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My School Essay For Class 5,6,7,8,9,10 Students

School Life Means Part Of One’s Life Spent At School For Education. One’s School Life Depends Largely Upon The Type Of School One Attends. If The School Happens To Be A Good One, The School Life Of Its Pupils Becomes Worthwhile, Or Else, It Becomes Otherwise.

I Am Fortunate To Be A Biragobinda Pur High School, Puri. Because Of The Ideals, The School Lives Up To, It Has Become The Centre Of Attraction For All Pupils.

The Discipline In Our School Is So Good That The Children Sit Silently Even When There Is No Teacher. The Prayer Class With Which The School Begins Shows How Disciplined The Children Are.

At Least Five Or Six Students Sing The Prayer Song Sweetly And Then All Others Sing In Chorus. It Deepens The Peaceful Atmosphere Of The School. Inspires Both The Students And Teachers With Noble Thoughts And Feelings.

At School, We Compete With Each Other For Positions And Prizes, Yet Despite Such Competitions, Our Friendship, Unity And Goodwill Remains Intact.

When Our School Wins A Match In Football, Cricket, Volleyball Or In Any Other Competition, We Are Always One In Giving The Winners A Big Round Of Cheers And Applause.

During The Holidays, The Pupils Of Our School Go In Batches To The Nearby Villages Under The Guidance Of The Teachers And Do Some Social Service.

They Repair The Roads, Clean The Ponds, Teach The Illiterate And Help The Poor And The Distressed- By This, We Involve Ourselves In The Social Life Of The People. This Teaches Us Team Spirit A Spirit Of Working Together For A Good Cause. This Also Instils -in Us A Spirit Of Service And Sacrifice.

When School Functions Are Held, We Decorate The School Building, The Stage And The Campus Tastefully. Some Of Us Learn The Dialogues Of The Cultural Programme, While Others Practise Dancing And Singing.

The Whole School Hums With Life. The Cultural Life At Our School Is, Indeed, Very Rich And Delightful. On The Whole, We Have A Very Pleasant School Life, Which Will Go A Long Way Towards Shaping Our Future Life In The Best Possible Way.

Essay On My School [Method 2]

Schools Are Temples Of Learning Where Students And Teachers Are Engaged In The Worship Of The Goddess Of Wisdom And Knowledge With Complete Devotion.

Our School – Its Location And Atmosphere

Biranarsingh Pur. It Is In The Puri District. It Is Situated Far Away From The Din And Bustle Of Modern Life, In A Lush Green Field That Sprawls Over 5 Acres Of Land. A Dense Mango Grove Spreads Over The Entire Area. Our School Looks More Like A Medieval Gurukul Ashram Than An Ultra-modern School. A Graveled Road Stretches From The Gate To The Main Building. Lush Green Grass Lawns Flank The Road. Sitting On The Grassy Lawn, Under The Shade Of The Trees Amid The Color And Fragrance Of Flowers One Feels An Inclination Towards The Pursuit Of Knowledge.

Teachers And Students

The Roll Strength Of The School Is 700. Most Of The Pupils Are Intelligent. Mr. Biswamohan, Who Has Received The State Award For His Teaching, Is Our Headmaster. There Are About 30 Other Trained Teachers In Our School. All Of Them Are Vastly Learned And Dedicated Teachers. They Are All Kind And Loving.

Special Features Of Our School

My School Has A Grand Three-storeyed Building. The Entire Building Is Kept Clean. Our School Has A Library Which Is Housed In A Big Hall. We Spend Some Time In The Library Every Day Reading Books, Magazines, And Newspapers. We Have A Science Laboratory Where We Make Experiments With The Help Of Our Science Teachers.

We Have A Social Study Club, A Cultural Club And A Sports Club Where We Are Given Necessary Training Under The Guidance Of Our Teachers. Here We Have The Portraits Of Great Persons. They Inspire Us Immensely. The School Has A Big Hostel For Talented Students. It Provides Academic, Cultural, And Physical Growth For The Boarders.

A Model School

Be My School Is A Model School In Puri. Its Results Are A Matter Of Envy For Other Schools. In Games, Sports, And Other Extra-curricular Activities, My School Also Enjoys A High Reputation. The Poor But Meritorious Students Are Provided A Stipend

The Name Of The School Where I Study Is Biranarsingh Pur School Puri, The School Has A Rich Tradition. Teachers Of Outstanding Academic And Administrative Abilities Are Posted As Headmasters Of This School.

Mr. Biswamohan Sahoo Is The Headmaster Of Our School. He Is M.ed. He Is A Recipient Of The State Award For His Meritorious Services. Although He Is 52, He Is Quite Healthy And Lively.

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