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Essay On Summer Season In English | My Favourite Season Summer Essay

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Essay On Summer Season For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Its Duration

India Is A Hot Tropical Land. Excepting A Few Winter Days All The Other Days In This Country Are Hot And Dry. The Summer In India Practically Begins In April And Continues Up To The End Of August.

Essay on summer season
Essay on summer season

Its Characteristics

From The Early Hour Of The Morning Till The Late Hour Of The Afternoon The Hot Sun Pours Its Scorching Rays On The Earth. So It Sometimes Becomes Impossible To Go Out After Nine O’clock In The Morning. On Some Days A Hot And Dusty Wind Blows At Noon And Makes The Life Of The Travelers Miserable.

In This Season Only The Night And The Morning Are Cool, Pleasant, And Enjoyable. In The Daytime, All Men And Animals Are Baked, As It Were By The Burning Rays Of The Sun. Its Discomforts For Men And Animals

It Is A Season Of Worst Discomforts For All Men And Animals. At Mid-day, None Can Rest In Peace. While Men Use Wet Clothes And Fans, The Animals Take Shelter In The Shady Groves.

The Aquatic Animals Suffer The Worst And Most Of Them Lose Their Lives. The Sick And The Old Suffer Terribly And Many Of Them Die Of Heat And Sun-stroke. The Work Of The Farmers In This Season

It Is A Season Of Hard Work For More Indian Farmers. It Is Mainly The Plowing And Sowing Season Of The Year, They Do All The Plowing And Sowing Now. After Plowing Comes The Seed Time And They Sow Their Seeds Towards The Middle Of June. In This Way The Farmers Of India Who Grow Rice, Keep Themselves Engaged All Through This Season. The Fruit And Flowers That Grow Now

Many Kinds Of Fruit And Flowers Are Available In This Season. Among The Fruit Mangoes, Jack Fruit, And Pineapples Are The Best And Among The Flowers, Tulips, Jasmine, And Champaks Are The Most Popular.

The Mango Is A Typical Indian Fruit Noted For Its Sweet Juice And Flavor. The Other Fruit And Nuts Like Guava, Plantain, And Blackberry Are Also Available At This Time In Plenty. The Festivals Held

This Season Has Some Important Festivals For People All Over India. The Full Moon Day Of Baisakhi Is Called The ‘buddha Purnima’. On This Day Lord Buddha Was Born And He Passed Away From This World Also On This Very Day. So All Buddhists Observe This Day As The Most Sacred Day Of Their Life.

In Odisha, The Raja Parba Comes Off During This Season. It Is, As It Were, A National Festival Of The Odias. Other People In Other Parts Of The Country Also Observe Similar Festivals During This Season. It’s A Blessing For The People Of India

Even The Darkest Cloud In The Sky Has A Silver Lining. So The Summer Season Which Is So Full Of Heat And Dust Has Its Blessings Too. The Water Of The Great Seas And Oceans Is Evaporated At This Time By The Scorching Rays Of The Sun And The Clouds Are Formed High Up In The Sky.

These Clouds Cause Rain All Over India Towards The Later Part Of This Season And We Get Life-giving Water Everywhere In Plenty. But For This Season There Would Be No Rain, No Water, And No Life In This Country. Hence The Blessings Of This Season Are More Than Words Can Describe.

Summer Season Essay For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

The Summer Season Invariably Starts In February And Continues Till The Middle Of June. It Comes Every Year In Cyclic Order. Most Of The Tropical Countries, Precisely The Regions In South East Asia Experience The Change Of Seasons Almost In An Identical Way.

Summer season essay for all Class
Summer season essay for all Class

The Small Hours Of The Morning On A Summer Day Are Pleasing When A Nice, Cool Breeze Hovers In The Atmosphere. The Breeze Disappears Completely As Morning Advances And Gradually The Heat Of The Sun Is Felt. At Mid-day The Heat Becomes Unbearable. Everybody Feels Uncomfortable And Restless.

The Afternoon Hours Remain Completely Hot And Dry. People Hardly Come Out Of Their Houses. The Roads And The Marketplaces Become Empty. The Passers-by Take Shelter Under The Cool Shade Of Some Banyan Or Papal Tree. The Cattle Stand Beneath The Boughs Often Idly Chewing Their Cud. The Birds Are All Mute, And A Perfect Silence Reigns Everywhere.

The Weather Cools A Bit After The Sunset And A Bout Of Cool Air At A Time Refreshes Tired People For A Short While. The Night, Most Of The Time Becomes Extremely Hot. People Rarely Get A Good Sleep. They Often Have Palm-leaf Fans In Their Hands To Get A Little Relief From The Severe Heat.

The Hard Rays Of The Sun Destroy All Types Of Germs And The Atmosphere Remains More Or Less Free From Bacteria. The Woolen Garments Are Exposed To The Sunshine For Better Preservation.

Most Of The Repair Work Is Carried Out This Season. Different Mangoes Are Available During This Period. The Sweet, Ripe Mangoes Give Enough Pleasure To Exhausted People In This Dry Season.

The Water Resources Become Empty. Pools And Wells Are Dried Up. Drinking Water Becomes Scarce. Epidemics And Diseases Break Out. Vegetable Plantations Become Difficult Due To The Death Of Water. The Soil Gets Hard. The Scorching Heat Of The Sun And The Hot Winds Dry Up Almost Every Herb And Shrub.

Summer season essay
Summer season essay

The Heat Becomes Unbearable. Sometimes The Whole Day Passes Without Any Breeze And All Living Creatures Are Seized With An Intense Thirst. Most Of The Time People Perspire Due To The Hard Rays Of The Sun. Life Indeed Becomes Dry And Monotonous.

The Rains In Summer, Therefore, Once In A While, Bring About A Change In The Environment And There Is A Break In The Monotony Of Life. There Is No Meaning Of Light Without Shade, There Is No Pleasure Of Joy Without Sorrow, And Likewise,e Rains Do Not Smile Without Summer.

Summer Season Essay 10 Lines

Summer Is The Hottest Season Of The Year. It Begins In April And Continues Till The End Of July. Although May And June Are The Months Of Summer, We In India Feel Are Effective Over Four Months.

Summer Days In India Are Extremely Hot. So The Earth Becomes Bone-dry In Summer. Tanks, Wells, And Rivers Dry Up. Water Becomes Scarce. Women Folks Go To Nearby Villages With Earthen Pitchers To Bring Drinking Water For Their Families. Sometimes They Dig Pits In Tanks And Ponds To Get Water For Their Use. Cattle Also Suffer A Good Deal.

We Feel Hot Right From The Morning. As The Sun Goes Up In The Sky, The Heat Of The Day Grows. The Noon And Afternoons Become Unbearable. People Cannot Walk Barefoot On The Road. Birds Rest Silently In Their Nests.

Stray Cattle Like To Lie Down In The Shade Of Trees. Day Laborers Also Sleep In The Cool Shade Of Trees To Get Rid Of The Summer, And Heat.

But Summer Nights Are Pleasant. On Moonlit Summer Nights, People Like To Lie Down In The Open And On The Sands Of The River To Enjoy Themselves. They Usually Go To Bed Late At Night As It Grows Cool.

summer season essay 10 lines
summer season essay 10 lines

It Often Rains In The Afternoon In Summer. Rain Comes With Hailstorms. Children Go Out Into The Rain To Collect Hailstones. It Is A Pleasure For Them To Get Drenched In The Rain. They Also Love To Float Paper Boats In The Running Rainwater.

Summer Rains Are Welcome As They Cool Down The Atmosphere And Bring Relief To The People. In Summer Days Grow Longer And Nights Shorter. People Feel Very Tired And Cannot Work For Long Hours.

This Is The Time When School And College Final Examinations Are Held. Students Work Hard For Their Examinations Despite Severe Heat. Their Hardships And Anxieties Beggar Description When Electric Power Fails At Night.

The Season Is Somehow Good For The Rich. They Get Over The Hardship From The Severe Heat With The Help Of Electric Fans And Coolers. The Poor People, On The Other Hand, Suffer A Great Deal.

It Is The Season Of Fruit, And Mangoes, Pineapples, And Jackfruit Ripen In This Season. Ripe Mangoes Of Different Varieties Are Sold In Large Numbers. Good And Tasty Mangoes Are Also Exported To Foreign Countries. People Make Mango And Pineapple Juice And Use It As A Cold Drink.

They Also Like To Have Other Kinds Of Cold Drinks To Cool Their Stomachs. On The Whole, Summer Is A Good Season That People Welcome. As It Brings Rain Which Gives A New Lease Life To Plants And Animals, People Greet It With Pleasure.

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