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Essay On My Best Friend | My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines

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Essay On My Best Friend For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10

By Friend We Men A Person Whom We Know Well And The Very Much. But He Is Not Related To Us Either Bold Or By Marriage. A True Friend Is An Invaluable Asset. He Shares Our Sorrows, Lessens Our Agony By His Kind And Comforting Words. Essay On My Best Friend

He Supports Our Cause. He Never Hesitates To Risk His Life For Us. All These Dealings Towards Us Are Based On True Love And Selflessness. Such A Good Friend Is An Invaluable Asset To Everybody.

I Am Lucky To Have Such A Friend. He Is The Best Of All My Friends. He Is Mr. Muna Patra. We Are The Same Age And We Are In The Same Class At Vargabi High School.

He Comes Of A Rich And Noble Family. His Father Is A Professor Of Medicine At The S.c.b. College Hospital, Cuttack. They Live In A Splendid Palace-like House Of Their Own And Have Plenty Of Money. He Is Gentle And Humble. His Very Smiling Face Adds Charm To His Handsome Appearance.

He Is Smart, Honest, And Truthful. He Never Tells Lies. He Has Cultivated A Lot Of Good Habits. He Gets Up Very Early In The Morning And Does Some Exercise In The Cool Air Of The Morning. After His Bath, He Prays To God For some time. Full Sings Tuneful Prayer Songs In The Evening So Sweetly That All The Members Of His Family Listens To Him Spell-bound. He Is A Pious Soul And Has Faith In God.

He Is Soft Spoken And Kind Hearted. His Heart Bleeds For The Sufferings Of Others. Smilingly He Carries Out The Orders Of His Elders. Nonetheless, He Has A Firm Will And Never Bends Down Before Evils And Untruths.

He Is A Good Debater. He Has A Great Ability And At The Time Of School Functions, He Takes The Leadership Of The Pupils And Makes Each Of The Functions A Grand Success.

He Is Good At Painting. His Fine Work Of Oil Painting Of The Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, A Bright Product Of Our School, Is Still Treasured In The Headmaster’s Office Room.My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines

500 Words Essay On My Best Friend


Chance Makes Our Parents But Choice Makes Our Friends. A True Friend Said Aristotle “A Companion In Youth, A Counsellor At All Times, And A Solace In The Evening Of One’s Life.” I Have A Lot Of Friends. They Are All Helpful And Co-operative And There Is Nothing To Complain Against Them. Of Them, All Debasish Is My Best Friend. I Affectionately Call Him Muna For Short.

Name, Age And Appearance

The Name Of My Friend Is Muna Patra. He Is Tall, Fat, And Fair Complexioned. He Is Of My Age. His Curly Hair, Milky Teeth And Ever Smiling Face Add A Special Charm To His Personality. We Are Off the Same Age And In The Same Class.

His Hobbies

My Friend Is Devoted To History. He Takes A Great Deal Of Interest In The Study Of The Ancient History Of India. Hence He Has A Peculiar Hobby For Collecting The Old And Ancient Things. His Father Mr. Babana Patra Is A Professor In History At Ravenshaw University. Under His Able Guidance And Perfect Supervision, He Has Collected A Good Deal Of Antique Coins, Historical Pictures, And Weapons Of The Great Warriors.

Places You Have Visited Together

My Friend Being Interested In History, Both Of Us Visit Several Places Having Historical And Geographical Significance. Some Of Them Are Konark Temple And Jagannath Temple In The Puri

My Friend Is Of Immense Service To Me In Times Of Need. He Stands By Me When The Other Boys At School Fall Out With Me Or Try To Assault Me. He Helps Me In My Lesson. Whenever I Have Any Doubt, He Clears It by Giving Simple Examples. He Always Advises Me To Burn The Mid Night Candle And To Carry On Effort During Problems And Difficulties To Hit The Target Of Life. His Qualities And Education

Muna Is Honest And Truthful. He Is Very Hard Working And Pain Staking. According To Him Nothing Is Impossible And Impossible Things Can Be Made Possible Under Dedication, Devotion, And Hardwork. Being Kind Hearted And Sympathetic, He Comes Forward To Help Others In Need. Besides Being Dutiful, He Is Religious Minded Who Has Strong Faith In The Existence Of Gods And Goddesses.

My Friend Is Excellent In His Studies. He Always Emphasises On His Lesson And Makes Thorough Preparation. Every Academic Year, He Comes Out Successfully Occupying The First Position In The Class. Conclusion

God Bestows Fortune On Me That I Have Got Such An Ideal Friend Rich In Pleasing Manner, Helping Nature, Daring Activities, And Numerous Divine Qualities. W Our Friendship Is A Sacred Bond Without Any Legal Stamp. It Has Made Us Dearer Than Blood Relations. None Even Death Can Separate Me From Him.

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