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My Birthday Party Essay | Essay On My Birthday

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Essay On Birthday Party In 250 Words

I Shall Ever Remember My 18th Birthday. It Is A Unforgettable Day For Me. My Birthday Falls On The 16th Of September Every Year. This Year A Cool And Very Sweet Breeze Was Blowing.

my birthday party essay
my birthday party essay

The Building Looked Gorgeous. The Drawing Room Was Tastefully Decorated F With Flowers, Balloons, And Colourful Paper Buntings. Two Banana Plants Are Posted At Both Sides Of The Portico. Gave The Building A Festive Look.

The Birthday Cake Had Been Placed On A Large Table With 8 Candles Fixed On It. It Was A Large And Beautiful Vanilla Cake. I Blew The Candles In A Blow And Then Cut The Cake. My Friends, Relatives Including My Family Cheered Me Up And Sang, “Happy Birthday To You.” (Cutting Of Birthday Cake)

I Was Given So Many Gifts, All Wrapped Beautifully. There Were So Much Fun, Merry-making, Jokes, And Laughter. So Many Lovely Guests There For Me. My Joy Knew No Bounds To Get A Slim And Expensive Mobile As A Gift. It Was From My Uncle.

Dew This Day Is Always Cherished By Me. Sometimes I Wonder Why Birthdays Don’t Come Frequently. I Can Never Forget This Happy Occasion.

Essay On Birthday Party In 500 Words

Human Life Is Full Of Joys And Sorrows, Smiles And Tears, And Trials And Tribulations. We Know That In Life Sorrow Comes In The Wake Of Happiness.

We Usually Feel Depressed In Sorrow And Elated At Success. Instead Of Brooding Over Sorrows, We Should Face The Challenges Of Life With A Smile And Always Look Forward To Happy Days. Birthday Is One Such Happy Day In Life.

My Birthday Is 16th September 1994. My Father Is A Doctor And My Mother, A Lecturer In English, At Ravenshaw College, Cuttack. I Am Proud To Have My Grand Parents Alive. They Are Very Affectionate Towards Me.

It Is Natural For Them To Celebrate My Birthday With Much Pomp And Show. I Lave A Lot Of Friends And School Mates Who Love Me Very Much And Celebrate My Birthday In Their Ways.

A Few Days Before My Birthday I Pester My Parents To Give Me Some Money For Buying Chocolates And Lozenges. I Distribute These Sweets Among My Friends And Classmates At School On My Birthday. I Also Distribute Sweets Among My Teachers And Pray For Their Blessing On Touching Their Feet. They, In Their Turn, Bless Me Wishing Me All Success In Life.

On The Morning Of My Birthday, My Parents Take Me To The Nearby Temple Where They Offer Puja To The Deity Praying For Me A Long Successful Life. They Also Pray That I Should Be Great And Noble In Life And Glorify Their Family. They Distribute Sweets Among The Beggars Sitting Outside The Temple And Give Them Some Money.

In The Evening A Grand Party Is Arranged And All My Friends And Relatives Of My Parents Are Invited To It.

At The Entrance Of The Beautifully Decorated Hall Of My House, I Stand With My Parents And Receive Gifts And Bouquets From My Friends And Relatives. All Of Them Seat Themselves Comfortably On The Sofa And Chairs And Enjoy Either Cold Or Hot Drinks.

The Celebrations Begin With The Blowing Of A Conch. In The Happy Company Of My Parents, Grand Parents, And Relatives I Light The Candles And Cut The Cake.

My Friends And Relatives Encourage Me With Loud Cheers And Clapping Of Hands. My Friends Take Photographs Of Me In Different Positions- Sometimes Alone, Sometimes With My Family, And Sometimes

With My Friends. In Another Hall, All Of Them Enjoy The Feast Prepared For Them. In This Way, I Spend The Day With Great Rejoicings.

Essay On My Birthday
Essay On My Birthday

This Apart, I Would Like To Celebrate This Day By Organising A Blood Donation Camp Where I And Parents Would Donate Blood For The Poor And Helpless. Young men From Among Our Relatives Would Also, On Our Request, Donate Blood For Such People.

To Donate Blood For The People Especially For The Poor Means To Give Them A New Lease Of Life And There Can’t Be A Better Virtue Than This. So I Think This Would Be A Very Fitting Way For My Parents To Celebrate My Birthday.

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