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Essay On Lal Bahadur Shastri | Lal Bahadur Shastri Essay in English

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Lal Bahadur Shastri Essay in English

A Male Child Was Born In The Lap Of Ram Dulari On The 2nd Of October, 1904 In The City Of Mughal Sarai In Varanasi. On The Day Father Sarada Prasad’s Joy Knew No Bounds. Suddenly Out Of Excitement, He Said, “This Child Of Mine Would Certainly Be A Great Man In The Future”. But Unfortunately, Sarada Prasad Passed Away When The Child Was Only One And A Half Years.

Ram Dulari Under The Grip Of Sorrow Went Away To Her Father’s House With The Children. The Child Grew Up In His Grandpa’s House Smoothly. The Nature Of This Child Was Flawless Right From The Beginning Of His Infancy.

Once The Boy Entered Into The Garden Of An Individual With His Friends To Eat Some Nuts. The Friends Went To The Tree Tops And Enjoyed The Nuts While This Small Boy Not Being Able To Climb The Tree Plucked Some Flowers.

The Gardener At This Time Came To Control The Boys, But All The Boys Went Away Excepting This Small Child, Who Stood Silently. The Gardener Took Him To Task And Said, “Come, I Shall Take You To Your Father”. The Boy With An Innocent Look Said, “I Have Lost My Father. Please Excuse Me”.

The Gardener Was For Some Time Astonished To Hear The Answer From The Boy. His Anger Cooled Down. With A Pat On His Back, He Left Him Outside, Giving Him Blessings Beyond Measure. This Child Goes By The Name Lal Bahadur Shastri. Right From His Birth At Mughal Till His Death At Taskent, He Was Always On His Toes For The Betterment Of The Nation.

Lal Bahadur Had His Early Education In A School While Staying In His Grand Father’s Place. During That Time He Was Hearing Romantic Stories Of Indian Heroes From One Of His Ideal Teachers.

While Listening To The Stories More Often Than Not He Used To Be Overwhelmed With Emotion And Excitement, And Thus He Was Planning To Give His Career An Identical Shape. The Preceptor Th Had A Tremendous Liking For This Boy Who In Turn Gave Him All The Respects In The World As A Worthy Disciple.

Essay On Lal Bahadur Shastri
Essay On Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Some Training In Sanskrit In Kashi. Despite The Wretched Financial Conditions, Lal Bahadur Could Get A Shastri Degree From Tha School. During Their Student Days, Lal Bahadur Loved To Play Hockey And Football.

Due To Want Of Money, He Was Not Getting Adequate Requirements For The Games. He Used To Prepare Napkin Balls By Hand And With The Help Of A Curved Stick He Played Hockey. Likewise, He Played Football With Rubber Balls.

Despite All These Odds He Never Asked Anybody For Anything And Under This Strong Psychological Make Up He Used To Achieve Wonders.

One Day Lal Bahadur In The Company Of His Friends Went To See A Fair Crossing The River Ganges. It Was Evening When They Returned From The Fair. The Friends In A Hurry Boarded The Boat And The Boat Immediately Sailed On In The Flowing Water.

Lal Bahadur Stayed Back Deliberately. He Had No Coins With Him To Do The Same To The Boatman. Thus Gathering Courage He Jumped Into The River And Reached The Other Side Of The Bank Safe And Sound.

With The Call Of Mahatma Gandhi He Joined The Non- Cooperation Movement At The Age Of Seventeen. His Sincerity And National Feelings Pleased Gandhiji, Pandit Nehru, And Other Top Leaders Of The Country.

Shastri Joined Hands With Lalita In The Year 1928. They Had Six Children. Shastri Spent A Very Plain And Informal Married Life. Lalita Devi Stayed With Her Husband As A Shadow And Helped Him In All His Assignments.

After Independence He Was Elected To The Legislative Assembly Of Uttar Pradesh. A Few Days Later He Was Elected To The Lok Sabha And Became The Railway Minister In 1952. There Was A Railway Accident When He Was Officiating As The Minister Of The Concerned Department.

Awestruck Following The Accident He Resigned From His Power And Position. Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Became The Prime Minister Of India On 2nd June 1964 Following The Death Of Pandit Nehru. This Was The Time When Pakistan Declared War Against India.

Lal Bahadur Tried In Many Ways To Abate The Storm But Pakistan Turned A Deaf Ear To His Talks. Shastri Then Told, “Bullets Answer Would Be Reciprocated By Bullets Only”. The War Continued. India Was Victorious But Wide Spread Disasters On Both Sides Shook The Soil.

Shastri Out Of Sorrow And Dejection Prayed To God For An All-time Abatement Of War In The Future. Shastri Loved Two Categories Of Persons Very Much. They Were The “Jawans” And The “Kisan”. Jawan Sacrifices His Life For The Sake Of The Nation And Kisan By Dint Of His Hard Labour Feeds The Millions. Thus Shastriji Gave The Slogan, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”.

The Russian Leader Kosigin Invited The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri And The Pakistani President Mr. Ayub Khan To His Country Following The War Between India And Pakistan. Discussions Continued In Russia For About A Week.

Both The Leaders Signed Agreements Following The Momentous Proceedings Between Them. This Ensured The Cessation Of The War Between India And Pakistan For All Time To Come. On The Final Day In, Eventful Night Lal Bahadur Went To His Room After Dinner.

The Next Day He Was Due To Return To India But Surprising Is The Providential Desire. That Pitched Dark Night Was The Final Night For The Fearless Stalwart, The True Son Of The Soil, The Courageous And Ever Smiling Lal Bahadur Breathed His Last At The Midnight Of 10th January 1966.

With His Death, A Brilliant Career In The History Of The Struggle For Freedom For India Passed Away From The Sacred Soil-the Place Of Which Is Yet To Be Fulfilled.

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