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Mother And Motherland Are Superior To Heaven. The Very Word Mother Not Only Alleviates Our Sorrows And Sufferings But Also Brings Us Joy And Happiness. Napoleon, The Great Hero Of France Had Rightly Remarked – “The Future Destiny Of The Child Is Always The Work Of The Mother.” Her Lap Gives Warmth And Protection, Her Smiling Face Offers Joy And Happiness, And Her Comforting Words Give Solace, Confidence, Inspiration, Hope, And Courage To Go Ahead.

Name, Age, And Appearance

Smt. Laxmipriya Mahapatra Is My Mother. She Is In Her 35. She Is Tall, Slim And. Her Curly Hair, Milky Teeth, And Ever-smiling Face Add A Special Charm To Her Personality.

Her Dress, Habits, And Duties

Simple Living And High Thinking Are The Mottoes Of My Mother’s Life. She Always Keeps Her Dress Neat And Clean. Though Her Dresses Are Costly, They Are Not Showy. She Is A Habitual Early Riser. She Leaves Bed At 5 A.m. And Completes All The Domestic Chores.

Taking Her Bath, She Enters God’s Room And Prays To The Almighty For Our Health, Happiness, And Prosperity. She Prepares Mouth-watering Breakfasts And Finds Great Delight In Serving Those To All The Members Of Our Family.

Good Qualities She Possesses

My Mother Is Honest, Truthful, Sincere, And Punctual. I Have Never Seen Her Ever Cheating On Others Or Telling A Lie. She Believes In Duty But Not In Destiny. She Is The Epitome Of High Moral Character And A Sense Of Duty. She Tells Me That There Is No Alternative To Duty. Being Kind-hearted And Sympathetic By Nature, She Extends Her Helping Hands To The Needy.

Her Duty Toward The Guests

My Mother Is Hospitable Towards The Guest. Entertaining The Guests Is Her Great Pleasure And Happiness. Whenever Any Guest Comes To Our House, Though She Is Overburdened And Her Work Is Multiplied, She Doesn’t Lose Her Temper. She Gently Treats Them Like A Loving Mother And Serves Them Various Delicious Food.

Her Relationship With The Neighbors

My Mother Is Very Mixed. Her Polite Manner, Goodness, Love, Affection, And Altruistic Attitude Help Her Win The Hearts Of Our Neighbors. She Comes Forward Voluntarily To Extend Her Helping Hands To Alleviate The Problems And Difficulties Of Others Without Expecting Any Return From Them. Most Of The Women Of Her Age, Come To Seek Her Advice And Follow Her Ideologies.

Her Duty Towards Me And Other Members Of The Family

The Love Of My Mother For Me Is Deeper Than The Ocean, Higher Than The Himalayas, And Greater Than The Sky. She Is Always Worried About My Health, Happiness, And Education. Despite Her Busy Schedule, She Finds Time For Me. Her Only Aim Is To Make Me A Man-like Man. She Is An Endless Hope For My Grandparents. She Loves And Serves Them, Heart And Soul. She Is A Great Support For My Father And A Source Of Courage And Inspiration For Him.


I Am Lucky Enough To Have A Kind And Loving Mother Who Is The Fountain Of Love, Affection, And Pleasure For Me. May Lord Jagannath Shower His Blessings With A Long Diseased Free Life On Her.

My Mother Essay 500 Words

25 Years Ago, I Was Born Into A Middle-class Family In A Small Village Named Biragobinda Pur In The Puri District. My Father Is An Oas Officer Posted At The Collectorate, Puri. So We Live In The City Of Puri.

My Mother Smt Laxmipriya Mohapatra Is A Middle-aged Woman. She Is 42. She Always Likes To Wear Red Sarees. With Her Fair Complexion And A Dot Of Vermilion On Her Forehead, She Looks Like A Goddess.

She Is Smart And Agile. She Shoulders All The Responsibilities Of Our Family. She Is A Loving And Caring Mother. We Are Two Brothers And One Sister. I Am The Eldest Child Of The Family. This Apart, We Have Our Grandmother Who Is On The Wrong Side Of 80. My Mother Takes Care Of All Of Us And Remains Busy Doing All The Housework.

She Is An M.a. B.ed., But She Did Not Like To Be A Service Holder. On The Other Hand, She Preferred To Be A Housewife Lest We Should Be Neglected. She Is Pious And Kindhearted. My mother Essay Introduction

Every Morning After Having A Bath, She Goes To The Nearby Temple For Offering Puja To Lord Jagannath. She Gives The Money In Small Coins To The Beggars Present In The Temple Yard. No Beggars Return From Our House Empty-handed. She Gives Them Food To Eat And Clothes To Wear.

After Her Return From The Temple, She Prepares Tiffin For Everybody In The House. She Pays Special Attention To My Granny.

She Offers Her A Cup Of Tea In The Morning. She Sees That My Granny Takes Her Bath Comfortably. After She Offers Her Short Prayer To God, My Mother Brings Her Breakfast And Sits Beside Her Till She Finishes It To Her Satisfaction.

She Then Cooks Food For All Of Us So That Father Will Go To His Office And We To Our Schools On Time. In The Afternoon She Prepares Refreshments For Us. She Also Tidies Up The Rooms And Furniture. After We Return From School She Serves Us The Refreshment Prepared Earlier.

In The Evening She Prays To God Along With Us. She Tells Us Stories From The Mahabharat And The Ramayana And Inspires Us With The Ideals Of The Heroes. She Also Helps Us With Our Lessons And Homework.

At 10 P.m. She Serves Us Supper. She Makes The Bed For Us And Our Granny. After Everybody Else Goes To Bed, She Goes To Hers After Bolting Through Tip Doors And Windows Of The House.

She Loves Me Much. She Protects Me From Danger And Wishes That I Should Do Very Well In My Studies. She Also Wants To See Me Grow Up Into A Good Soul And Occupy A High Position In Public Life. Her Affection Towards Me And The Other Members Of Our Family Is Ineffable. To Me, She Is A Goddess Showering Her Love And Kindness On Me.

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