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Essay On My Daily Life For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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essay on my daily life
essay on my daily life

My Daily Life Essay For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Habits And Daily Duties I Am A Habitual Early Riser. I Get Up Early In The Morning And Greet The Rising Sun. I Usually Take My Bath In The Ever-flowing Mahanadi Flowing By My Village.

I Offer My Devotional Prayer In The Temple Of Lord Krishna And Read The Bhagawat Gita, Which Sings The Universal Truth Of Life. I Take My Light Breakfast And Then Sit To Prepare My Lesson. Devotion To Study

As I Am A Student, My Primary Duty Is To Focus On My Lesson. I Always Bum The Midnight Candle And Mug Up The Lesson. My Parents Always Encourage Me And Help Me Have The Best Performance.

How Do I Spend My Leisure?

During My Leisure, If I Ever Feel Bored, I Come Out And Observe The Star-studded Blue Sky. The Distant Stars And The Floating Clouds Very Often Tell Me Fairy Tales And My Mind Is Refreshed.

Sometimes I Walk On The River Bank Enjoying The Natural Scenic Beauty Of Nature. Some Of The Leisure Hours I Pay Towards Collecting Stamps From Different Countries. Life At School

Since I Am Very Punctual, I Reach School On Time. On My Way To School, I Look At The Green Cornfields Which Stretch Miles Of Distance Touching The Horizon. At School, I Listen To My Teachers Attentively.

I Know That Making Friends Is A Science And Preserving Them Is An Art. I Try To Make Ideal And Inspirational Friends. Recess Hour Breaks The Monotony Of Routine Life And Enlivens Oumindsnd. We Play Together And Share Our Tiffin. I Seek The Wise Advice Of My Teachers And Carry Out Their Precious Instruction. Life After Returning From School

As Soon As The Classes Are Over I Return Home Relaxed. I Refresh Myself And Drink A Glass Of Milk Served By My Mother. I Rush To The Nearby Mango Grove To Play Some Outdoor Games With My Friends Of Light Heart And Jovial Spirit.

I Return Home At 6 P.m. And Wash My Face And Hands. Offering My Evening Prayer To God, I Prepare My Lesson Till 10 P.m. Then I Take My Meal With My Parents And Go To Bed.

Life On Sundays And Holidays

The Sundays And Holidays Convey To Me A Different Message. There Is A Break In Routine Life. I Avail Myself Of The Opportunity To Call On My Friends And Relatives. Sometimes I Wash My Clothes, Iron Them And Arrange The Books On The Shelf In Order.


I Am Sure All The Students Keep Themselves Engaged In Their Daily Work, And They Will Never Go Astray.

Essay On My Daily Life For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Human Life On Earth Is Very Precious. We Are Made To Believe That Our Life On Earth Is The Outcome Of Our Virtues Earned In The Previous Birth. Therefore Our Lives Should Be Purposeful.

I Am Now A Student In Class – X At Orissa Police High School, Cuttack. Every Day I Plan My Activities And Act Accordingly.

I Get Up Very Early In The Morning And At That Calm And Auspicious Hour, I Offer My Prayer To God. Then I Wash My Face And Brush My Teeth And Attend The Call Of Nature. Before Sunrise, I Go For A Morning Walk Along The Bank Of The River Kathajodi. It Is A Very Pleasant Experience.

The Morning Wind Is Very Soothing To My Body. The Birds Fly Off Their Nests In The Nearby Trees With Pleasant Chirping. The Eastern Horizon Is Tinged With Crimson Color As The Sun Appears In The Sky. After Jogging For

About Half An Hour, I Come Back Home. Then I Have My Bath And I Wear My Morning Clothes. My Mother Serves Me Breakfast Which I Enjoy In The Company Of My Brother And Sister. At 7 A.m. I Am At My Desk.

First I Do The Homework And Then Study The Lessons To Be Taught At School. I Sit At My Desk For Two Hours And Leave It After Having A Glance At The Headlines Of The Newspaper.

At 9-30 A.m. I Have My Lunch. I Put On My School Uniform And With My Books And Notes In A Bag Start For My School. The School Is At A Distance Of Two Kilometers From My Place Of Residence. I Go To School Every Day On My Bicycle. On The Way, I Meet Some Of My Classmates And Have Some Pleasant Talks With Them.

The School Sits At 10.30 A.m. At The Ringing Of The Prayer Bell, We All Gather At The Prayer Ground Well On Time And Say The Prayer.

When School Begins, I Listen To My Teachers Attentively And Actively Participate In The Discussions In Class. I Obey My Teachers And The Rules Of The School. So My Teachers Love Me. During The Ss, I Play With My Friends And Have Some Pleasant Talks With Them.

At Times We Are Required To Participate In The Cultural Activities Of The School And Face Competitions For Prizes. I Take Part In Cultural Activities And Competitions With Interest.

The School Closes At 4 P.m. And I Return Home In Great Delight. On Reaching Home I Put Off My School Uniform, Wash My Feet And Face And Eat Whatever Is Available. Then I Put On My Athletic Dress And Go Out For Games.

I Play For About One Hour And Get Back Home At Sunset. Then I Wash My Body And I Sit For The Evening Prayer With My Brother And Sister. My Sister Sings The Prayer Songs So Sweetly And Tunefully That Everybody In The House Listens To Them Spellbound. After The Prayer, I Sit In My Study For Three Hours Working Hard At My Lessons.

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