi In The Long Run Succeeded In Emancipating India From The Hands Of The Britishers Through The Consistent Struggle Against Them Through The Path Of ‘ahinsa’, ‘truth’, And ‘nonviolence’. India Got Independence On 15th August 1947. On The Verge Of Independence, Pakistan Was Created As A Separate Country By The Communal Feelings Of Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Gandhiji Was Shocked And Perhaps Did Not Want To Live Long. Providentially Mahatma Gandhi Was Shot Dead On 30th January 1948 By An Assassinator’s Bullets. The Great Man Thus Left His Mortal Frame On That Eventful Day.

India Mourned The Passing Away Of The Great Soul And The Whole World Also Sank Into Grief With The Passing Away Of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhiji Is No More, But His Words And Deeds Are Still Green In Us. His Spirit Is Very Much Hovering In The Atmosphere. Let Us Be Inspired By His Spirit And Let Us Remember His Words, “Service To Mankind Is Service To God”.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Essay In English In 500 Words

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi Popularly Known As Bapuji Was Born At Porbander Now In The State Of Gujarat On 2nd October 1869. His Father Kaba Gandhi Was The Dewan Of Kathiaward In Rajkot.

Mahatma Gandhi Essay 10 Lines
Mahatma Gandhi Essay 10 Lines

He Was A Highly Spirited Gentleman Of Honesty And Integrity. His Mother Putli Bai Was A Hindu Lady. In His Childhood, He Was Shy And Timid. He Was Led Astray By Some Bad Companions, But Soon He Corrected Himself And Never Relapsed.

After His Matriculation, He Went To Continue His Studies At Bhavnagar College But Failed To Follow His Learned Teachers. On The Advice Of His Family Adviser, He Was Sent To England To Study Law. There He Led An Austere Life Totally Abstaining From Wine And Women. He Came Back To India After Being A Barrister.

According To The Custom Prevailing In His Time, He Got Married To Kasturba At The Age Of Thirteen. His Wife Was A Devoted Lady. She Was Gentle, Polite, And Kind-hearted And Played Her Role Best As A Devoted Wife And Loving And Caring Daughter-in-law.

Gandhiji Started His Legal Practice In Kathiaward But Did Not Prove Himself A Good Lawyer. It Was Because He Was An Ardent Lover Of Truth And Did Not Compromise Anything Immoral With The Truth.

He Got An Appointment As A Legal Adviser For An Indian Mercantile Firm In South Africa. He Went There And Found The Indians Suffering Most Miserably And Living Wretchedly Under Humiliating Conditions. But The Indians In South Africa Were Too Timid To Resist It. Gandhiji Took Up The Cause Of His Countrymen.

He Organized Them Together And Advised Them To Fight For Their Rights. As Their Leader, He Struggled Hard For Years To Free Them From The Inhuman Treatment Meted Out To Them By The British Rulers. For This Reason, He Had To Suffer Imprisonment And Physical Torture. In The End, He Succeeded In Getting Many Of The Anti-indian Laws Repealed. This Success Brought Him The Love And Affection Of His Countrymen.

In 1914 He Returned To India And Was Warmly Welcomed By His Countrymen. He Was Very Sad To See The Awful Poverty Of Indians. He Was Also Shocked To See The Cruel Inhuman Treatment Given To Them By The Britishers.

He Started His Non-violent Struggle For Freedom In India. All The Indians Followed Him. Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Roy, And Other National Leaders Lent Their Support To Him. He Started Swadeshi And Boycott Movements.

Salt Satyagraha, Non-co-operation And Civil Disobedience Movement, Bandemataram Movement And Quit India Movement. For These Reasons, He Suffered Imprisonment Many Times. A Lot Of Indians Sacrificed Their Lives For The Cause Of Freedom.

The Whole Of India Was Behind Him, The
At Long Last, The Britishers Yielded To The Pressing Demand Of The Indians For Freedom. On The 14th Of August 1947, India Emerged As A Free Democratic Nation Under The Powerful Leadership Of Gandhiji.

He Was Deeply Shocked At The Partition Of India Into Pakistan And Hindustan. There Were Communal Riots, Bloodshed, Arson, Looting, And Destruction Of Life And Property. Gandhiji Took Up A Fast For 21 Days To Put An End To Such A Damnable Situation. And He Succeeded In Restoring Normalcy Among The Fighting Communities.

He Was A Godlike Person And His Life Was A Ceaseless Experiment With Truth And Non-violence. For His Sterling Human Qualities, He Was Popularly Called Mahatma Gandhi Or Bapuji. He Was Really The Father Of Our Nation. No Other Leaders Of The World Can Equal Him In Dignity And Humanity.

But It Is A Pity That A Hindu Named Nathuram Godse Put An End To His Life While He Was Going To The Prayer Hall On The Evening Of 30th January 1948. He Instantly Succumbed To The Injuries Of The Bullets With ‘hai Ram On His Lips.

His Death Was An Irreparable Loss To India. The Whole Of Humanity, As Somebody Said, Was Impoverished At The Death Of Such A Great Leader And A Humanist.

Essay On The Topic Of Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi Was Affectionately Called ‘bapuji’. He Didn’t Like Violence. Throughout His Life, He Spread The Message Of Non-violence, Love, And Ahimsa. He Was The Architect Of India’s Freedom And One Of The Greatest Men Of The Twentieth Century. He Was Born On 2nd October 1869. When He Was Twelve, He Was Married To Kasturba…

At The Age Of Eighteen Gandhiji Went To London To Study Law. There He Read A Lot Of Books On Christianity. He Learned The Basic Teachings Of Jesus Christ. He Combined The Principles Of Hinduism And Christianity. He Decided To Return Good For Evil And To Love, Even His Enemies.

Gandhiji Returned To India In 1891 And Practiced Law For Some Time In Bombay (Present Mumbai). After Some Time, He Went To South Africa. There He Found That The Indians Were Being Ill-treated. Gandhi Was Very Sad And Decided To Help Them. For Twenty Years He Fought For Their Rights. Ultimately Gandhiji Won. In 1916, He Returned To India.

Mahatma Gandhi's Essay In English In 500 Words
Mahatma Gandhi’s Essay In English In 500 Words

During This Time The British Were Ruling India. Traveling Throughout India, Gandhiji Realised For The First Time How Poor His Fellow Countrymen Were. He Decided To Work For Them By Adhering To The Principles Of Non-violence. He Took Up The Leadership Of The National Freedom Struggle. He Launched Numerous Movements To Give India Her Independence.

He Started Non-co-operation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, And The Quit India Movement. He Also Led The Famous Dandi March To Break Salt Laws. Gandhiji Was Against The Practice Of Untouchability. He Declared It A Sin Against God And Man. He Called Them Harijans And Worked For Their Upliftment.

He Practiced A Life Of Simplicity. He Had Tea At Buckingham Palace With The King-emperor, Dressed In Hand-woven Cotton Chaddar And Loin Cloth That Were His Trademarks. The Symbol Of His Challenge To British Rule Was The Primitive Wooden Spinning Wheel On Which He Labored Religiously Every Day.

Gandhiji Was A Person Who Believed In The Dignity Of Labor And Left Us All A Legacy Of Ahimsa, Love, And Tolerance. It Was Poet Rabindranath Tagore, Who First Called Gandhiji The Mahatma Or A Great Soul. Gandhiji Was The Architect Of India’s Freedom Struggle.

He Made India Free From British Rule Through, His Sorrow, He Could Not Prevent Its Partition. He Died For The Cause Of Human Harmony. He Was Assassinated By Nathuram Godse, A Man Of His Own Country. This Great Man Is Called The Father Of The Nation

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