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1000 Word Essay On Discipline | Essay On Discipline

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Essay On Discipline For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

What is Discipline Short Essay

Man Is A Social Being. He Cannot Live And Work Alone In This World. He Must Keep Together In A Group Or A Society Or A Race. But If Each Member Of That Group Is Allowed To Work According To His Sweet Will Then There Will Be Disorder And Conflict Everywhere And Nothing Will Be Achieved.Essay On Discipline

So In The Interest Of Every Group Or Class Or Race Of Men, There Should Be Some Order And Harmony. Each Member Of It Will Have To Follow Some Rules And Regulations, Abide By A Certain Order And Act In Harmony With Others.

Society Of Men

This Is What We Call Discipline. There Should Be Such Discipline In Every Discipline Outside The Society Of Men

There Is Discipline Also Outside The Society Of Men. For Example, If We Look At The Wild Beasts In The Jungle, We See Them Moving In Lines Or Groups, Under The Command Of Their Leaders. The Ants Are Noted For Their Great Love Of Discipline. Migratory Birds Like Swans And Sparrows Follow Such A Strict Order In All Their Movements That They Simply Surprise Us.

When And Where It Should Be Learned

Now, If Discipline Is So Much A Need For The Society Of Men And The World At Large, Then We May Ask Ourselves When And Where It Should Be Learned. The Answer To It Is Easy And Simple. It Should Be Learned From Our Very Childhood. It Should Begin At Home With The Parents And Nurses.

The First And Foremost Duty Of Every School Should Be To Teach Discipline To All Its Pupils. But It Will Be Effective If The Teachers Illustrate Their Teachings By Their Examples And Serve As Living Models Before Their Pupils.

A Playground Is, In Fact, The Best Training Ground For Discipline. An English Is Saying That “The Battle Of Waterloo Was Fought In The Play-fields Of Eton.” It Means That The English Children Learned So Much About Order And Discipline In The Play-fields Of Eton That They Could Very Easily Defeat The Most Disciplined Army Of Napoleon In The Battle Of Waterloo.

So In Every School, There Should Be A Good Playground And Organized Games Like Football And Hockey Should Be Played Regularly Under The Guidance And Control Of An Able And Disciplined Teacher.

The Value Of Discipline

The Value Of Discipline Is So Much That It Cannot Be Fully Expressed In Words. It Is Of Immense Service To The Students, Teachers, Workers, Soldiers, And All.

If A Student Does Not Observe Discipline In His Classroom, Then He Will Certainly Disturb The Teaching Work, For Which He As Well As His Friends Will Suffer. If He Proves Indisciplined On The Playing Field, He Will Lose The Game And Bring An Ill Name To His Team.

The Need For Discipline For A Soldier Is The Highest. A Moment’s Indiscipline On His Part May Put Him To Death And Defeat His Side. On Him Depends The Success Or Failure Of The Whole Army And The Fate Of The Whole Nation. So He Should Develop In Him The Best Sense Of Discipline.


Discipline Is The Key To All Progress And Prosperity. All The Civilized Nations Of The World Observe It Very Sincerely. We The People Of India Are Now Trying To Build Up A Great Nation. So We Should Observe Discipline In All The Fields Of Our Activities.

Essay On Discipline In Students Life

Discipline Means Obedience To Certain Rules Of Conduct. Intact Means The Training Of The Mind And Character And It Aims At Producing Self-control, Obedience, Etc. In Us For Our Good Conduct In Life.

1000 Word Essay On Discipline
1000 Word Essay On Discipline

The Very Essence Of Discipline Is Obedience. Learning Of Discipline Begins At Home. A Child Is Always Taught To Obey Their Parents And Elders. In Our Society Father Is Considered To Be The Head Of The Family. If All The Members Of The Family Obey His Instructions And Advice In All Matters, The Family Gets Along Smoothly.

If Nobody In The Family Obeys Him, The Family Cannot Get On Smoothly. At School, The Pupils, Teachers, And Other Members Of The Staff Are Supposed To Obey The Headmaster.

When This Happens, We Say There Is Perfect Discipline At School. If The Pupils Do Not Obey The Teachers And Teachers Do Not Obey The Headmaster, The Discipline Tone Of The School Is Lost And The School, Instead Of Achieving The Desired Results, Goes To Dogs…

Home And School Are Two Places Where A Child Is Trained To Be Disciplined In Life.

Discipline Is Necessary On The Playground. All The Players Should Play The Game In Strict Obedience To The Rules Of The Game And The Instructions Of The Referee Or Umpire. In That Case, The Game Is Enjoyed By Both The Players And The Spectators. The Playground Turns Into A Battlefield.

Similarly, Discipline Is Necessary At Public Meetings And Functions. On The Battlefield And In The Army, Discipline Is A Must. Soldiers Have To Learn To Act Together Under The Command Of Their Officers.

On The Battlefield, They Should Fight Bravely Against Their Enemy In A Disciplined Way Obeying The Commands Of Their Officers. If They Do So, They Are Likely To Gain Victory. People In Society Obey Certain Rules Of Conduct To Avoid Acting In A Way Harmful To Themselves And Society As A Whole.

Discipline Is An Important Feature Of Life For People Working In Government And Private Sector Offices. It Is Also Essential In The Field Of Trade And Commerce. On The Whole, Discipline Is The Very Basis Of Civilized Life And The Key To All Success.

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