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My English Teacher Essay For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

I Am A Pupil Of Class Ix At Biragobinda Pur High School, Puri. Mr. Pravakar Is My English Teacher. He Is An M.a. In English and A P.g. Diploma In The Teaching Of Linguistics From Bhubaneswar. He Also Holds A Degree In Education From Cuttack University.

Your English Teacher Essay In 150 Words
Your English Teacher Essay In 150 Words

He Is A Middle Aged Man With A Good Physique. He Is Very Sincere In His Duties And Attends School In Time. He Is Very Kind And Loving, But He Can Be Very Strict If Needed. He Maintains Perfect Discipline In The Class.

He Comes To Class On Time And Teaches English Very Well. He Teaches Us The Correct Pronunciation Of New Words And Their Usage. He Uses His Method Of Teaching, Which Enables Us To Understand All That He Teaches.

It Is Because Of Him That Most Of Us Are Now Able To Speak And Write English Perfectly Well.

Not Only Is He A Good English Teacher, But He Is Also Our Guide In Essay And Debate Competitions. We Have Been Able To Win Prizes And Medals In Almost All Competitions Because Of His Sincere Efforts To Train And Guide Us On The Right Line.

He Is A Good Violinist. He Composes Songs For Our Cultural Programmes And Sets Them To Music. He Plays The Violin So Sweetly That Everybody Sits Spellbound As He Plays A Tune On It.

Interestingly, He Is A Delightful Person And He Has A Very Good Sense Of Humour. His Humour Is A Very Clever, Sometimes We Don’t Understand It. Above All, He Is A Good Orator And Makes

My Love And Respect For Him Simple Living And High Thinking Is The Motto Of My Teacher Of English. He Never Beats His Drum. Because Of His Able Guidance, Perfect Teaching, Encouragement, And Altruistic Help, I Have Perfected My Knowledge Of English. My Love And Respect For My Teacher Is More Than Anybody Else’s In The World.


My Teacher Of English Is Numero-uno For Knowledge, Love, Affection, Sincerity, And Truthfulness. How Much I Praise To My Teacher, It Will Be Too Less Than His Greatness. May God Bless Him With A Long, Happy, And Enjoyable Life.

Describe Your English Teacher Essay (Method 2)


Several Teachers Serve In A School. Each Of Them Has His Speciality In His Subject. The Teacher Who Teaches English Is Called a Teacher Of English.

Name, Age And Appearance

I Am A Student Of Bhargabi High School, Chandan Pur. The School Sings The Glory Of Many Of Its Teachers For Their Competency In Their Subjects Concerned. I Have Love And Respect For All My Teachers. But I Have A Special Love, Respect, And Admiration For Ashok Kumar Sahoo, My Teacher Of English. He Is An M.a. In English.

He Is A Middle Aged Young Man Of 40 With Active Habits. His Fair Complexioned Body, Ironed Dress, And Ever Smiling Face Add A Special Charm To His Personality.

No Sooner Does He Enter The Classroom, The Pandemonium Comes To A Dead Still And The Entire Class Hums With Enthusiasm. His Commanding Voice And Method Of Teaching Make The Subject Entertaining And Enjoyable. He Enhances The Confidence Of The Students To The Apex. To Bring Allround Development Of The Dunces, He Takes It As A Challenge. No Indiscipline Element Ever Dares To Create Any Nuisance In His Presence.Your English Teacher Essay In 150 Words

His Teaching

Mr. Ashok’s Teaching Is Unique, Modern And Par-excellence. He Is Adept In His Subject. His Domain Of Knowledge In English Is Very Vast. His Method Of Teaching Is Simple, Easy, Understandable, And Encouraging.

His Sweet But Commanding Voice, Clear Analysis, Loving Behaviour, And Sincere Teaching Attract The Attention Of The Students. His Method Of Parsing Helps Any Dunce Follow His Teaching. Mere Words Are Not Enough To Picture His Command Over His Subject And Rich Vocabulary.

His Attitude Towards The Student’s Public Speeches In Simple, Plain, And Idiomatic English. The Audience Admire His Oratory And Praise Him By Clapping.

With His Various Qualities And Accomplishments, Mr.das Has Been The Pride Of Our School Over The Years. So Everybody In Our School Holds Him In High Esteem.

He Loves All The Student’s Heart And souls. He Acts Like A Friend, Philosopher, And Guide. Though He Is A Hard Task Master And Strict Disciplinarian, His Heart Is W Melted With Human Kindness For The Poor Students. He Helps The Poor Meritorious N Students With Money And Materials.

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