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Essay On The Headmaster | My Headmaster Essay 200 Words

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Essay On Headmaster In English

The Destiny Of A Ship Depends On The Captain Who Mans It. Similarly, The Success And Failure Of A School Chiefly Depend On Its Headmaster. He Is The Organizer, Leader, Director, Coordinator, Teacher, Friend, Philosopher, And Guide. The Name Of Our Headmaster Is Sri Biswamohan Sahoo.

He Is One Of The Few Teachers Who Have Influenced The Student Community As A Whole By Showing Exemplary Character And Discipline. He Is An M.a., B.ed. He Has Been Awarded The State Award For His Unique Contribution To The Field Of Teaching.

Qualification And Qualities

Mr. Sahoo Is Academically Highly Qualified. He Is An Able Administrator And Profound Scholar. He Is A Strict Disciplinarian But He Has A Soft Corner In His Heart For Everyone. He Bears An Ever-smiling Face. He Is Kind And Compassionate, Loving And Sympathetic.

Teaching And Personality

His Method Of Teaching Is Unique. Despite His Busy Schedule, He Finds Time To Take Grammar Classes. He Explains That Grammar Is Nothing But Mathematics. His Method Of Teaching Is Easy And Understandable. He Explains Grammar In Such A Way That Any Student Can Grasp It. He Makes An All-around Effort To Make The Dull Students Understand The Rules.

Role In Extra-curricular Activities

Our Headmaster Doesn’t Confine Himself Only To The Academic Side. He Also Gives Top Priority To How To Bring All-around Development Through Various Extra-curricular Activities. Apart From Education, He Encourages And Inspires The Students To Take Part In Sports, Games, Dance, Drama, Debate, Etc. He Also Organizes Inter-school Competitions To Discover Hidden Talents.

Duties And Responsibilities

He Is Very Dutiful By Nature. He Always Says That There Is No Alternative To Duty. According To Him, Everyone Should Believe In Duty, Not In Destiny. Whatever Duty And Responsibility Are Entrusted To Him, He Tries His Level Best To Complete It. He Never Puts Off Today’s Work Till Tomorrow.

Guidance And Supervision He Guides His Fellow Teachers In The Teaching-learning Process. He Does All The Official Work In Disciplined Order. He also Guides The Students Advising Them How

To Reach The Goal Of Their Life. After Completing His Work, He Also Supervises The Work Of Others. Whenever He Calls At The Classes, The Entire School Sleeps In Rather A Silence. If He Ever Finds Any Pitfall In Anyone, He Never Gets Angry Rather He Helps Him Do It Correctly.


Our Headmaster Is An Asset To Our School. We Are All Proud Of Him. We Love, Admire And Respect Him For His Honesty, Sincerity, And Truthfulness. May God Bless Him With A Long And Healthy Life.

My Headmaster Essay For Class 8, 9, And 10 (Method 2)

The Name Of The School Where I Study Is Biragobinda Our High School, Teachers Of Outstanding Academic And Administrative Abilities Are Posted As Headmasters Of This School.Essay On the Headmaster In English

Mr. Biswamohan Sahoo Is The Headmaster Of Our School. He Is M.ed. He Is A Recipient Of The State Award For His Meritorious Services. Although He Is 50, He Is Quite Healthy And Lively. He Is Very Strict In The Matter Of Discipline. Even Then, He Is A Pleasing Personality.

He Has Always A Sweet Smile On His Face. He Is Very Kind And Loving To All And Sundry, Particularly To The Poor And Needy. But He Is At Times A Little Rude And Merciless To The Pupils Who Break The Rules And Traditions Of The School. He Doesn’t Even Hesitate To Take Action Against The Teachers Who Shirk Their Duties,

He Has A Fairly Tall Figure With A Bright Grave Face And A Pair Of Thick Mustaches. He Is A Very Imposing Person And Commands A Lot Of Respect From The Pupils And The Teachers Alike.

Dressed In White, He Goes Around The School Supervising Classes. He Also Supervises The Correction Work Of The Teachers.

He Conducts All Examinations Properly And Shows Complete Impartiality In All Matters. He Is A Man Of Principle And Never Deviates From His High Moral Standards.

His Dealings With The Guardians And His Superior Officers Are Very Nice. So He Commands Respect And Love From All Quarters.

He Always Tries To Bring About An All-around Development Of The School With Special Attention To Its Academic Growth.

On The Whole, He Is An Asset To Our Institution. We All Love Him Deeply And Respect Him Highly. In Return, He Treats Us As His Children And Thinks Of Our Welfare All The Time.

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