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Essay On Dussehra / Durga Puja In English

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Essay On Dussehra / Durga Puja In English 500 Words


India Is Proud Of Its Primitive Culture And Rich Cultural Heritage. Most Of Her Are Pious And Religious-minded. It Is Such A Country Where Thirteen Festivals Are Observed In Twelve Months. One Such Religious Festival Of The Hindus Is Durga Puja Which Is Observed With Great Joy And Pomp All Over The World.

Essay On Dussehra In English 500 Words
Essay On Dussehra In English 500 Words

Mythological Background

Legend Says That The Most Powerful Demon Mahishasura Was Granted A Boon By Brahma To Remain Immortal. He Conquered Heaven And Dethroned Lord Indra, The King Of Gods Giving A Lot Of Pain To Other Gods And Goddesses. The Panicked And Goddesses Pleaded To Brahma To Find Out A Way How To Save Themselves From The Demon’s Wrath. At Last Maa Durga Was Born And Killed The Demon. Since Then Have Been Worshipping Maa Durga To Have Her Blessings

Description Of The Deity

The Goddess Has Ten Hands Having Different Weapons In Each Hand. Her Two Daughters Lakhmi, The Goddess Of Fortune, And Saraswati, The Goddess Of Learning, Stand On Both Of Her Sides. Both Of Her Sons Ganesh And Kartika Sit On Their Right And Left. All Of Them Are Worshipped. Maa Durga Is Worshipped In A Standing Posture Keeping One Of Her Feet On A Lion And The Other One On The Shoulder Of The Demon.

How It Is Celebrated?

The Puja Is Celebrated For Four Days With Religious Chanting By A Priest. In Towns And Cities, It Is Celebrated Pompously. Puja Mandaps Are Magnificently Decorated With Colorful Lights And Flowers. Sky-high Well-come Arches Are Built To Attract People. Different Entertainment Programs Such As Dance And Melodies Take Place.

The Police Sweat To Control The Traffic. Shopkeepers Make Abundant Sales On This Auspicious Occasion. All The Members Of The Family Get Together And Enjoy Themselves A Lot. People Put On New Garments. The Last Of The Ceremony Is Vijaya Dashami. Day After The Vijaya Dashami, The Idols Of The Deities Are Immersed In The Nearby Water Sources In A Grand And Eye-catching Procession.


This Mega-religious Hindu Festival Symbolizes The Victory Of Good Over Evil. It Entertains Us And Eliminates Our Monotony And Boredom Of Tired Body And Mind. Moreover, It Helps Us Spread A Sense Of Fraternity Forgetting Enmity And Jealousy Toward One Another.

Essay On Durga Puja / Dussehra In 1000 Words

The Durga Puja Is Celebrated With Great Jubilation Throughout Our Country. Schools, Colleges, Offices, And Factories Remain Closed For This Puja.

This Festival Has Some Mythological Background. The Legend Goes That Sri Ramachandra Supposed To Be An Incarnation Of Bishnu Went To Srilanka To Rescue His Wife Sita Imprisoned By Ravan, The Most Powerful Warrior In The World. Despite His Best Efforts, Ramachandra Failed To Kill Ravan.

Essay On Dussehra In English 10 Lines
Essay On Dussehra In English 10 Lines

He Was Advised To Appease Mother Durga And Win Her Blessings To Kill Ravan. He Offered Puja To Goddess Durga Solemnly And With All Sanctity With One Hundred And Eight Blue Lotuses. Mother Durga Was Pleased With His Puja And Granted Him His Wish That He Would Now Be Able To Kill Him.

On The Day Of ‘Dashami,’ He Killed Ravan And Rescued Sita From Her Imprisonment. Another Story Says That The Mahisasura Demon Was Granted A Wish By Brahmadev And Became Immortal. He Conquered Heaven, Dethroned Indra, And Put The Gods And Goddesses To Enormous Torture.

He And His Followers Moved Around And Created Panic. They Terrorized People For No Fault Of Theirs. As He Was Not To Be Killed By Any Man, God, Or Woman Of Ordinary Birth, Gods And Goddesses Were At A Loss To Decide What To Do.

Uncommon Beauty. At Her Request, The Gods Gave Their Powers To Her. She Now Became Too Powerful To Be Vanquished. On The Tenth Full Moon Day Of Aswin, She Killed Mahishasura And Saved The Earth As Well As Gods And Goddesses From His Persecution. Since Then People Have Been Worshipping Mother Durga To Please Endowing Her Blessings For The Fulfillment Of Their Desires.

This Festival Comes Off In The Month Of Aswin When The Earth Is Clad With The Loveliest Autumnal Beauty. People Everywhere In India Look Forward To This Festival With All Eagerness. Their Hearts Dance In Delight At The Approach Of This Festival.

In Beauty, Grandeur, And Awe The Earthen Image Of Mother Durga Looks Unsurpassed. She Is Not Worshipped Alone. With Her Are Worshipped Lord Siva, Her Husband, Her Two Sons Ganesh And Kartika, And Her Two Daughters Laxmi And Saraswati.

The Idol Of Mother Durga Stands Majestically On A Pedestal. She Stands In A War-like Posture With One Foot Resting On The Back Of The Lion, His Favorite Carrier, And The Other Foot Firmly Planted On The Shoulder Of The Demon Mahishasura.

Her Features Are Frighteningly Ferocious And Create Awe In The Minds Of Her Devotees. The Puja Continues For Three Days – The Seventh, Eighth, And Ninth Day Of The Waxing Moon. The Worship Of The Goddess Durga Is Done With Much Pomp And Ceremony.

The Pandals Are Tastefully Decorated With Colored Lights, Green Leaves, And Festoons. Prizes Are Awarded For The Best-decorated Pandal. As Evening Approaches, Crowds Swell, And There Is A Great Rush In Front Of Each Pandal.

Essay On Dussehra 700 Words
Essay On Dussehra 700 Words

Arrangements For Traffic Control Are Satisfactorily Done To Avoid Stampedes. The Whole Town Or City Wears A Festive Look. Shops In The Bazaars Are Overcrowded With People And Shopmen Make Bumper Sales. There Is Joy Everywhere. People Desiring To Have A Darshan Of Mother Durga Go By Rickshaws And Cars That Move

All Of Them Went To Bishnu, The Almighty God, And Prayed To Him To Find Out The Way Of His Death. According To His Advice, All Of Them Prayed Together. Their Prayer Worked Wonders. Out Of The Air Was Born Mother Durga With Enormous Vigor And Seemingly In Never-ending Lines. The Whole Town Hums With Life. When The Famous Prayer Of Goddess Durga Is Offered And Hymns Are Chanted In A Sonorous Voice, We Feel Thrilled All Over.

In The Evening Arati Is Offered To The Great Mother With The Beating Of Drums, Ringing Of Ghantas, And Blowing Of Conch The Devotees Stand In Silent Awe With Their Folded Or Outstretched Hands Begging The Goddess For Her Mercy And Blessings. Professional Musical Parties Show Their Performances In The Evening And Crowds Of People Watch Their Performances With Pleasure.

This Festival Is Also Observed In Villages With Traditional Joy And Religious Fervor. Bijaya Dasami, The Day Of Immersion, Is A Remarkably Important Part Of This Festival. On This Day The Earthen Images Of Durga Are Carried In Grand Processions To Some Big Tank Or River For Immersion.

In Towns And Cities, Thousands Of People Stand By The Roadside Or On Housetops To See The Processions. The River Ghat Where The Immersion Takes Place Is Overcrowded With People. Various Kinds Of Country-made Articles Are Sold Here. After The Immersion, The Devotees Return Home With Heavy Hearts.

This Puja Has Great Social Significance. People Feel Secure And Well-protected From All Evils Under The Mighty Arms Of The Great Mother. This Also Inculcates A Sense Of Unity Among The People. For A Time People Get Together In A Spirit Of Universal Brotherhood Forgetting Their Past Enmity.

Essay On Dussehra / Durga Puja In English 1000 Words

Dussehra Is A Grand Festival Of Hindus. It Is Celebrated In Almost All Parts Of India With Pomp And Grandeur. The Durga Puja Commences On The Seventh Day Of The Brighter Fortnight In The Month Of Aswin And Lasts For Four Days. Legend Says That On This Auspicious Day, Sri Ramachandra Gave His Offerings To The Goddess Durga And Proceeded To Lanka To Get Back Seta Devi After His Fight With The Demon Ravana.

Before The Durga Puja Festival, Ramleela Is Performed At Many Places In Our Country. The Life Sketch Of Sri Ram Is Depicted In Different Ways In Different Parts Of The Nation. The Character And Career Of Ramachandra Give Immense Pleasure In The Minds Of The People Who Develop A Sense Of Enlightenment To Look Into The Past Heritage Of Our Country.

The Puja Starts Precisely From Saptami And Ends In Dashami Which Is Popularly Known As The Dussehra Festival. This Festival Is Celebrated In The Name Of The Goddess Durga Who Killed The Notorious Demon Mahishasura For His Lust And Arrogance. Mahishasura Became Completely Down With Pride And His Criminal Activities Knew No Bounds.

Essay On Dussehra In English 1000 Words
Essay On Dussehra In English 1000 Words

The Whole World Was Trembling Under His Feet And He Almost Stood Over The Humble Heads Of The Entire Humanity. Then, Of Course, The Goddess Durga Was Born Out Of The Fire By The Combined Prayer Of Brahma, Vishnu, And Maheswar.

The Great Goddess With Enormous Strength And Power Came Out Of The Leaping Fire When The Gods Surrounding Her Gave Away In Her Hands The Strongest Of The Animals, The Great Lion, And A Sharp Weapon Like A Shining Sword To Do Away With The Wicked Mahishasura.

The Goddess Durga Sitting Over The Back Of The Lion, Carrying A Sword In Her Hand And Keeping A Smiling Countenance On Her Lips Lost No Time In Killing The Demon. With The Demon Gone In The Hands Of The Goddess Durga, Peace Once Again Prevailed In Our Country And People Got Satisfaction And Contentment Over The Passing Away Of This Notorious Element From The Creation Of This Universe.

Since Then The Great Durga Puja Has Come To Be In Vogue In Our Society And People Celebrate This Unique Festival With Utmost Satisfaction And Pleasure. The Day Of Dussehra Is The Last And The Most Important Day Of The Great Durga Puja Festival. On This Day In Many Important Places Of Our Country, The Effigies Of The Demons Ravana, Kumbhakarna, And Meghananda Are Burnt And People In Large Numbers See This Great Fun With Rapt Attention.

The Whole Idea Is That With The Burning Away Of The Artificial Idols Of The Demons, We Give Away Our Nasty Thoughts From Our Minds And We Must Try To Follow The Principles, Lifestyle, And Sacrifices Of Sri Ramachandra Who Was Certainly An Incarnation Of God In The Form Of A Human Being. Likewise, Every Hindu Lady Should Live Up To The Duties, Responsibilities, Sacrifices, And Traditions Set Up By The Great Seeta Devi.

The Day Of Immersion Is A Day Of Enjoyment For Everybody. The Schools, Colleges, The Government As Well As The Private Institutions Remain Closed And People Muster Strong At The Site Of Immersion To Have A Glimpse Of The Goddess Durga.

People Of All Categories Put On New Robes And Make A Tremendous Rush To Have A Darshan Of The Goddess. India Is Such A Country Where Its People Time Get Blessings From The Gods And Goddesses And Thus The Glorious Tradition Of The Country Remains Undisturbed Amidst Torture And Violence.

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