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Essay On Rainy Season 1000 Words | Essay On Rainy Season For All Class

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Essay On Rainy Season For Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

India Is A Tropical Country. A Calendar Year Consists Of Twelve Months And Six Seasons. All The Months And Seasons Come One After The Other As A Law Of Nature. But In India, We Feel Only Three Seasons Such As Summer, Rainy, And Winter. After The Scorching Heat Of Summer, The Advent Of Rain Fills The Heart Of The People, With Endless Joy And Happiness.

Essay on rainy season 1000 words
Essay on rainy season 1000 words


It Begins In The Middle Of June And Continues Up To The End Of August. It Is Caused By The Southwest Monsoon. In The Second Week Of June, The Wind Blows From The South-west And It Brings Rain.

Nature’s Look

Nature Is At Its Best During The Rainy Season. The Soothing Touch Of Rain Enlivens The Dried Trees, Plants, Bushes, And Creepers. The Field Of Dried Grass Turns Green. It Seems As If Mother Earth Puts On A Green Saree. The Sky Is Overcast With Black Clouds. Patches Of Clouds Make Criss-cross Movement Across The Sky. Sometimes New Horizons In English Essays, Letters, Applications & Reports

Rains Like Cats And Dogs. Thunder And Lightning Play In The Heart Of The Sky. The Meadows Laugh With Tender Green Grass And Hills And Mountains Look Becoming With Their Green Folia Flowers multi-color Blooming In The Hills Spread Their Sweet Fragrance In The Atmosphere. The Joy And Happiness Of The Worshippers Of Nature Can’t Be Described In Words.


The Rainy Season Brings Life And Vitality To The Farming Community. He Is Excited At The Sight Of The Black Clouds. As Rain Means Water Which Means Life, It Fills The Heart Of The Farmer With Endless Pleasure. Moreover, Roads And Streets Are Washed In Rainwater. Vegetables Of Different Kinds Are Available In Plenty. The Atmosphere Becomes Cool And Dust Free. The Scarcity Of Water Is Completely Eradicated.


Nothing Is An Unmixed Blessing. Despite All The Advantages Of The Rainy Season, It Has Its Disadvantages. Heavy Rainfall For Days Together Causes Floods In The River. It Causes Colossal Loss Of Life And Property. The Standing Crops Of The Poor Farmer Are Destroyed. Travelling And Communication Are Disrupted. Daily Wagers Being Unable To Work Go Hungry. Different Water-prone Diseases Open Their Wings Of Devastation. Fairs And Festivals Observed

During This Season The World-famous Car Festival Is Observed At Jagannath Dham, Puri. Apart From This Janmashtami And Rakhi Purnima Are Also Observed Pompously.


Despite Its Multi Disadvantages, This Season Is Very Useful To Us. But For Rain, The Earth Would Be Changed Into A Desert. Since Its Advantages Are Far Greater Than Its Disadvantages, People Forget The Inconveniences Caused By It And Welcome It Open-hearted.

Essay On Rainy Season 200 Words

The Rainy Season Commences Usually From The Middle Of June And Lasts Till The Middle Of October. It Comes As A Refreshing Change After The Scorching Heat Of The Sun.

How do you write a rainy season paragraph
How do you write a rainy season paragraph

The South-west Monsoon, A Periodical Wind That Blows Over India From The Arabian Sea And Then Ultimately The Bay Of Bengal, Brings The Rains.

During The Rainy Season, The Sky Remains Overcast With Clouds. Patches Of Clouds Go On Floating Across The Blue Horizon From Time To Time. The Dark Clouds Charged With Rain Look Awful And Threatening. Lightning, Thunderstorm, And Torrential Rainfall Go Hand In Hand With Each Other.

The Wells, Ponds, And Rivers Become Full During This Season. People Do Not Feel The Scarcity Of Water. Several Vegetables Like Lady’s-finger, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Etc, Grow In Plenty Due To The Abundance Of Water. Several Flowers Also Blossom During This Period. Small Indigenous Fishes Are Available Very Much To The Needs Of The Common People.

A Lot Of Prawns Are Also Found In The Market. So Practically There Is No Dearth Of Drinking Water, Vegetables, And Fish. Besides The Farmer Becomes Very Happy When He Sees A Timely Shower Of Rain. He Sincerely Tills His Ground, Plows His Field, And Never Wastes A Single Minute, Particularly When The Rains Completely Moisten The Fields.

Paddy Plantations Become Proper And The Farmer Remains Happy In Anticipation Of A Nice Harvest. The Atmosphere Is Purified And The Garbages On The Road Is Washed Away By Rainwater.

Floods Occur In The Rivers When Rain Falls On Cats And Dogs. The Paddy Fields Remain Underwater For A Very Long Time And Finally, The Entire Crop Is Destroyed. The Seasonal Vegetable Plants Also Get Rotten Due To Excess Water.

How do you write 10 lines on a rainy day
How do you write 10 lines on a rainy day

The Water Becomes Muddy And Several Diseases Like Fever, Diarrhoea, And Dysentery Break Out In Full Cry. The Roads Remain Underwater, Transportation Is Cut Off, And Schools, Colleges, And Offices Remain Closed Till The Weather Clears Out.

The Rainy Season, As We Have Seen Is Certainly A Welcome Even After The Enormous Heat Of The Sun. It Is Received As Nectar From Heaven By All Sections Of People. People Of All Ages Enjoy The Showers And More Precisely The Children Make Merriments By Floating Their Paper Boats In The Running Streams And Gutters.

Floods Do Occur At Times, But Then The Advantages Are Numerous Which Justify The Occurrence Of The Season Making People Aware That A Change Of Pattern Is Certainly A Glorious Event Of Human Evolution.

Essay On Rainy Season 1000 Words

In The Cycle Of Seasons, The Rainy Season Comes After The Summer. Although There Are Six Seasons, We In India Feel The Effect Of Three Seasons Such As Summer, The Rainy Season, And Winter. Spring Comes In Only For A Few Days And Then Immediately We Feel The Scorching Heat Of Summer.

In Summer The Rays Of The Sun Fall Vertically On The Earth In India. Rivers, Tanks, Wells, And Ponds Dry Up Due To The Intense Heat Of The Sun. Water Gets Evaporated And The Water Vapors Go Up Into The Air. There They Get Condensed By Coming In Contact With The Cool Air And Fall To The Earth As Rain.

The Southwest Monsoon Usually Starts Blowing Over India In The Second Week Of June. All Parts Of India Experience Monsoon Rain In The Third Week Of June. Owing To Heavy Rainfall Ponds, Tanks, Wells, And Rivers Are Filled With Water.

The Farmers Are Found Busy Sowing Seeds And Transplanting Paddy Plants. When The Paddy Plants Grow To A Sizable Height, They Deleted The Fields. Their Joys Break All Bounds To See Their Green Paddy Plants Swaying In The Wind. The Fields Are All Green.

Trees, Hill Slopes, And Mountains Covered With Plants Of Green Foliage Offer A Charming View. The Sky Remains Clouded And The Sun Is Not Seen For Days Together. Streams Flow Down With A Sweet Murmur. It Seems As If Mother Earth Had Worn A Lovely Green Saree.

The Cattle Become Happy To Get Plenty Of Grass To Graze. The Cowherd Boys Sing Merrily. Children Are Overwhelmed With Joy.

They Love To Get Drenched In The Rainwater And Float Paper Boats In The Running Streams.

When It Rains Excessively In The Catchment Areas Or Sources Of Rivers, Floods Are Caused Them. Flood Water Often Overflows The Banks Of The Rivers And The Nearby Corn Fields And Villages Are Submerged By It. It Causes Great Damage To The Standing Crops. Mud-built Houses Collapse.

Cattle And Thatched Roofs Float Down At The Mercy Of The Current. People Suffer A Lot. They Cannot Get Out Of Their Houses For Days. Schools And Colleges Situated In These Areas Remain Closed. Cattle Also Suffer A Great Deal. They Cannot Get Food For Days And Often Die Of Hunger. The Village Roads Become Muddy And Unusable.

Essay On Rainy Season 1000 Words
Essay On Rainy Season 1000 Words

People, Young And Old, Like To Keep Indoors And Pass The Time Playing Cards And Chess.
Vegetables Are Available In Plenty. Flowers Of Different Colors Bloom And Add Charm To Nature. In The Countryside, When People Burn A Fire In The Evening To Cook Their Food, Smoke Is Seen Coming Out Of Their Thatched Houses And Moving Up Into The Air In Lovely Curls.

This Is Indeed A Good Sight Worth Enjoying. A Rainbow Is Seen In The Sky Lending Charm To It.

During This Season Festivals Like Raja, And Ratha Yatra (Car Festival). Rakhi Bandhan And Janmashtami Are Observed By The People.

On Some Of These Festive Occasions, People Wear New Clothes, Prepare Cakes Of Different Kinds And Enjoy Themselves In A Variety Of Ways.

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