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Essay On A Road Accident | A Road Accident Essay For All Class

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Essay On A Road Accident

Newspapers Report That Several Thousand People Are Killed On The Road In Our Country Every Year. In Addition To That, Quite A Large Number Of People Are Injured By Accidents.

The Reasons For Suc

Essay On A Road Accident
Essay On A Road Accident

h Road Accidents Are Many. The Population Of Our Country Has Increased Incredibly. Traffic Facilities Have Also Increased Accordingly. On The Main Roads And Streets Of Our Country, The Traffic Is Becoming Greater And Greater Every Day.

Streams Of Buses, Motor Cars, And Trucks Move Along The Main Roads At Terrific Speed. People In Large Numbers Move Crisis Cross Along These Roads And Streets. They Are In Such A Hurry That They Forget The Rule Of The Road And Meet With Accidents.

Accidents Are Also Caused By The Carelessness Of Drivers. Often Some Drivers Want To Overtake The Vehicles Running Ahead Of Them Without Looking Carefully At The Oncoming Vehicles. As A Result, They Cause Accidents.

Sometimes The Drivers Get Drunk And While Driving Cars, Buses, Or Trucks They Lose Control Of The Vehicles And Cause Accidents By Getting The Vehicles Run Into Trees Or Houses On The Road. Sometimes The Vehicles Go Off The Road And Fall Into Rivers, Canals, Or Deep Ditches.

Very Many Instances Of Road Accidents Can Be Cited, Which Were Caused By People Disobeying The Rule Of The Road. A Middle-aged Cycle Rider On The Highway Heard The Horn Of An Overtaking Taxi, But Road Across The Highway From Left To Right Out Of Fear.

He Was Hit By The Taxi But Not Seriously Hurt. His Bicycle Was; However, Damaged. By The Time A Crowd Gathered, The Taxi Driver Had Escaped.

On Another Occasion Of Motorcyclist Overtook An R Moving Bus On The Left-hand Side. The Motorcycle Was Hit By The Bumper Of The Bus And Was Damaged To Some Extent.

People From All Around Gathered And Forced The Bus Driver To Pay For The Damage. A Pitiful Accident Happened When A Non-stop Bus Speeding For Its Destination Knocked Down And Ran Over A College Student Who Was Cycling To His College.

The Boy Died On The Spot, But The Driver Escaped With The Bus. Later A Big Crowd Gathered And Blocked The Road. The Piteous Cries Of His Parents Brought Tears To Everybody’s Eyes.

In Large Cities, The Pavement On The Edge Of The Road Is Meant For Pedestrians. There Are Zebra Crossings Where They Can Cross To The Other Side Of The Road. But Very Often Pedestrians Walk On The Main Part Of The Road Which Is Meant For Fast Traffic, They Too Cause Accidents.

The Accident I Am Going To Narrate Was The One Which I Met. It Was A September Evening And There Was A Great Rush Of People And Vehicles On The Road Because Of The Dussehra Festival.

I Was Riding My Bicycle From Baxibazar To Ranihat. At Mangalabag Square, A Scooter That Was Coming At Great Speed From The Medical College S At Once Hit Me And My Bicycle With Great Force. As A Result, My Bicycle Was Completely Damaged And I Sustained Injuries To My Legs And Hands.

I Was Quickly Taken To The Hospital For Treatment. People At Once Gathered There, Some Of Them Scolded Him For His Rash Driving And Forced Him To Pay For The Damage.

Many Accidents Of Similar Type And Also Of More Serious Type Happen Almost Every Day In Our Country Causing Colossal Damage To The Life And Property Of Our People. It Is Because They Do Not Obey The Rule Of The Road. In Our Country Traffic As Well As Pedestrians Should Keep To The Left.

Before Crossing A Road We Should Stop And Look Both Ways. We Should Look Right, Look Left, And Look Right Again. If We Are Sure That The Road Is Clear And There Is No Vehicle Coming, It Is Then Safe For Us To Cross The Road.

Children have Seen Flying Kites On The Road. They Go Running Down A Side Road And Then Out Onto The Main Road. They Do Not Bother To See Whether A Vehicle Is Coming Or Not. Sometimes They Meet With Accidents. They Must Be Taught To Be Careful Of The Traffic While Playing Or Flying Kites On The Road.

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