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The Surroundings Of An Organism Are Called Its Environment. Our Environment Consists Of Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, And Biosphere. The Proper Combination Of The Former Three Gives Rise To The Fourth One And Maintains Ecological Balance. A Disorder In This Proportion Is Called Pollution Which Is A Grave Concern For The Humanity. The Last Century Has Seen The Rise Of The Pollution To A Gigantic Extent Becoming A Threat To The Entire World and Spreading Its Tentacles Over The Entire World.Essay On Pollution In English For Upsc

Types Of Pollution

Rapid Industrialisation, an Increase In the Number Of Automobiles, and Enhancement In Technology Has Led To Several Types Of Pollution Which Can Be Broadly Divided As Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Air Pollution, And Noise Pollution.

1. Water Pollution – With The Rising Population, The Necessity Of Mankind Is Continuously Increasing. With The Increase Of Necessity, Industrialisation Has Become Wider And Faster. Many A Times, The Industrial Waste Products Are Allowed To Enter The Water Bodies Without Any Proper Treatment. As A Result, The Water Bodies Get Polluted And Water Remains Unusable For Drinking Or Washing.

Moreover, Aquatic Creatures Suffer And Suffocate For Dissolved Oxygen. In Addition To Industrial Waste Products, Many Other Organic, Household, and Inorganic Waste Add Up To This Problem. Nowadays, When There Is A Scarcity Of Water, Water Pollution Is Rather A Pathetic And Sensible Subject For The Humanity.

2. Soil Pollution – The Use Of Pesticides In Large Excess Is A Cause Of Soil Pollution. Along With It Many More Non-bio-degradable Substances Also Contribute To The Soil Pollution.

3. Air Pollution – Any Change In The Natural Proportion Of Various Gases In the Atmosphere Is Called As Air Pollution. The Air We Breathe In Is Being Polluted By The Smoke Pouring Out Of Chimneys And The Automobiles. No Doubt Air Pollution Is Also Caused By Volcanoes, Cyclones, Forest Fires Etc. But Human Activities Are More Responsible For This. Gases Like O2, Co, So, Release Out Of Automobiles Causing Great Harm To Flora And Fauna.

Acid Rain Is A Dangerous Outcome Of Increasing Amount Of Co, In the Atmosphere. The Most Tragic Incident Of Air Pollution Was The Emission Of Methyl Isocyanate From Union Carbide Fertilizer Factory In Bhopal In 1984. Air Pollution Not Only Causes Various Allergies, Respiratory Disorders Etc. But Also Affects The Vegetation. The High Concentration Of Hydrocarbon Proves Very Harmful For The Taj Mahal.

4. Noise Pollution – Another Very Subtle Form Of Pollution Is Noise Pollution. Although Technology Has Provided Us Comfort, It Has Also Provided Us With a Cacophony Of Unharmonius Sound. The Maddening Horns, Loud Speakers, and Music Systems Cause Metabolic, Hearing, And Other Disorders. It May Also Lead To Nervous Madness Which Is Frequent In Big Towns And Cities. Pollution Control Measures

There Are Different Kinds Of Pollution Which Are Needed To Be Checked In Hazardous Expression Of Wrath Of Nature Due To Pollution. So Pollution Control Time. Global Warming, Ozone Layer Depletion, and Green House Effect Are Some Of The Measures that Are All The More Important Nowadays. Industrial Wastes Must Be Properly Treated In Treatment Plants Before Letting It Flow Into The Water Bodies. Pollution Essay In English 1000 Words

The Use Of Organic Manures Has Been Enhanced Instead Of Chemical Fertilizers. To Combat Air Pollution, Legislation And Enforcement Of Several Laws Have Been Done. The Automobiles Are Being Manufactured Nowadays Equipped With Catalytic Converter. Similarly, Emission Norms Have Also Been Strictly Regulated All Over The Country. There Are Also Laws For Checking Noise Pollution. Use Of Loudspeaker And Loud Horns Has Been Banned After 10 O’ Clock At Night. However, There Is A Long Way To Go In This Regard.


Stringent Laws And Their Enforcement Are The Essential Factors To Check The Pollution. Exemplar Punishment Should Also Be Given So As To Warn The Law- Breakers. Until We Are Concerned About The Pollution, The Mankind Has To Stand Amidst The Grave Danger Of Perishing And Being Destroyed Due To The Severe And Increasing Problem Of Pollution.

Pollution Essay In English 1000 Words

Pollution Is The Outcome Of Industrialisation. During The Past Twenty Years Or So Different Industries Have Been Set Up. Their Number Is Increasing With Every Passing Day. They Give Out A Lot Of Smoke And Dirt, And Sometimes Unclean Water. This Causes Pollution.

As Years Passed By, New Methods Of Manufacture Replaced The Old Ones. The Factories And Mills Burn Every Day Huge Amounts Of Coal, Petrol, And Petrol Products. Tons And Tons Of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, And Other Poisonous Gases Are Daily Expelled Into The Atmosphere. The Air Is Getting Polluted.

As Science Advances, Man Invents More Developed Machines. The Internal Combustion Engine Gave Us Cars And Buses. Millions Of These Run Along The Streets Emitting Fumes Of Diesel And Petrol. Air Pollution Increases At An Ever Faster Rate. Factories Have To Get Rid Of Their Waste Products. It Is Cheap And Easy To Dump Them Into The Nearby Sea, Lake, Or River. These Waste Products Pollute Water.

More And More Towns Are Springing Up All Over The World. More And More Of Their Sewerage Is Passing Into The Rivers Or Lakes. To Protect Crops From Insects Man Sprays Insecticides. When The Rains Come, Most Of These Harmful materials Is Washed Into Tanks. Ponds And Rivers. As Result, Water Is Polluted. So The Two Kinds Of Pollution Go On Hand In Hand.

This Apart, Sound Pollution Is Caused By Playing Amplifiers And By Din And Bustle Of Traffic. This Pollution, As Great Biologists, Have Pointed Out Time

And Again, Is Causing Slow Painful Death To Mankind. The Incidence Of Cancer, Diphtheria, Asthma, And Other Diseases Has Been Increasing At Rapid Rate All Over The World.

The Poisonous Gases Emitted From Factories And Bus Or Truck Engines Thins The Layer Of Ozone Gas In The Air. If There Is A Rift In Ozone Layer, The Harmful Rays Of The Sun Will Come Direct To The Earth. As A Result, The Heat Of The Earth Will Considerably Increase Making It Impossible For Plants And Animals To Survive. The Discovery Of Nuclear Energy Has Darkened The Situation Much More. From Nuclear Reactors And Experiments Radioactive Material That Comes Out Is Causing Air And Water Pollution At The Same Time.Essay On Pollution In English For Class 10

The Environmentalists Are Fighting Hard Against Pollution. Government And Non-government Agencies Are Taking Steps To Protect The Environment From Pollution. The Balance Of The Ecosystem Has To Be Maintained. Trees Are To Be Planted Everywhere In The Country.

Government Has Launched Afforestation Programme And Is Creating Forests On Village Waste Land And On Catchments Areas Of Rivers. Vanamohastav Festival Is Observed By The People All Over The Country, Which Inspire Them To Plant Trees In Their Gardens And By Roadsides.

Eco Clubs Have Been Formed In Educational Institutions With The Specific Purpose Of Fighting Pollution.

All Possible Steps Must Be Taken To Stop All Kinds Of Pollution. If They Are Not Taken In Time, Life May Disappear From The Earth.

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