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Essay On Honesty In English | Honesty Essay

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Essay On Honesty In English

What Is Honesty?

What We Do Or Say Just And Adequately Is Honesty. It Is Truthfulness In Word Or Action. An Honest Man Lives Honestly. Honesty Is His Breathing, Which He Breathes In And Out Throughout His Life. Time And Circumstance Hardly Bear Any Impact To Influence Him To Adopt A Dishonest Path.

Essay On Honesty In English
Essay On Honesty In English

Advantages Of Honesty

The Proverb ‘honesty Is The Best Policy’ Is Held In High Esteem Throughout All Ages. He Wins The Hearts Of All And Respect From All Corners. An Honest Man Always Adopts An Honest Path. He Worships It And Encourages Others To Follow It. He Is Never Afraid Of Anyone Believing That He Is Honest. Honesty Pays Rich Dividends. Success Comes To The Honest Man with time.

Evils Of Dishonesty

A Dishonest Man Is Not Trusted By Anybody. Nobody Loves And Honors Such A Man. A Dishonest Man May Be Able To Accumulate A Lot Of Wealth, May Sleep On A Mountain Of Money, And May Lead A Luxurious Life But He Can Never Be As Happy As An Honest Man For Happiness Can’t Be Purchased At The Cost Of Money.

He May Gain Success For A Short Time But In The Long Run, He Is Forgotten. Nobody Believes A Dishonest Person And He Can Never Prosper In Any Field In Life. A Dishonest Man Always Lives In The Mire Of Disbelief, Hatred, And Betrayal.


An Honest Man Is Rewarded For His Honesty. We Have Heard How A Poor Wood-cutter Was Rewarded With A Couple Of Axes One Of Them Is A Silver One And One Is A Gold One For His Honesty. It Was Made Possible By The Poor Man’s Honesty That Pleased The God Living In The Water. Gandhi, Gopabandhu, And Shastri Are Held In High Esteem For Their Honesty.


Honesty Not Only Brings Man Greatness And Honor But Also Makes Him Immortal. Since It Is The Crown Of All Human Virtues, Priceless Possession And It Is The Gem On Which One’s Personality Glitters. It Should Be Cultivated By One And Everyone.

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