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Essay On Ideal Student For Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Learning Is An Endless Process. Student Life Is An Important Period. It Is During This Period That A Child Learns How To Be Disciplined In Their Thoughts And Actions. Besides Acquiring Knowledge And Wisdom, He Learns Many Good Qualities Like Punctuality, Obedience, Truthfulness, And Good Manners. He Gets Inspired By The Lives Of Great Men Of The Past And Wants To Follow In Their Footprints.essay on ideal student

We Have Students All Around, But All Of Them Do Not Possess These Qualities. Most Students At Schools Run Wild. They Keep Bad Company. They Fall Easy Prey To The Evil Influences Of Society And Get Spoiled.

In The Face Of Such A Scenario, We Have A Small Section Of Students Who Are Good And Who Learn Things Useful In Life. We Can Find Ideal Students Among These Students.

An Ideal Student Is Plain Living And High Thinking Is The Motto Of His Life. He Respects His Teachers, Parents, And All Those Who Are Older Than Him. He Has A Keen Sense Of Duty. He Is Regular And Punctual. He Is Disciplined In His Thoughts And Actions. He Never Tells Lies. Honesty And Integrity Are Two Important Traits Of His Character.

He Maintains Cleanliness In Everything. To Him Cleanliness Is Godliness. He Is Soft-spoken And Everybody Is Pleased With His Manners. He Is Very Polite And Receives His Friends And Relatives Always With A Smile.

He Is Sincere And Hard-working And Can Safely Be Depended Upon For Any Responsible Work. He Is Very Studious. He Reads Not Only His Course Books But Also Other Books To Widen His Range Of Knowledge. Books Are His Friends. They Are His Guide.

He Is A Good Sportsman And Takes Part In Gymnastics Regularly. He Maintains Good Health. He Is A Good Social Worker. He Takes Part In All School Functions And Makes Them Each A Grand Success.

He Also Takes An Active Part In The Social Functions Of His Locality. He Is Kind And Sympathetic. He Helps The Needy And The Poor. If Any Child In His Neighborhood Falls Ill, He Comes Forward To Take It To The Hospital For Treatment.

He Has A Gift Of The Gab. He Speaks Fluently And Eloquently Both In English And Oriya And Wins Prizes And Medals In Debate

It Is From These Students That We Get Administrators, Engineers, Scientists, Leaders, And Social Workers. They Work For The Uplift Of Society. They Render Selfless Service. Their Honesty Is Admirable And Their Integrity Is Unquestionable.

Such Ideal Students Can Help Promote The Progress And Prosperity Of Our Country. In This Age Of Corruption And Dishonesty, Such Students Are Most Needed. When They Grow Up Into Adult Citizens And Take Over Leadership, The Nation Can Be Safe In Their Hands.

They Are Indeed The Pride Of A Nation. What The World Needs Today Is A Set Of People With Good Moral Conduct Committed To Doing Good For The People. Ideal Students Can Fulfill This Need To A Full Measure.

An Ideal Student Essay Of 500 Words

Idealism In Any Walk Of Life Is A Rare Phenomenon And In Course Of Time, This Particular Character Of A Human Being Is Almost Leveled To The Ground. With The Dawn Of The 21st Century, Idealism Has Perhaps Become An Obsolete Matter For The So-called Civilized Human Beings Of The Present-day World. However, The Character Is Seen With Some Individuals Who More Often Than Not Contribute Their Mite To Society.An ideal student essay 500 words

An Ideal Student, Therefore, Is One Among Thousands Who Set Examples For His Friends And Relatives For All Time To Come. The So-called Ideal Student Is Docile At Home, Very Punctual At School, And Behaves Gently With All Rich And Poor, High Low, Young And Old.

An Ideal Student Basically Reaches The School Absolutely In The Nick Of Time. He Meets His Friends Cordially, Greets The Youngsters With Warmth And Affection, And Never Forgets To Pay His Respect To His Seniors.

He Wishes His Teachers And Pays Them Right From The Core Of His Heart. Besides, He Never Hesitates To Show His Smiling Face To The Other Members Of The Staff Who Also Love Him Very Dearly.

An Ideal Student Enters His Classroom With Absolute Sobriety. He Takes His Seat In The Class Assigned To Him And Responds To The Roll Call Given By The Teacher. Any Sort Of Assistance Needed By The Teacher During The Course Of His Teaching Is Given By Him.

He Never Does It As A Matter Of Pride But Does So Out Of Courtesy And Manners. In The Same Way, If Any Of His Fellow Friends Need His Assistance Or Otherwise, He Comes Forward To Help Him Or Her In No Time.

For Him, The Entire Student Mass Stands At The Same Level, And All Of Them Are Human Beings Of Flesh And Blood. It Is Not An Exaggeration To Say That This Ideal Student Tries To Pacify Some Of His Notorious Friends Who Often Create Mischief In The Class. For This, He Sometimes Becomes A Victim Of This Gang And He Is Taken To Task For Nothing.

In Spite Of The Torture, He Tries His Best To Correct These Chaps Who Ultimately Yield To His Talks. When The Teacher Leaves The Class He Stands T Sup First With His Head Down And Makes An Impression On Others To Follow Him. Before The Entry Of The Next Teacher Into The Class, He Cleans The Blackboard, Keeps The Chalk Ready, Wipes Out The Dust From The Chair And The Table, And Above All Keeps On A Smiling Look Over His Friends And Requests Them To Maintain Pin Drop Silence.

Once Again He Does Not Mind Doing All These Things Even If He Is Not The Monitor Of The Class. He Feels That It Is His Duty To Maintain Discipline In Class.

During Recess Hours, He Talks To His Friends For Some Time, Manages To Have Some Discussions With His Class Teacher, And If Time Permits He Also Meets The Headmaster Of The Institution To Talk About The Development Of The School.

Tender As He Is, He Gets Profound Appreciation From The Head Of The Institution And Then Of Course Makes His Way Once Against Into His Classroom. On His Way, If He Finds Somebody In Trouble On The Playground For Some Reason Or Other He Runs For His First Aid.

While Attending Him If He Comes Late To The Class He Is At Times Punished By His Teacher But Then Very Surprisingly He Submits And Makes A Clear Confession Before Him. The Teacher Then Realises That He Is Punished For No Mistake Of His.

He Pats Him On His Back And Gives A Word Of Consolation And Blessing To Him. Thus Under All Circumstances, An Ideal Student Is A Picture Of Innocence, Punctuality, Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity, And Sobriety.

An Ideal Student Maybe He Or She, Doesn’t Matter, But Then The Idealism Set By Him Or Her, I Believe Is Unparallel. In The 21st Century, Living Is Getting More And More Complex, And The Situation Is Worsening Day By Day, And Therefore Under These Menacing Circumstances, Shall We Be Able To Find Out Such An Ideal Student Who Sets An Example For Himself, His Friends, His Society And Of Course For The Contemporary People Of The Nation At Large

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