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Essay On My Favorite Teacher | My Favourite Teacher

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Essay On My Favorite Teacher

I Am In Class X In Puri. It Has A Rich And Glorious Heritage. Its Tradition Is Unique. Luminaries Like Madhu Sudan Das, Subash Bose, Dr. P. K. Parija, And A Host Of Others Came Out Of This School And Glorified Its Name With Their Noble Deeds.

Essay On My Favorite Teacher
Essay On My Favorite Teacher

This Oldest Institution In Our State Has Some Good Teachers. Of Them, Sri Pravakar Patnaik Is My Favorite Teacher. He Teaches Us English. He Comes To School Well-dressed. He Is Fairly Tall And Wears An Attractive Mustache. He Always Smiles And Is Never Found Dismal. He Is A Teacher Not By Accident, But By Choice.

He Takes Teaching Not As A Gainful Profession But As A Mission Of Life. He Loves All His Pupils. His Clean And Smart Dress Lends Charm To His Personality.

While Teaching English, He Speaks English With A British Accent In An Impressive Way. His Explanations Are Simple And Convincing. He Brings The Theme Of The Lessons Home To Our Minds With Clarity.

While Teaching Poetry He Inspires Us With His Style Of Teaching. He Teaches Us English Grammar In A Very Simple Way. He Explains Grammatical Concepts In Short Simple Sentences. He Also Corrects Our Written Work Regularly And Gives Apt Remarks For Our Improvement. I Have Never Seen Such A Teacher In My Life.

The Most Appealing Quality Of His Life Is His Sweet Manners. He Is Soft-spoken, Sweet-tempered, And Friendly. He Is Smart And Agile. His Attractive Personality, Smiling Face, And Spotlessly Clean Dress Please One And All.

He Never Tells Lies In Life. Even In Adverse Circumstances, He Speaks The Truth. He Is Reliable And Trustworthy. He Shoulders All Responsibilities Of The School In The Absence Of The Headmaster.

Despite His Sweet Nature He Is A Strict Disciplinarian And Does Not Compromise Anything With The Discipline Of The School.

He Becomes Stern When The Pupils Go Wrong Or Make Mischief. He Knows That He Cannot Control The Pupils By Inflicting Punishment But By Treating Them With Love And Affection.

He Advises Us To Be Honest In Life And To Work Hard. He Says That Honest Labor Will Lead Us To Progress. All Of Us Look To Him As Our Friend, Guide, And Philosopher.

He Is Good At Debate. He Encourages Us To Develop Study Habits And Read Extensively To Widen Our Knowledge. He Stresses Our Being Good Orators And Teaches Us How To Acquire This Skill.

He Is Good At Football And Cricket. He Plays With Us In The Afternoon. He Arranges Meetings And Cultural Functions At School And Makes Each Of Them A Success.

He Is Also Good At Drawing And Gardening. On The Whole, He Is An All-rounder And All The Pupils And Teachers Love He Hates Giving Tuition. But He Guides Pupils With A Dedicated Spirit Demanding No Remuneration. He Is, Therefore, My Favorite Teacher And I Love And Respect Him Tremendously.

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