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Essay On Hockey | My Favourite Game Hockey Essay In English

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Essay On Hockey

Hockey Like Football And Cricket Is Another Important Game That Is Extremely Popular In Our Country. This Being Our National Game Has Evoked Interest And Enthusiasm Precisely Among The Students Of Different Institutions.

In The Olden Days, The People Of Persia Started Playing Some Sort Of Game Like Hockey The People Of Greece And Rome Subsequently Learned The Style Of The Game From Them.

Essay On Hockey
Essay On Hockey

But Modern Hockey Was Initiated First In England In 1875. A Few Years Later An International Hockey Organisation Was Set Up, Which Decided The Rules And Regulations Involved In It.

Hockey Like Football Is Played Between Two Teams, Each Team Consists Of Eleven Members. Everybody Holds A Stick Made Up Of Wood Which Goes By The Name Of The Hockey Stick. The End Of The Stick Is Flat And Curved.

With The Help Of The Stick, A Solid Ball Is Played By Both Teams For A Decision. It Is Played In The System Of 5,3,2 And A Goalkeeper Saves Goals From The Opponent. The Dimensions Of The Playground Are Identical To That Of Football.

The Indian Players Have Surprised The World By Achieving Success, Time And Again In Different Matches. In The 1928 Olympics Held In Holland, India Got The Gold Medal In Hockey. Since then India Consecutively Won The Champion Title In The Five Olympic Meets.

In 1964 Also India Retained Its Title In Hockey In The Olympics In Tokyo. Thus India Could Become The Pioneer Country In The Entire Hockey World By Defeating Other Countries In The Match After Match.

71 At This Juncture The Names Of Veteran Players In Hockey Like Dhyanchand And Jaipal Singh Are Worth Remembering. Dhyanchand Was Popularly Known As The Magician Of The Game. During Play, Dhyanchand’s Body Used To Be Going On Par With The Speed Of The Ball.

Dhyanchand Streamlined The Indian Team In Such A Way That Victory Was Always In The Grip Of India. In the Course Of Time, Many Other Countries Like Pakistan, Germany, Holland, Spain, Australia, Newzealand Have Started Playing The Game. In Recent Past South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, South Korea, And Japan Have Also Started Playing With Courage And Determination.

In The World Cup Hockey Tournament Held In 1975, India Came Out Victorious In The Proceedings. In This Competition, Michael Kindo Of Orissa Getting A Place In The Indian Team Made The Spectators Dumbfounded By His Wonderful Display Of The Game.

Orissa Under The Leadership Of Kindo Has Brought Glory To Our State At The National Level. Hockey Happens To Be A Very Favorite Game Of The Tribal People Of Sundargarh. In 1994 In March The Famous Indira Gandhi Gold Cup Hockey Tournament Was Held In Lucknow.

This Was The Seventh International Event Held In The Name Of The Former Prime Minister Of Our Country Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Six Countries Including India Participated In This Thrilling Tournament.

It Can Be Mentioned Here That India Was The Only Undefeated Team In The Six-nation Event And Scored As Many As 16 Field Goals, 7 Of Them Coming From The Dynamic Dhanraj Pillay.

He Thrilled Many Hockey Fans With His Effervescent Display In The Indira Gandhi Tournament And Was Adjudged As The Best Player Of The Series.

Dhanraj’s Strength Was Principally Based On His Swiftness And Perfect Ball Control. The Indian Frontline Achieved A Hattrick Against Egyp And Scored 7 Goals In The Championship.

The Front Line Suffered Mainly On Account Of The Absence Of Mukesh Kumar. Inside Right Sabhu Varkey On Whom Much Depended Was Below The Par And Was Ineffective In The Crucial Game Against South Africa Only A Final-minute Flick By Sandip Somesh From A Penalty Corner Enabled A Draw.

Ravi Nayakar Sparkled Briefly In The Final Tie Against South Korea. The Goalkeeper Ballal Deserved Some Credit For Some Fantastic Saves And Kept A Slate Clean Till The Team Faced South Africa.

India Topped The List With 9 Points, South Africa And Egypt Both Were In Second Position Getting 7 Points Each, Kenya Got 4, South Korea At 2 Points, And Japan Was Last In The List With Only 1 Point. In 1990 India For The First Time Got The Trophy In This Championship.

With This Success, India Came Out Victorious For The Third Time In Succession. A Word About Rov Pullen Of South Africa Shares The Same Honor As Dhanraj Pillay Of India By Scoring 7 Goals On The Field.

In Another Sixth National Hockey Tournament Pakistan Came Out Victorious By Defeating Germany In A Closely Contested Match On 25.3.94.

Hockey Thus Is An Interesting Game In The Entire World. More And More Coaching To The School And College Students Of Our Country Would Certainly Gear Up Their Spirit And India No Doubt Would Be Able To Regain Its Past Glory Without Failure.

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