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Essay On My Neighbour For Class 7,8,9,10 | My Neighbour Essay

Hey Guys, You Are Welcome To The Website. In Today’s Article, We Will Tell You About Essay On My Neighbour For Class 7,8,9,10. If You Have To Write An Essay On Your Neighbour, Then You Can Write Something Like This.Essay On My Neighbour

Essay On My Neighbour For Class 7,8,9,10

Generally speaking, People Who Live Next Door To Us Are Our Neighbours. But This View Is Not Always Correct. A True Neighbour Is He Who Stands By Us Through Thick And Thin, No Matter Whether He Lives Next Door To Or Far Away From Us.

My First Next-door Neighbour Is Mr. Sukanta Sethi. He Lives In The House Just On The Right Of ours. He Is A Businessman. He Deals In Medicines. He Is Well-known In The Locality For His Sharp Practice. He Has No Heart For The Needy And Poor. He Always Talks Business And Is Least Prepared To Share The Difficulties Of Others. The Members Of His Family Are Proud Because They Have Plenty Of Money. I Do Not Consider Him A True Neighbour.

The Man Who Lives Left To Us Is Mr. Muna Patra. He Is A Doctor At The Jagannath Hospital, Puri. He Is A God-like Person. He Is Extremely Good And Gentle. His Professional Skill Attracts Patients In Large Numbers. He Does Not Dispose Of Them Quickly. He Gives Their Complaints About A Patient’s Hearing And Then Prescribes Some Medicine. His Soft And Consoling Words Are A Better Healer Than The Medicine He Prescribes. He Takes A Nominal Fee From The Patients If He Treats Them At His Residence. But He Takes No Money From The Poor Patients And Gives Them The Prescribed Medicine for Free.

Whenever Any Member Of Our Family Falls Ill, He Treats Them With Care Till Recovery.

His Family Is Very Nice And Gentle. His Wife Mrs. Patra Is A Delightful Lady. She Often Comes To Our House And Sits Talking To My Mother For Hours. She And My Mother Are Good Friends. Every Year We Go Together On A Picnic To Some Place Of Scenic Beauty And Enjoy Ourselves. On Festive Occasions, We Exchange Sweets And Presents With Each Other. We Keep Our Neighbourly Relationship Not Merely Based On ‘give And Take’ But On True Love.

Dr. Patra Has A Son Who Is My Best Friend. He Is My Age And We Are In Class Ix At Puri Zila School. We Play Together And Help Each Other With Difficulties. Our Love For Each Other Is So Deep That One Feels Uncomfortable In The Absence Of The Other.

On The Whole, Dr. Patra And His Family Are All Good And Helpful. We Are Proud Of Having Mr. Patra As A Neighbour.

My Neighbour Essay 500 Words (Method 2)

Your Neighbour Essay Introduction

Generally, A Neighbour Is A Person Who Lives Next Door To Us. But In Reality, A True Neighbour Is He Who Stands By Us In Our Weal And Woe Whether He Is Closer To Us Or Far From Us. A True Neighbour Is A Ray Of Hope During Adversity, A Helping Hand In Need, And Solace In The Evening Of Life.

His Name, Occupation, And Virtuous Qualities

Mr. Rajesh Senapati Is My Neighbour. He Is A Middle-aged Young Man Of 42 Having A Standard Height And Fair Com Plexion. He Works As An Army Officer In The Indian Army. He Is A Man Of Principle And Action. Being A Strict Disciplinarian, He Never Bears Anything Indiscipline. He Is As Punctual And Sincere As Gandhiji Was. He Is Such A Helpful Person Who Never Hesitates To Help Others Even At The Cost Of His Life.What is a good neighbor essay

His Family 

Mr. Senapati Has A Small Family Consisting Of 4 Members. He Lives With His Wife And Two Sons. His Wife Mrs. Mamuni Senapati Is A Delightful And Graceful Lady. She Is Kind, Loving, And Helpful. She Has Taken My Best Care From My Childhood Days And Looks Upon Me As Her Daughter. My Love For The Couple Is Like That I Call Them Bapa And Mama. She Looks Upon My Mother As Her Younger Sister. The Thread Of Relationship Between Them Is So Strong That Mere Words Are Not Enough To Present It. His Eldest Son Works In A Hotel As A Manager In Bhubaneswar. His Youngest Son Is Continuing His B. Tech In Nist, Bhubaneswar.

The Love, Cooperation, And Understanding Between The Two Families Are Deeper Than The Ocean, Higher Than The Himalayas, And Greater Than The Sky. We Stand By Each Other During Adversity And Share Our Joy And Happiness In Prosperity. During Fairs And Festivals, We Invite Each Other And Each Family Takes Part In The Celebrations Of The Other Family. Even On Ordinary Days Dishes Of Meat And Fish Are Freely Exchanged. So, The Relationship Between The Two Families Is Sweeter Than Words Can Picture It.

There Is Always An Open Eagerness On The Part Of One Family To Assist The Other. In The Case Of My Mother’s Illness Last Year, Mrs. Senapati Took Care Of Her Till She Fully Recovered. Leaving aside Physical Help, Material Help In Cash Or Kind Is Also Readily Available In Need. There Is Nothing That One Family Can’t Do For The Other In Times Of Emergency.


Good Neighbourliness Depends Upon Perfect Understanding And Cooperation. It Should Be Real And Sincere And There Should Be No Show And Pretense About It. We Will Never Give Scope For Disbelief, Distrust, And Suspicion For We Know These Are The Enemies Of Good Neighbourliness. As Long As We Live Together, We Shall Set A Model Of Good Neighbourliness Before Our Entire Neighborhood.

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